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  1. oh hey, I never realised we have an EvE player here besides myself I'm a couple years out of action though, what with little kids and stuff, so temporarily a "console peon" (PS4), so my EvE life is in stasis. But my original corporation in that game gave rise to a bunch of friendships which has grown into a kind of multigame clan thing, and we are everywhere, from Destiny2 to The Division (2) to Warframe, sort of of a little bitter vet association
  2. I've been meaning to keep up with Stephenson's writings but he is not making that too easy! Just started on Reamde after finishing Seveneves on the plane from London meet. So far so good, and since I'm a rather a gamer type, there's quite a solid whiff of Doctorow's "For the Win!" in there, but in pleasantly Stephenson-ish style, of course. Beyond that, I'm stuck in the middle of the Wizard & Glass, 4th book of the Dark Tower, for quite some time now, and browsing through the excellent Soonish by the Weinersmiths, got it for New Year's - it is very entertaining even if not much new stuff for me as a science/space nerd, and hilariously presented.
  3. Hi, I'm pretty sure the admin(s) are aware, but the forum emails get tagged as suspicious by at least GMail, like this: https://prnt.sc/r07ad1 likely has to do with the way email sending is set up, I'm not up to speed how exactly it's done on Invision engine but I can see it failing DKIM/DMARC checks all right
  4. I got the reference! was just wondering what was the occasion or relation to maybe some get-together of WGBers or something. By the way, the scale of the Corto's escape was always amazing for me, bordering on an immersion break, just because I have lived 400-ish km from Helsinki for many many years and also happen to know how freakishly far the Angara river is from there but I'm definitely up for a patch, PM me the details?
  5. I understand this might be a very much delayed request, but could someone link me to a bit of context here? Expedition? Finland? What was it and when?
  6. mbravo


    Unsure if this is suitably Gibsonian (more like Dickian/RidleyScottian), but: https://github.com/alexjc/neural-enhance
  7. I was very early in the bitcoin "game"and mined myself about 1 bitcoin on a Pentium (could've been Pentium II, not sure anymore) CPU running Linux, then lost interest, stupid bastard me
  8. For readers of Roadside Picnic, I recommend considering "Hard to be a god" by the same authors, preferably before making a conscious decision to watch a giant and entirely depressingly gruesome movie based on the latter book by late Aleksei German Sr. (to be honest, I'm not even sure it is readily available to watch and/or has any decent dubbing or at least subtitles for English-speaking audience). As to me, I suddenly found myself rereading The Culture series lately, finishing The Hydrogen Sonata this week.
  9. Knock-knock, is this thing working? Also, where's the thread for _old_ members?
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