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  1. Just learned that osier has a Twitter account. I'm just too chicken to follow him.
  2. Tori Amos "Raining Blood" is weird but cool.
  3. Bramble Started my birthday with one as my wife had nightshift and couldn't toast me in the evening. 5cl Gin 2cl lemon juice 1cl cane sugar syrup 4-5 blackberries Fill the blackberries in a glas, muddle them, fill with crushed ice pour the other ingredients in an stir. Garnish with a blackberry. Easy and quite awesome.
  4. Green Dragon of Mahjong 30 ml of Kao Liang Chiew 30 ml of floral Gin 10 ml of Cane Syrup Grated Cucumber Grated Ginger Dash of Sesame Oil Shaken, fine-strained over ice and topped with Spicy Ginger. Tastes quite good, actually, very spicy with all that ginger. Floral Gin was a complete waste, though. Not really necessary. Probably going to make a MK II only with Kao Liang Chiew. But not tonight.
  5. Semi-successful today. 30 ml Kao Liang Chiew 20 ml J├Ągermeister-type Digestif Stirred with ice Topped with Spicy Ginger Garnished with an Amarena cherry and some of its syrup Calling it 'Ming the Merciless'. Drinkable. Not quite where I want to go, as I want it to rock my taste buds and probably the wrong direction, given the earthy flavour of Kao Liang Chiew. Open to suggestions.
  6. My wife has night-shift and my daughter is sleeping. Intoxicated by Kao Liang Chiew. Tried to create a cocktail. Unsuccessful so far. Finished reading what happened to you in the last year. Congrats to Meru and Wanderer. I miss you people, but have not enough time, except on nights like this.
  7. Hasa

    This is Bad News!

    Brexit and Trump analyzed in 6 seconds.
  8. Please stand by for a message from our sponsor: The German Institute for Feline Studies. http://vid64.photobucket.com/albums/h180/Hasa_2006/Josephine/20160625_094105_zpsoxfykuk2.mp4
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