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  1. I learned that eBay gets janky at the 10 second mark. Tried to snipe a fat bike and literally failed to enter a bid 3x in a row before it closed the session because it wouldn't let me finish typing the number before clearing the box. 😡
  2. The Wu Assassins — Surprisingly fun little martial arts/magic/San Francisco turf war mashup on Netflix. I'm up to episode 5 of 10 and still enjoying the heck out of it. Although they've wandered off on an outtake from Highlander right this minute so I'm totally confused, lol. (No really, everyone is speaking in Scottish accents and it's the 15th century.) EDIT: Ok, so it kind of tapers off towards the end, but still an amusing little show.
  3. I'm technically still sponging off my folks for Prime Video. They live 20 miles from the nearest town so free two day shipping is a gonga deal for them, lol. Amazon hates them. 😹
  4. The Boys on Amazon Prime is really well done so far. (I'm on episode 7.) Without giving away too much, there's a couple characters that are so note perfectly played that I have hella trouble sitting through the scenes with them, because I'm terrified to find out what psychopathic thing they're going to do next…
  5. Letterkenny. If you're not watching Letterkenny yet, you're doing it wrong. 😹
  6. Hard to beat Shoresy chirps, lol… Killed my siamese fighting fish
  7. The Amazfit Bip (aka the dumbest smart watch ever) that I bought because it is so dumb it can still go into vaults has a step counter, HR monitor and sleep monitoring on it. I think it's like $70 on eBay. The tricky part is finding a watch face that doesn't suck, like this one. Allows GPS if you want to track actual runs or hikes, but if you just let it track steps the battery lasts about 40 days between charges.
  8. D'oh! The Pima County Library has ingeniously slapped their bar code on the book such that it is covering up 90% of her name. Also, the cover art guys chose a dark green for her name (on a pale green background) and a bright orange for his, so I didn't even notice there was text under the bar code. Apologies for that—definitely wasn't trying to cheat credit where credit is due.
  9. How to Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar & Max Gladstone — Very weird but reasonably entertaining little book written between two enemy agents who gradually form a relationship via letters written to each other up and down the timeline as they attempt to sway all the time threads to end in their version of reality (one biological, one more mechanical). Worth a library checkout at least.
  10. I disliked two out of the three. REAMDE kind of grew on me though. I've actually reread it a couple times and enjoyed it. Whatever you do @Psychophant, don't miss Anathem!
  11. Interesting! I'll admit I only read it once. I enjoyed certain aspects of it, but overall it felt like a struggle for me to complete it, which is almost never the case with his stuff.
  12. Fall; Or Dodge in Hell by Neal Stephenson — This has extremely little to do with REAMDE and everything to do with Stephenson's own interpretation of what The Jackpot will look like and post-Jackpot society. Also, his take on MMORPG's vs the Bible, lol. Suffice it to say, Dodge from REAMDE goes in for a routine procedure, unexpectedly dies on the table and ends up having his brain digitally scanned a bit down the line and later wakes up inside a quantum super computer. Hijinks ensue to a pretty damn amusing degree. I feel like Neal has his mojo back after the disaster that was DODO.
  13. Veronica Mars Season 4 — I'm only up to episode 3, but it is hilarious so far! They definitely managed to get either the OG writers back or ones with comparable levels of talent. Also, I quite recommend Hysteria, which is currently on Amazon Prime. Maggie Gyllenhaal is hilarious in it, as are both actors playing the doctors running the "hysteria-relief clinic".
  14. Interdependency is interesting, if not as good as some of his stuff like Old Man's War. I'm about 200 pages into Stephenson's Fall; Or Dodge in Hell and loving it so far. Also started something called The Quantum Magician, which is rather fun (before suddenly being sidetracked by realizing that Dodge In Hell had arrived).
  15. And done… good call! 😺👍
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