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  1. He’s just chilling in his cat tree by me while I watch old movies lol. This week we’ve been working on not shredding or biting my hands and arms to the point of bleeding like I just walked through a cactus lol. He’s actually doing really well at it—he picked up that it wasn’t cool anymore after I started saying “ow” and gently pushing him away within a couple hours. A few minor relapses because he desperately wants to chew on something since he’s such a kitten still.
  2. Shorefall by Robert Jackson Bennett — An excellent followup to Foundryside, this continues to the adventures of Sancia and her cohorts as they attempt to stop some crazy mad god level magician from taking over the world. The most interesting part is the magic system he's created, but the adventures and the characters are well-written too, so it's pretty much the whole package. Lexicon by Max Barry — Posits something akin to magicians who control the world because they can use certain phrases to gain perfect control of pretty much anyone. Call it dabblers into the Tower of Babel phenomenon basically. And… imagine they run across a guy who's immune. Suddenly the hunt is on to capture him and study him, which is something that he's naturally very much against. I generally enjoy Max Barry's stuff and this was no exception. Reminded me vaguely of Don Delillio's The Names. And now I've run out of new reading from the library again so I'm rereading Anathem on my Kindle, which is always such a satisfying read…
  3. The Last of Us Part 2 — Possibly the most affecting piece of media I've consumed in the last decade. And that includes The Last of Us original video game. Gorgeous scenery, powerfully drawn characters, smooth and seamless gameplay mixed with essentially becoming part of the movie during cut scenes… there's really nothing to say except this is an absolute masterpiece.
  4. Well if that's not a dong gourd, I don't know WTF is!
  5. Damn, now I want to read Seastead but I guess she's hidden them all because her agent is trying to sell it as a book. 🤔 Re-read Neal Stephenson's Zodiac: An Eco-Thriller and I still love it. Sangamon is a complete asshole of a character but the fact he also owns it completely makes him very likeable somehow. Currently reading The Network Effect, the latest Martha Wells Murderbot novel. So far, so good albeit with a very confusing start to it. EDIT: And indeed it was a pretty satisfying ending!
  6. Yeah, they didn't… I was really hoping someone would come down on them with the ordinance but
  7. Glad you made it through Boog! As for AZ, I do believe our Cheeto in Chief is about to holding a super-spreader rally here tonight… 🙄 It will be interesting to see if any of his supporters respect local city/county mask restrictions. 🤔
  8. It's pretty incredible, yes… my only hope is that the idiots who think this is a political issue rather than a scientific one will be dropping in larger numbers so they can't vote for more shenanigans like this in the future. 🙄 But anyway, Ducey actually finally allowed cities to mandate masks. My suspicion is it was only after a bunch of mayors must have privately accosted him with a "screw you, we're gonna do it anyway, try and stop us" memo. I seriously think he only allowed it because he would have looked like he lost control otherwise. Hell, our mayor announced she was going to do it regardless like 4 hours before he announced it was allowed.
  9. Fucking Ducey really is out to kill us. We posted 2400 new cases in AZ yesterday and he won't take a meeting with the Tucson mayor (or apparently any female democrat in power, for that matter) where she requests to make masks mandatory in Tucson. Our state is being run by a petulant child at this point, much like our country, and he is personally responsible through his inaction for the deaths of many more Arizonans than needed—both for lifting quarantine too soon and for refusing to put us back in quarantine again now it's obvious the infection rate is going exponential.
  10. Light of Impossible Stars by Gareth L Powell — Third in the series about Culture-like ships that have independent Minds running them. I liked this better than the previous one but probably still not quite as well as the first in the series. Worth a look if you're missing Culture novels though! The Hidden Girl and Other Stories by Ken Liu — This is a really strong short story collection. Lots of fascinating ideas and he explores the same universe in a number of different short stories, so you get to see how he thinks various parts of this future he envisions end up playing out. And he's a good enough writer that the stories themselves are also excellent, with well-drawn, sympathetic characters. The City We Became by N K Jemisin — As much as I enjoyed The Broken Earth series, I am so over all magical realism stories that I don't think I can finish this book. I got about 50 pages in last night and just couldn't take any more. Started re-reading something random from my shelves instead. She's a great writer, the characters are well rendered, etc. Just not for me at this juncture. Maybe some day once I've become less burnt out on that sub-genre.
  11. Finally sat down and finished Life is Strange. Hol-eeeeeee shit! o_O For those that haven't played it, it's worth the time. It's like Twin Peaks meets Twelve Monkeys meets Silence of the Lambs or something. Anyway, it crosses genres left right and center and makes it all work. And it's a story that's completely driven by your choices as a character! Anyone else play it? Which final choice did you make? I was amazed how close the two were in percentages, TBH… Also, apparently I wandered through the freaking disaster zone completely oblivious to all the people in need of saving around me, lol. I feel so embarrassed.
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