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  1. Waitjustadamnminute, when did you suddenly teleport into Phoenix?? EDIT: And yes, Phoenix is always at least one circle closer to the center of Hell than Tucson, but at least once circle further away than Yuma, lol.
  2. I'm still just a bike nerd, lol. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. LETTERKENNY SEASON 7 HAS DROPPED. And it is good! That is all.
  4. I guess there's stereotypes for a reason huh? Good lord, though… 😬
  5. Did she really tweet that? It's definitely not showing on her timeline now…
  6. Yeah, I'd say if possible, eject out of Chrome soonish? This is all desktop apps, btw. I still use Safari on my iPhone although I'm gradually switching to FF there too… Chrome is great software, don't get me wrong, but I feel like they are gradually tightening down the screws on how much data they're collecting from you, not to mention disabling third party ad blockers. And I've been using Firefox non-stop for the last year now and not had any issues with it and websites any time recently.
  7. Between The Last of Us Part 2 releasing end of February and this releasing early May April, I will be AWOL AF for most of spring, lol. At least TLOU2 will finally fully justify my PS4 purchase. You say that like it's an easy thing to do! I am only even interested in this game because CD Projekt Red is the developer. Anyone else and I'd be like, "Oh it's another one of a bajillion games trying to capitalize on a cyberpunk theme without backing it up enough to make it worth playing." But since it's them and their Witcher series is beyond rich in exploration possibilities and sandbox side quests, etc—plus having a pretty kick-ass main story—they may have a chance of pulling it off. EDIT: (And yes, TwiMin's game is another exception to that rule.)
  8. Holy jeebus, I'm prescient! My random rant on switching to Firefox gets strong backing from the asshats at Google today, who accidentally started overwriting a key operating system link on certain Macs with their Big Brother software updater utility. I watched it take down two of my friend's computers this morning. He had already started restoring them from Time Machine by the afternoon when people figured out WTF was actually going on… https://mrmacintosh.com/google-chrome-keystone-is-modifying-var-symlink-on-non-sip-macs-causing-boot-issues/
  9. Safari killed off 90% of the fucking plug-ins I use. Chrome disabled ad blocking to some extent. It's official, Firefox is the only browser that's not utter shit these days. Also, on a brighter note, Firefox just released a built-in plugin to enable VPN whenever you're in FF, so that's nice at least! My current Add-Ons list: BitWarden — The best free, open-source password vault out there Canvas Defender — Help obfuscate your digital footprint in HTML5 Canvas components so they can't track you reliably with it Disable Ctrl-Q/Cmd-Q Firefox Private Network — Their new, free VPN ForgetMeNot — Cookie wiper Privacy Badger Reader — Re-style weird, small-font websites up into a readable format for wall of text posts Reddit Enhancement Suite — Necesary equipment for using Reddit uBlock Origin — Best ad blocker Wayback Machine — Give you the option to see what a website used to look like if it's not available
  10. ^ Yes, to a certain degree if you've read one Richard Morgan book you've read them all. It was still pretty enjoyable though. Fits in somewhere between Thirteen and Altered Carbon, basically. To Be Taught, If Fortunate by Becky Chambers — This is a very short little novella that's basically an homage to science and space exploration. It's more of a character study of scientists in some ways, I guess, than anything else. Plus dreams of what life on planets orbiting other stars might be like. It was enjoyable enough, but not as good as her last two, although I think I liked it better than her first (Small Angry Planet), which I am somewhat inexplicably not a huge fan of. The Outside by Ada Hoffman — Very, very strange little science fiction/horror cross-over. I kept being reminded of Into The Mouth of Madness while reading it. Sometime in our future, quantum computers come online and leverage themselves (or some augmented human?) to godhood, so now when you worship gods, you're literally worshiping a being that exists. And as gods, they each have their contingent of angels and their worshipers and their share of the harvest of human souls. It's all very strange and gets even more so when a "heretic" somehow manages to access something called The Outside, which is some other dimension that doesn't obey our rules and tends to drive anyone who starts messing with it mad. Only this heretic proves to be immune and starts experimenting with letting The Outside take over swaths of our reality. Holy war and hijinks ensue with a young particle physicist caught in the middle of the conflict. I'd say that on the whole I ended up enjoying this as it managed to wrap things up in a fairly consistent manner and had interesting enough characters to keep you rooting for them.
  11. I think for AZ as a whole, we average 600k lightning strikes a year from what I could find with a quick DDG search. I also ran across a report from August with about 20 tree fires in the Phoenix Metro area from one monsoon. But yeah, it can be pretty intense when a big storm rolls through!
  12. LOL, yeah you guys don't usually get the heavy lightning storms up there, eh?
  13. This was kind of interesting to watch/listen to actually. Doesn't address the feel each one has for the pianist, but interesting to hear the differences in sound.
  14. heavyboots


    Welp, that ARCs have definitely gone out. Posts from various tribe members who got theirs on Twitter, and I managed to score one used. I like the US cover a lot in person.
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