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  1. heavyboots


    I need to do another reading too. Yeah this one definitely felt like it lacked a certain "depth" somehow that his other books have. I honestly wonder if the surprise Trump win possibly made him have to concentrate so hard on duct-taping his original idea back into workable form that he didn't have as much time to let the content marinate and gain all those amazing little character and plot wrinkles that he usually has.
  2. Funnily enough I too read The Space Between Worlds recently. It was good but not as amazing as all the press about it had lead me to expect. I do like the main character tho and some of the ideas are pretty interesting even if the final reaolution felt a little too pat to me.
  3. Long time no see, man! And yeah, just living life, hunkered down inside or occasionally outside too.
  4. Argh, think I missed out on this happening thanks to my currently being locked off Twitter while I argue why they need a phone number to validate my humanity after being provably human the last 10 years… If you guys do another one sign me up!
  5. I think if you do it, I would recommend coming up from King Canyon on the back of the Tucsons right across from the Desert Museum. It probably knocks a good 3 miles off the total distance. Also if you want a shorter scramble for a scenic view of Tucson, take the Pontatoc Ridge trail from the too of Alvernon about a mile or so up to this huge flat ledge. You can get amazing sunsets from there too! (Or if you guys want a guide sometime, hit me up!)
  6. Oh man… he was so freaking young! This is very sad news indeed. Deepest condolences to his family. 😿
  7. (Please excuse the last, first author listing, but I'm literally just copying this from my library history since I'm so far behind!) Attack Surface by Doctorow, Cory — Holy shit this was good. Super bleak and depressing in parts, but also really, really good. It's a continuation of the Little Brother series and I think it spins a terrifyingly possible future. And shows what would happen when someone working for the dark side grows a conscience extremely well IMHO. Masha is a hacker who got coopted in high school to work for these black ops guys who ran the lockdown of San Francisco
  8. It's a revolution! 🙄🙄🙄
  9. Well, since I can't post on Twitter right now and I think *very* few people will see my Mastodon post, here's my Wasson Peak New Year's Day scramble. 9.5 mile out and back, foolishly started at 4pm. Beautiful sunset at the top but did the last 45 minutes in full dark by flashlight and was every so glad when the car finally came into sight!
  10. Well, yes and no. On the one hand, I agree there's probably more systemic failures ahead of us, but OTOH, if last year was the year of the pandemic, hopefully this is the year of the vaccine…
  11. Happy New Year everyone and thank god this one's over!
  12. Somewhere between "Awwww, so cute!" and "The robot can now teabag over my corpse after the 12yo hacker uses it to kill me"…
  13. I do have email addresses associated with both of them and they're still not letting me log in. Both accounts are sending me "There was a login from such and such a computer! YoU cAn iGnOrE tHiS iF iT wAs You!" messages… 🙄
  14. Much to my irritation, Twitter has fucked up their security system even worse now and won't let you back in without a phone number. I refuse to give them one. I wrote tech support asking what to do but until then I'm off Twitter with all my accounts apparently… Oh, and I should add that what triggers me as being recognized as spam or other malicious activity is apparently the fact that I use TweetBot instead of the Twitter app?? It's all I can think that differentiates me from anyone else using the site… 🙄
  15. We are pursuing very similar strategies of character leveling it sounds like! I also sprang for the 5 slot cyberdeck as basically my first major enhancement and about 80% of my perk points are invested in the QuickHack area. (The ones that add 50% damage if the hack is done while hidden and the one that expand the range of the hacks, in particular are amazing perks for my style of play.) As Edit Engine observed on Twitter, the uglier the outfit, the more likely it is to be higher than whatever cool ensemble you've got going at the moment, haha. Like I ended up in a crop sweater, a
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