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  1. heavyboots

    What are YOU reading?

    If you're not in the Tor free e-Book of the Month club, this is a good month to join. They're giving away Ian McDonald's Luna: New Moon.
  2. heavyboots

    So what happened to YOU today?

    See I went the other way and shut down everything except Twitter. And SnapChat, I guess… Anyways, what happened to me yesterday was I went and swiped my credit card at the Temple of Apple and toddled out with an ugprade to the XS. (Pronounced Excess in my brain, despite Apple's best marketing attempts.) Amazingly easy to forget about the fact it has not button, except that I did practice my biometrics panic locking a bit because, holy crap, is it easy to accidentally unlock just by waking it up. If you don't disable biometric unlock it and are ever in a police/border patrol/robbery situation they are going to be able to force an unlock in seconds just by holding the phone up to your face. (Unless you can keep your eyes closed the entire time.)
  3. heavyboots

    what are YOU lookin' at?

    I am pretty sure if you liked Destination Wedding you'll like Juliet Naked too, although DW is still on my to-see list. Puzzle — Kelly Macdonald plays a stay-at-home house wife whose kids are about to leave the nest and whose husband is a little to controlling for his own good. She gets a puzzle for her birthday and suddenly discovers there's something that gives her a sense of satisfaction and challenge that's been missing from her life. Horizons are broadened, roles and relationships are cast into doubt, etc etc. As usual, Macdonald is fantastic in her part and her puzzle partner Irrfan Khan is really good too. Annnd I am still working my way very timidly through Skate Kitchen. The film is great so far, but the emotions in it are so fraught that I can only take 10 or 15 minutes at a time.
  4. heavyboots

    What are YOU reading?

    The Tiger Flu by Larissa Lai — This has an interesting start and vaguely reminds me of the same struggle to make sense of what's going on that you get in Oryx and Crake, but alas, it kind of fell apart at the end IMHO. There comes a point where you're like, wait… they did what out of left field??? Might still be worth it if you want to embed in a really effed up post-apocalyptic future where screwing around with genetics has done us in and possibly also saved us to some extent.
  5. heavyboots

    The Exercise Thread

    I really wanna respond to that with a "gun show" gif from Logan Lucky, but I can't find one, damn it! Had a nice 10mi 45 minute mountain bike ride last night. And 40 of those minutes were dry even, so I was just barely reaching "soaked" status as I pedaled furiously up to the car.
  6. heavyboots

    what are YOU lookin' at?

    Endeavor is a lot of fun. I went through it shortly after Mrs Fisher's Murder Mysteries (which I highly recommend to anyone who hasn't seen them yet). And speaking of highly recommended, check out Juliet, Naked. I just watched it on Netflix last night and it was great! Chris O'Dowd & Rose Byrne have been a couple for 15 years and the whole time he's been obsessed with Tucker Carlson (Ethan Hawke) who was a rock star that had one amazing album and suddenly disappeared. Chris runs a website dedicated to the fans of Tucker and one day when he really pisses off Rose with his obsession, she fights back by logging onto the fan site and posting a scathing review about how the new demo version of his CD is just a huge money grab. Much to her surprise, Tucker himself writes her and says she nailed it. They start corresponding and hijinks ensue. Basically, I laughed a lot while watching this. Chris O'Dowd, in particular has a perfect comedic touch and all the main actors did a wonderful job of making a film about small lives that really did give them a treatment that felt both real and somewhat surprising at the same time, even if it does follow a romantic comedy formula pretty closely.
  7. heavyboots

    What are YOU reading?

    If you're still a printed book reader, Amazon has $5 off $20 of printed books with coupon NOVBOOK18 until 12/1. I just picked up Cory Doctorow's Walkaway and KSR's New York 2140 for $20 (softbound) thanks to it.
  8. heavyboots

    Turn, turn, turn (The Bike Thread)

    Not my pic, but this is one of the cooler murals in town.
  9. heavyboots

    So what happened to YOU today?

    Well damn! I literally slept late after playing Red Dead Redemption 2 all night and then got up to a cold, gloomy day and couldn't convince myself to go for a bike ride until I realized it would be dark before the end of the ride so I would get to test my new light. Then I drove over to some friends and helped them clean up a little and just generally caught up on their lives in the last 45 minutes before they shut the party down, went back home and launched RDR2 again. 😹 Kudos to Edit for not putting up with racist BS. Mojo to gil for a swift recovery!
  10. heavyboots

    What are YOU reading?

    Barbary Station by R. E. Stearns — In a future in which humans have at least colonized the solar system if not further (I'm a little unclear on that), a couple of college grads with dim employment prospects in an overcrowded solar system decide their best employment opportunity is to hijack a colony ship and use it as a resume to join up with a pirate gang. Kind of waffles between YA and slightly more sophisticated than that. Some interesting ideas about AI and had a lot of fun with the "survival on a station controlled by a hostile AI". Interesting enough I'm gong to read the sequel. Blackfish City by Sam J Miller — This is definitely one of my favorites so far from 2018. A montage of various characters from all walks of life, living in a post-Jackpot future where the rich have set up enclaves around the world and refugees have flocked to them, generating a nice one-percenter situation for rick to continue to rule in comfort. This one is about a city set up in Antarctica, powered by geothermal. However, there's a disease called Breaks that is threatening to overwhelm the city and a woman riding a boat towed by an orca shows up, threatening to further destabilize the situation. Seen from the perspectives of some of the rich, some of the wann-be rich, and some of the lower class, not to mention the destabilizing forces. Really enjoyable writing, characters, and a fascinating future in general.
  11. heavyboots

    What are YOU reading?

    A little light Thanksgiving humor from Scalzi: https://whatever.scalzi.com/2018/11/19/a-thanksgiving-week-gift-for-you-automated-customer-service/
  12. heavyboots

    What are YOU reading?

    The Labyrinth Index by Charles Stross — Yet another in the Laundry series, this one is getting pretty far out into an alternate reality. Basically, elder powers are now running both the US and the UK, and the elder power in charge of the UK doesn't like what the ones in the US are doing (cough summoning Cthulu cough). So various and sundry Laundry characters are dispatched to the US to find the President (who has been forcibly removed from the population's memory) in hopes of cracking things open and returning the US to a more normal state. Hmmmm, I feel like Stross has basically lost all hope for the political direction of both our countries and is sorta allegorically representing it in his fictional universe as elder powers rather than just hateful people and technology run amok and tipping the scales towards the nastier side of human nature through microtargeted fear and hate speech. But at any rate, if you're into the Laundry books, this is middling to better than middling for the series. I enjoy the main character quite a lot, so that tips the scales to a strong positive review from me. Plus, it was interesting to see Trump and May's governments basically represented as evil incarnate, lol.
  13. heavyboots


    Saw this on Reddit. Apparently Rome has massive, insane flocks of starlings. This is from Feb 22nd, 2018. The sky was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel…
  14. heavyboots

    Show us your...

    ^ D'aaaawwww! 😻 Waffle update: His owner appears to have gotten his collar back (and I have his infoz in my phone now just in case) and I got a decent shot of him last week (which you may already have seen on Twitter, but whatever).
  15. heavyboots

    what are YOU lookin' at?

    Endeavor was actually excellent IMHO. Still gradually acquiring the entire DVD series for my grandmother, lol. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina — This was a little odd in that it felt like it was a knock-off of Gilmore Girls or something wholesome like that for long moments, with the spell suddenly being broken by the appearance of a gory demon or a some bloody ritual. Exceedingly strange, but I actually found it pretty enjoyable simply due to its unpredictability.