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  1. Wow… they're wound up about dreadlocks (which get mentioned in a rant by the character explaining why shaved heads or super short hair are almost the only way to go for safety purposes) and the character admitting to BO because it's too dangerous to shower often alone. I feel like the inferences they're making are on par with being wound up at Chris Pratt for not showing up at an Avengers fund raiser TBH. There's gotta be a little wiggle room or the "raising consciousness" effort is worse than the thing its trying to wipe out. Grrrrrr… Thanks for the link though—at least I know how
  2. That's… confusing, given the main character is part Indian and most of her little buddies are Asian, Indian, etc. It's definitely a lot about class—there's much anger towards the "rich" kids who have access to all the mana they could ever want, and mention of the "maintenance" track kids who are basically working their way through… I dunno why people got so bent out of shape. It's not like Harry Party is a paragon work of diversity, lol…
  3. A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik — This was excellent. She's just a really good writer and the plot was huge fun from the very first line. It's about a school somewhat like Harry Potter's but designed by a Nazi death camp designers… each year children are gradually whittled away be the "mals" (evil creatures that survive by eating children) and the senior class "graduates" by fighting their way across an arena full of mals to the only exit to the school. Good times! Also, the lead character has an affinity for apocalyptic death magic but is fighting it scrupulously. SO MUCH FUN!
  4. Amazon's version of Utopia is pretty decent. I still like the BBC version better, but they didn't screw it up when they translated it and that's saying something because it's a pretty crazy show to start with and they had the guts to keep the vibe alive. Also Raised By Wolves—as I said on Twitter, I think Ridley is trying to stuff 10lbs of allegory in a plot that's only rate for 5lbs, but the first 5 or 6 episodes are definitely fun before he exceeds his allegory limits by some massive factor towards the end of the season
  5. I ran the library out of books, so just a lot of re-reading. I did purchas a copy of Stealing Worlds by Karl Schroeder for my home library though, because it's that good. Would still highly recommend it for the ideas, if nothing else (the story is decently written too).
  6. So I went ahead and bought Art of Rally for $25 on Steam. It's actually really gorgeous, runs on Mac, Windows or Linux and is just kind of relaxing to drive through and admire the scenery in. This guy talks about what a hard-core sim it is under the hood, but TBH, there were only about 4 tracks over the course of the entire Class 2 series that I ever had to repeat (and I was repeating because I would get 4th not 1st) on Normal Difficulty).
  7. LOL. I cursed myself! We are supposed to go back full-time on Oct 13th (actually, Oct 9th, but I am taking that one off anyway
  8. So far I've spent like 10 hours in the actual office this week. With maybe 2 more to go on Friday. Probably had contact with about 8 different students, a couple ed techs and various and assorted AF personnel, but I just keep washing my hands after we share computer keyboards or mice and I go back to my desk. So far, so good apparently. My COVID antibodies test came back negative from a week ago. Tucson now officially had the second driest monsoon season on record sine 1895. And we're 10 degrees over usual temps for this time of year too. Luckily, I did spring for AC 2 years ago, s
  9. Well, my plan is to play Cyberpunk on a 2012 Mac Pro with a 1080TI duct taped onto it, so we'll see how that goes. 😹
  10. To Sleep In A Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini — Space opera in the grandest tradition and actually quite well done! An exobiologist helping survey a new possible colonization planet accidentally gets infected with an incredibly ancient symbiotic tool left over from an alien race. Various factions and species completely freak and hijinks ensue for about 800 pages. The tool is fascinating and the cast of characters and places they end up going are also pretty interesting too. Thumbs up, worth reading if you've got the time. City Under The Stars by Gardner Dozois and Michael Swanw
  11. Ghost Hardware by Timothy Maughan — Ok, but nothing super special unfortunately. Think I'm pretty much done with him, alas. I will say that he is better in a short story format than the full novel. Repo Virtual by Corey White — Set in some future Asia, in an extremely high tech city, where a chip with some mysterious goodies on it gets stolen as part of a heist and proceeds to cause higgeldy-piggeldy. Not a great book, unfortunately. There were some interesting parts, but also some *really* frustrating characters who were much more poorly drawn than they needed to be. T
  12. Has anyone watched Crusader Kings 3 on Twitch. Holy crap is it beyond complex. I've been following the streamer Etalyx's game with quick jump cuts through his old streams (mostly because he's streamed like 100 hours of content so far and he's maybe 1/3rd done with a single game as near as I can tell). At any rate, it's crazy and amazing and all politics and intrigue and what religious system and political system you have. And who you ally yourself… and how you train your children… and what traits you try and imbue in them. Etc etc etc. Most complicated thing I think I've seen from a gaming per
  13. So far I've only eaten outdoors when meeting people, which I figure is going to be my modus operandi for the foreseeable future… Although, speaking of which, I did actually meet up with someone for lunch today for the first time in forever. She's a friend off Periscope and I did her a favor while she was gone to her family's cabin over the summer and went over to her house and moved the cable modem and wifi router to the front of the house where the B&B is. Free lunch, wheee!
  14. The number of dirty tricks the Republicans are pulling this year really exemplifies how screwed up the process is and how desperately they are thrashing around to try and keep power with an ever-shrinking base to me. I am doing my part in one of those key states. Pretty sure we may actually flip AZ blue this time. Next move is to try and get everyone on board with ranked voting and anti-gerrymandering clauses assuming the Dems win big enough.
  15. Egads! I took an antibody test at random this week, but mostly just because it was free, it's for Science!™ and the testing site was like 6 blocks from my house so it only took about 20 minutes including bike time to do it. I guess I get the results sometime later this week. The .mil is ridiculous in that they keep getting outbreaks but never actually tell anyone who may have been involved in them… so you hear 2 weeks later that 3 students in a class all got COVID and are in quarantine now and you're like, "did I bump into them in the break room that week?". A marine I watch on scope is in 2 w
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