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  1. Damn, that's definitely some disheartening news… deepest condolences to Beryl too.
  2. Just been working through the Matador series as a re-read. Always enjoyable. Luckily, our ingenious state is opening up the library again on Monday so for a slight risk of some COVID, I can possibly finally get a few new books. Woohoo!
  3. Whoops, forgot to ever post here, but as per my recent unsufferable Tweetingz, here is Guapo—both on the ride back from acquisition on Saturday and helping me Work From Home™ yesterday.
  4. Well at least they didn't call him boomer…
  5. Meanwhile, the Tucson equivalent of the sleeper panel entails a sewer roach going over the top of my bed like a police helicopter at 2am bringing me wide awake and adrenalized (how the fuck does it stay airborne at that size??) and I had to leap up and do a hunter-killer mission. Hopefully the new cat will be able to help with these activities when he gets here. EDIT: (Yes, new cat incoming.)
  6. Damn! Sorry to hear that Xeno… on the bright side perhaps you can escape AZ before the 110-115 weather hits, I guess… unless you're job hunting in PHX still?
  7. Reread Walkaway by Corey Doctorow. I can see a lot of the early parts of the book actually happening. Still feel like the introduction of sub-themes of digital consciousness uploads and possible Singularity are a bit much for a book already neck-deep in economic overthrow and human social behaviors, but none-the-less it's a powerful book and well worth a second read.
  8. If you ever need a good colo facility I recommend Login in Tucson! Who were kind enough to loan us a firehose of bandwidth to pump our 1.5Tb drive back up into the cloud again overnight! 👍 Next crisis—documenting methods for instructors to teach classes via iPad Airs and setting up like 10 or 12 of them ASAP! PS: 🖕😛🖕 to all you people with your WFH issues! I am barely even seeing my home these days, lol… 😹
  9. Some fucking USER managed to access a feature we didn't know about and delete our entire 1.5 terabyte cloud share drive on Monday, hahaha. 🤯 Suffice it to say the shenanigans are in full effect at the office... 🙄 We expect to finally restore service sometime tomorrow. Via a more idiot-proof interface.
  10. Myth of the Maker by Bruce Cordell — Very strange book about some guys who make a quantum computing breakthrough and discover that they've essentially connected to some quantum network by plugging the computer directly into the wall with no anti-virus protection. Except the computer is Earth and the viruses want to eat it. Five of them are connected by VR and one guy manages to jump back to Earth, kill everyone so their brains won't be infected with viruses and then jump back in and instantiate some beta of a game he was writing onto the network node Earth is connected to. So now there's a Skyrim knock-off running that provides a rule-set to keep viruses out at least. Also, he and his friends are now all super powerful in the game which helps defeat any viruses that manage to penetrate game space. But one of his friends double-crosses them all and hijinks ensue… Not a terrible book, but not a great one either. I think that I wouldn't recommend it based on it being obviously the sort written by someone who has lots of sequels in mind.
  11. Also, I am 20 pages from finishing my last remaining library book. The Coronapocalypse just got real folks!!! 🙀🙀🙀
  12. The God Game by Danny Tobey — A bunch of high school kids get involved in a LARP game run by an insane AI that gradually works to pit the friends against each other and test their morality and convictions. Some interesting ideas and some really boring ones too, unfortunately. Also felt like he duct-taped on the obligatory text to set it up for a possible sequel at the behest of his editor or something rather than the much more organic and satisfying ending he had a few pages before he actually ended the story. Medusa In The Graveyard by Emily Davenport — Second in the series. The first was a little more interesting than this one, simply because it was all fresh and new. This one has or character from book 1 being somewhat more akin to a super hero. Still, I'd probably recommend it compared to a lot of the other stuff I've read recently. A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine — This was actually quite a lot of fun. Young ambassador from a backwater asteroid mining wheel goes to the center of the empire to replace the last ambassador who was probably assassinated. She has a backup copy of the last ambassador's personality running on an implant in her head, but it's 15 years out of date so not much help in figuring out the current political climate. Basically almost as soon as she touches down, hijinks ensue and she's got to stay alive and keep her community safe from overrun by the Empire simultaneously. I'd recommend this one pretty strongly. The Sea Without a Shore by David Drake — More of his usual military sci-fi, somewhat stilted and ill-formed compared to a few things he's written in the past, but not utterly terrible if you like that sort of thing.
  13. Dude, if you're willing to do the work to make it work? That's really almost all they care about. I'm a *terrible* coder, but I code a lot of stuff I shouldn't be allowed to code just because I'm the only one willing to sit down to expend the effort to make it work. No one else is willing to, so they tolerate my code.
  14. Still going into work every freaking day, lol. Almost everyone else is staying home. Although the one dude who claimed he had COVID but never bothered to get tested came ambling in two days ago to do a lesson on one of our computers and poked the magnets on my desk and stuff. I disinfected the hoopty out of his keyboard and mouse after he left… 🙄 Gotta hand out a tablet to a new student on Tuesday and been handing them out to instructors all week. Zoom has had a trial-by-fire crash course in security so looks like we'll be switching teaching platforms as early as next week. Praying whatever they pick is installable from a non-admin account or I'll get to handle 50 different tablets again in a row!
  15. OK so Ducey finally just issued a Shelter In Place order. Just in time to cancel my Monday appointment to get my new crown over the redone root canal. 🙄
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