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  1. It's always a good sign when both the shoes come off, lol… https://i.imgur.com/utJ9grI.gifv
  2. Band Aid — Squabbling married couple decides to start airing their grievances by writing songs about their fights. Actually super cute and grounded enough in reality to also be taken seriously for the most part. I enjoyed this a lot! GoT S08E01 — Let the betrayals and backstabbing begin! \o/
  3. ^ I think I felt similarly about the Fractured Europe series… they meander around so much that it's hard to know wtf we are supposed to feel or who we're supposed to be rooting for. But he is really good at creating a place and populating characters with it, so you get dragged along in spite of yourself. Permafrost by Alastair Reynolds — Weird little time travel novelette thingie. Overall it was ok, not fabulous. I liked some of the elements a lot though and it's pretty short so maybe worth a library checkout. Severence by Ling Ma — Seems like everybody and their dog wants to read this right now, but I wasn't incredibly impressed. I will say it's better than a lot of post-disaster science fiction but the ending left me pretty meh.
  4. Whoa! https://v.redd.it/w2k3dc1bejq21/HLSPlaylist.m3u8
  5. And that, folks, is how you get rabies. o_O
  6. Well at least we know when it's probably really coming out now, lol.
  7. FWIW, The Magicians now seems to have strayed from the original plot of the books, you can't even see it from where they are. The show is still good (although they did a musical number last night, which I absolutely could have done without) so I'm following along still, trying to figure out where the heck they are going with this new plot, lol. MFKZ — I've only watched about 20 minutes so far, but it's a lot of fun! Gorgeous anime stylization and amusing characters. Best line so far, as they're fleeing from a Man in Black they've just knocked unconcious: "Did you get his gun?" "What??? This isn't GTA, dude!"
  8. Haha, congrats, Boog! Debt-free is a weird feeling initially. But then you kinda get to liking it! \(^O^)/
  9. heavyboots


    Damn, that would be incredibly soon if true! I tend to doubt it though, based on the fact I don't even think there's a fr final ARC floating around yet.
  10. I think the Top Gear review headline sums it up nicely. "Technically and mechanically other city cars outstrip it, but emotionally – well, that’s up to you. We understand." It's much like the New Beetle from back in 1997 was. People buy them more from emotion rather than specs. And there's nothing wrong with that; just as someone who buys cars basically based almost entirely on specs, it's not for me. (Although I admit I was really depressed when the Abarth reviews came out back in the day, because I had definitely been hoping it would be a magical little beast that handled super well and got something approaching decent gas mileage.)
  11. The Very Best of the Best: 35 Years of the Year's Best Science Fiction edited by Gardner Dozois — I'm only halfway through, but this is an excellent collection. If you read a lot of these like me, you may recognize a number of the stories, but even for me a lot of them are new and very good. May have to actually buy this one…
  12. And apparently they drive *terribly* from what I've heard. Even the "sporty" one.
  13. Fleet of Knives by Gareth Powell — A followup to his earlier Embers of War novel, the higgeldy meets the piggeldy when the Marble Armada chooses an admiral for the fleet. I sill want to like these more than I actually do, probably because they have sentient ships. They're still not a really meaty substitute for novels about The Culture though. The Sky Is Yours by Chandler Klang Smith — Very strange post-apocalyptic magic meets affluenza kind of thing. I enjoyed parts of it a lot, but by the end I felt like it had dragged on a bit too long. Basically in some far-distant future Seattle-ish city, two impervious dragons have risen from the bay and are constantly circling the city, raining random fireballs on it. Everyone but the super poor and the super-rich has long ago given up and left. Those that remain are either into real estate or don't own enough to really make it somewhere else and start over. One of the super-rich kids crashes on a trash dump and is rescued by a strange, feral girl living there right before his arranged marriage. He falls in love (or at least lust) with the girl and brings her home with him when rescued. Cue hijinks. Reminds me of S P Somtow's Mallworld in many respects, although I can't really put my finger on why.
  14. ❤️💀+🤖 (aka Love, Death + Robots) — One of the best sci-fi animation collections released in years and years! Run don't walk to your local Netflix streaming service to view some of them (just not with kids, because there's hella gore and nudity).
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