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  1. Yeah, first season Orphan Black was excellent. It kind of tapered off a bit though after that. Although watching Maslany continually unveil new characters and still buying her as a different person for everyone of them is almost worth the ride by itself. Oh yeah, and that I Am Mother NF movie didn't necessarily such, but it did smack a lot of their "combine some genre's everyone likes" cut and paste movie building.
  2. For me it's a lot like which authors will I pre-order the book from. It's a short list, but there are a few... April 2020 is very far away, alas. 😿 Meanwhile, in Dirt Rally 2 present day, I managed to get 4 out of 5 dailies in the top 100 and the last just outside, so I finally seem to be improving slightly 275+ hours of game play in!
  3. And if you haven't yet read Sourdough by Robin Sloan, place a hold on that one too. As for me… Edge of Worlds by Martha Wells — I mostly grabbed this because the same author who did the Murderbot books. It was reasonably enjoyable, but I feel like I maybe came in in the middle of a trilogy or something like that. Definitely a fantasy book with a lot of back story at any rate. And a rushed ending. A Planet for Rent by Yoss — Third book I've read by him, largely just to get a flavor for what the Cubans have been up to with scifi, and I'm pretty sure the last. It was certainly better than Condomnauts, but he has this recurring theme where Earth gets out onto the galactic scene and practically the only thing they want us for is sex or slaves, which I really don't connect with on any level. There's a definite dystopian aspect to it, in that I think he's attempting to draw parallels between 3rd world countries and us being a 3rd world solar system, but it's not engaging enough to really keep me following his stuff unfortunately. If you're going to read something by him, this is the one I'd pick though. It's the most complex and well thought out of the three. Delta-V by Daniel Suarez — Best know for his Daemon and Freedom books, which are about upending the current power structures ruling our nation via MMORPG, this book is about… flipping the current paradigms for space exploration on their heads via a fast, cheap and almost-out-of-control style approach to asteroid mining by private industry. It's actually a lot of fun and I'd recommend this on the highest out of this batch of books.
  4. Black Mirror 5x01 — Well that was awkward, lol. I am not 100% sure they earned the ending they got.
  5. Good Omens was pretty fun, imho. Felt like a bit of an upgrade from Lucifer, which I am enjoying gradually working my way through but which is still definitely a Bruckheimer property. Omens, which Pratchett's fingerprint on it, felt like it had more of a bite to its social commentary/humor. I dunno though. I think I did see Matadero somewhere in my Amazon suggestions so maybe I'll take a peek at that sometime. On Netflix, the Always Be My Maybe was surprisingly decent. I was initially avoiding it because the previews looked like she was recycling a lot of her stage comedy, but that turns out not to be the case. And the two characters actually had decent chemistry. Plus Keanu gets massive props for the part he played, which was beyond hilarious. Oh, and I finally saw the Avenger's: End Game, which they managed to finish off a lot more gracefully than the Game of Thrones guys did, so kudos to them. I really felt annoyed by one certain spoilery aspect of the end, but it was a small thing compared to the success of the rest. Still can't believe the budget they must have had for actors, either. Every couple minutes another huge name in Hollywood would drop in for a 30 second cameo, lol.
  6. Wow, that chalk art is awesome! I especially like the portrait piece
  7. Finally dug my way out from under the giant tome that is Year's Best Science Fiction 2018. Some pretty good stories in it. Waiting Out The End Of The World In Patty’s Place Cafe by Naomi Kritzer (of Cat Pictures, Please fame), Uncanny Valley by Greg Egan, Starlight Express by Michael Swanwick, The Martian Job by Jaine Fenn… there's a lot of good stories in here. Recommended for a library checkout at the very least.
  8. Ok everyone, Prospect is only a 99¢ rental on Amazon, so everyone go rent it! It's a small story, but so damn good. And all the technology and set/costume design is incredible. Lots of bang for your buck IMHO and reminds me vaguely of Firefly which is never a bad thing.
  9. This is flipping genius. 😹 Theresa May is no longer master of her domain…
  10. I had no idea he lived in Tucson until yesterday…
  11. Congrats, Boog! And if Xeno is moving to a new city for the new job, it might be possible to just hunt up a place that's within easy bus or bike distance too? At least until such time as a car enters the realm of affordability.
  12. Also, finally got Prospect today! \(^O^)/
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