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  1. I have been an online freelancer for a while. When work happens, it's "wherever I am, depending on the deadline" (which is usually home, given the current situation).
  2. Was glad to re-discover bits and pieces of Filter in the last few months... ...but also some assorted French craziness that keeps making me think of Cowboy Bebop ;D
  3. Encrypted comms? Try Signal. There was some traction for Cryptocat in the past, and now some people tell me Surespot is "the thing".
  4. I left my corporate past under the Big G banner behind over a year ago for a "corporate" present under the banner of M - and I'm loving it. Working when I can, from where I am, with everyone, everywhere. The way working on the internet, for the internet should be.
  5. I'm getting back to Hoplite, the awesome little mobile turn-based puzzle game about killing demons in dungeons. Feels like dancing with a spear, sometimes ;-)
  6. Seven Psychopaths - a black comedy with a bunch of really good actors doing a good job. Fury - for an American war movie surprisingly bereft of flag-waving and glorious glory. Grim, dirty. Shia LeBouf with an accent. Mission Impossible: The Latest One - Tom Cruise, macguffins, plot holes, Simon Pegg. I pulled my brain out before pressing "play", totally worth it! Network - if you haven't seen it yet, you definitely should. (I am catching up with my viewing queue while on holiday)
  7. I stopped eating. For a moment. Urgh. One more day to go... I watched Network (Lumet, 1976) until 3:00 in the morning. Still creepily great and so-damn-relevant. Finally, meeting more interesting people in the area, virtually. Hoping for a much more social 2016!
  8. /me check calendar /me strokes chin /me doesn't know yet (but thanks for letting us all know in advance!)
  9. Rocket League. Also, Rocket League with DLC content. And a bit more Rocket League. ...for offline guilty pleasures, there's always Android: Netrunner. I would not impress Immortan Joe through any of these two, but I am having a great deal of fun in the process.
  10. ...and while I'm at it - this kept popping up recently a LOT. In away, it's as if The Sisters of Mercy decided to go pop ;-) Eldritch with a tambourine? Why not? Quite an album in general, too.
  11. It's the season to get stuffed.
  12. I invite you to dig into what I put together with a DownUnder cyber-mate: https://www.mixcloud.com/audiomancer/worlds-apart-vol1/ https://www.mixcloud.com/audiomancer/worlds-apart-vol2/ My bits are meant to relate to the utterly brilliant and soul-crushing remake of Netrunner. More to come, we're in the planning stage for #3.
  13. Way past midnight, I landed back in Poland for a week (after a rather delayed flight and waiting extra time for my luggage... urgh). From what I hear, we're three steps away from a mono-right-wing-domination here, politically. I am scratching my head and wondering what the hell happened with the people while I've been away. I guess the conservative mummies rose again. Oh well, there's hope hidden in the barcode that embelishes my self-printed ticket back to where home actually is, nowadays.
  14. Finished Zoo City and Jennifer Government while on transatlantic flights last week. JG kept me awake for the first leg, such a blast to read. Funk as puck, and made me want to re-read Market Forces. Now hoping to put a few more dents in my never-ending Pocket queue. Oh yeah, and since Zoo City was great, Moxyland is soon to follow, I presume ;-) (and since I gave the complete collection of Locke & Key to a friend as a suprise gift, I may be getting one for myself, too >_> yum!) (...also, waiting for my copy of this beauty to reach me)
  15. 2016: The Year of Rewatching Cowboy Bebop & Samurai Champloo
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