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  1. My thoughts, too. I met him once on a secret mission to Seattle. He seemed like such a thoughtful guy who was much better than he gave himself credit for. And he loved his cat. RIP dude...
  2. Twitter was down and I logged into this site for the first time in ages. Nice to “see” some old faces.
  3. Katie, your kids have subconsciously figured out how to annoy you and escape out from under the weight of your expectations, just like all other children do, and just like you were doing to your parents.
  4. I put a picture on Twitter because I couldn't upload the huge photo here.
  5. Good article, and I pretty much agree with everything it says (especially wanting, and expecting, Rey to not be another Skywalker).
  6. Those who pay attention to what I say on Twitter will know that I saw it today, and I enjoyed it a lot. It kind of saved Star Wars for me. Glad I didn't see any spoilers ahead of time. When that scene came, I was sure what would happen next, but I enjoyed the tension of hoping that it wouldn't. I'm looking forward to the next one, which is why I won't be spending a lot of time in this thread. I don't want theories thrown around by people who can't resist theorizing to mess me up.
  7. That's one cute cat.
  8. Tap tap. Is this thing on? Anyway, hentai actually can mean shapeshifter. But these days it does pretty much always mean pervert. Sorry if I mislead you on the old board.
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