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  1. Can confirm, new Mr Bungle is excellent!
  2. Dude I hope you can. Never caught them live yet.
  3. I moved to Europe to further enable my travel and gig habits
  4. Gutted they didn't get visas for Psycho Las Vegas Have been fortunate enough to have seen them before at least
  5. Great band, from my not quite hometown (I lived in Brisbane for ages though so I claim it)
  6. If it's remotely feasible for you, then you should 😁
  7. Shame you're likely to miss out I arranged to go to the London show, then saw a Berlin show listed like 2 weeks later. Going to both, so feeling very spoiled.
  8. Such a great band. Caught them in Berlin a while back, one of the best gigs I'd seen for aaaages
  9. Not logged into this forum for aaaages, and find some great film suggestions. Cheers
  10. I'm intrigued, must check it out.
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