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  1. Seen too many zombie movies: I'd definitely be twitchy af in that situation expecting someone seeking brains to pounce at any moment.
  2. Saw Jinjer live a couple of weeks ago, and they're great. Loved that Igorr track, too. Anyone hip to Slugdge? https://youtu.be/-NAT51lK0qg (can't figure out how to add video link with preview)
  3. It's in my region, now: a beautician came back from Iran and worked in a local shopping centre before being diagnosed. Guess the hope we could keep it out of fortress Australia was a bit futile. The first round of the MotoGP season, in Qatar, has been called off because so many of the riders and teams are from Italy. Kind of moot in a way whether or not we call it 'pandemic' at this stage, but it definitely appears to be out of control with new outbreaks popping up in new countries daily. It's less lethal than SARS but about 10-20 times more lethal than the seasonal flu, so when you see people say 'the seasonal flu kills more', take that with a grain of salt: thousands of times more people contract the seasonal flu. If this ends up being as endemic as the seasonal flu, we can expect a *lot* of deaths. Most will be the old or infirm... and so good hygeine and abiding by quarantine is like vaccination - don't do it for yourself, do it for the vulnerable.
  4. I dunno - the delightfully named Stephen Mosher basically sets up his identity tent around being anti-China, so I'd like a perspective from someone a bit more objective before accepting the notion that this was made in a lab.
  5. Looking at the stats. There did initially seem to be a tapering off of the rate of infections, but then a different set of stats came out and they started growing again. I've been using this site for graphs and stats: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ The death stats also seem to have at least gone from exponential to linear, but the slope doesn't seem to be falling. People saying 'more people' (in raw numbers) die from the seasonal flu is a misdirection, since that's a raw number and not a rate. The *proportion* of fatalities to infections for the seasonal flu is far lower. Saying 'well, the fatality rate is only 2%' is also odd: if a billion people are infected that's 20 million dead. Of the cases that have had an outcome, 11% have been fatalities, but that's obviously an untidy stat. And a vaccine is potentially 18 months away. It's a little chilling for me, because I've been talking to my students (beginning science teachers) for years about the fact that there's a pandemic in most centuries and we're about due... Not at all something I hoped for, or wanted to be vindicated on. Hoped I was wrong, still hope I'm wrong.
  6. We're still in the exponential stage of the growth of this new epidemic: as of right now, about 24,000 cases and 500 fatalities, but growing rapidly. The mortality rate is estimated at about 2%, and mostly the already frail, and it may move around a bit, but the speed of growth and of spread around the world is very worrying. Ubiquitous travel means pandemics will seldom be localised any more, though thankfully ebola has been pretty much contained to date. Don't think there's a vaccine yet, and quarantine seems to have been slowing the rate of growth somewhat but not stopping it. I don't really have a question or a solution... I initially thought the Australian government had panicked and over-reacted by stopping people from China coming into the country, and certainly it will have a huge impact on the start of the university year, with a quarter million Chinese students set to start or return, but time will tell: it might end up being important. Pandemics are something humanity regularly experiences, and Yuval Noah Harari in his recent book 'Homo Deus' claimed we have mostly conquered them... but this is a test.
  7. In the middle of 'The Girl With All The Gifts', which I randomly acquired in an airport, so no spoliers, plzkthx. Loving it. Not sure how you get away with extracting the brain of a conscious child in a movie...
  8. Just sent off an application for a new job at the same uni. Next level up the ladder, or possibly skipping one. Guess we'll see what happens...
  9. Something for those who struggle with growl but like it fast, complex and technical.
  10. Coming late to it, but loving Dishonored 2.
  11. Bravus


    I think reports of its hellishness are somewhat exaggerated. Chance of a long and healthy life are greater than at any other time in human history, even for the poorest. No guarantees, of course, but the facts suggest a child born now is better off than ever before.
  12. Prescription for Richard Spencer and his ilk. I know... I'm a massive hypocrite because I'm not in favour of bodyslamming journalists. But IMO journalists ≠ Nazis.
  13. Not sure it's really counted as metal, but the attitude sure is... and I'm pretty sure it will count as preaching to the choir around here:
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