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  1. And he never, ever comes back and apologizes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. One of my brothers (the 20 year old) and his girlfriend were visiting for a few days so we watched Johnny Mnemonic and Tank Girl with them educating the children!
  3. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ My suggestion to get off reddit and 4chan was and is because those are profoundly toxic communities to surround yourself in. Somehow, your further comments are the perfect illustration of *why* someone might suggest staying away from toxic places.
  4. That jacket is very cool! My own style is pretty visible - I dye my hair unnatural colors (usually green/teal with an accent color), I have a side-shave, I wear vests that I've sewn patches all over sometimes... I have a septum piercing... Basically I pretty much just let my freak flag fly XD There are hair dyes now that don't require bleaching before application to show up pretty brightly, and there are dyes that fade out slowly (Punky Color, Manic Panic). I started out dyeing just a portion of my hair to ease into it. The nice thing about unnatural colors is that if you mess up you can just roll with it like you meant to do it - it's an unnatural color afterall! Another option is of course to go to a salon that does "Weird Hair" but I prefer to do my own. And as far as spending the money on the jacket - you're supporting a group you like monetarily so I think that's pretty great.
  5. yep. so stressful. ended up not being as bad as I thought it was going to be but we have 3 more episodes for people to die in yet. had to take all my rings off because I was wringing my hands so much.
  6. This is my amazing friend covering Ice-T's song from "Tank Girl" and it's so great
  7. got bit by a "redecorating" bug today. ended up re-doing some of the wall art I've done around the house - particularly pleased with how this one turned out.
  8. Caught the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere last night, setting up for a decent final season I think based on the first episode.
  9. BIG FAN of Superstore. That episode where they are supposed to switch the hanging signs to "new updated" signs? And then the new signs are exactly the same as the old signs? That happened at both big-company retailers I worked for.
  10. I am SO GLAD you did this. I was bullied in a similar fashion (although in high school) and my parents were not really in my corner (more like the school counselor, which led me to not tell them about this kind of thing anymore). I'm glad The Kid has her parents in her corner ❤️ and I think outside therapy would probably help too.
  11. I watched The Exorcist (1973) for the first time ever a few nights ago. I enjoyed it (despite the Ebert review "surely enjoyment won’t be one [of the reasons for watching it]"). It holds up, effects and ambiance-wise, over the years. I'm on a bit of a "fill in the gaps and watch movies I wasn't allowed to never have" kick so I also recently watched Death Becomes Her which was very fun and funny.
  12. Personally I find the early-00s Nissan Sentra (bought at-least-second-hand from a trusted mechanic) we drive to be a good one 😁
  13. Today is the two-year anniversary of the MinoBot Move. Two years ago today, we packed up our 5-year-old and 2-year-old, two duffel bags, 4 backpacks, and a suitcase with our stuff and boarded a plane from Honolulu to Hilo. We were officially homeless for 7 weeks - first camping out of the back of the Mazda Tribute we bought at the airport (via craigslist), then when that truck suddenly and with great finality DIED we stayed in hotels for a couple nights while finding a replacement vehicle, and then camping out of our right-side-drive Saturn hatchback. When that car decided to be finicky about running we put out a distress signal on a local homeschooling Facebook group and were rescued by two families - one let us stay in their home for 3 days and the other fixed our car. The mechanic's family offered to let us stay with them so we lived in the front room of their home (two adults, 3 teenagers, 2 kids, a baby, 5 cats, a dog, + us). We found a place to live after 3 weeks of that and then we spent a solid month getting the "new" place clean (I have photos that look like they are stills from the show "Hoarders"...) and liveable enough to call it home. Oh, and TM finished Neofeud and released it during this time as well. O.O Two years later I can say I have no regrets at all. Honolulu was slowly draining the life from us - it wasn't living, just existing. With all it's hardships and uncertainty, I'd pick life on the east side of the Big Island, with our seven cats and happy kids, every time.
  14. I remember that! INFJ here 😄 Agreed! TM and I take turns answering the phone (landline) 😂
  15. This story is long and A RIDE but so hilarious. It's too long to screenshot and I know some folks around here aren't participating in the Book of Faces so... I'll copy-paste it in the spoiler. Involves goats.
  16. GreenRobot


    Dreamed that my mom made a loaf of oatmeal bread in a metal trash can, and then put the loaf up on a top shelf of the closet in my (deceased) grandmother's bedroom. She wouldn't explain why. I don't know why I remember this dream-moment so vividly.
  17. Anxiety is so irritating. Last week, I had an item on my to-do list that involved phone calls. Now, I don't know if I've said this before but since working first in a retail setting where I (as a 14-year-old) was given the task of calling people to give them bad news and then working in an IT call center, I have developed a pretty decent case of phone anxiety (on top of general anxiety and social anxiety). This task ended up taking 5 entire days of calling, leaving messages, looking for different phone numbers, calling more, and when I wasn't actually making phone calls the knowledge that I would have to make more phone calls soon hung over my head like the Sword of Damocles. Anyway, I finally accomplished the important task. But my anxiety was still high. Because, you know, that makes sense. (nope, it doesn't, the thing is done, the adrenaline can stop now). Ended up straight up sobbing my eyes out while watching the first episode of Avatar: Legend of Korra and finally felt better. Guess the adrenaline got released that way because my anxiety has subsided to a dull roar again. Good thing too, because we have to shop today and no one wants a repeat of the Anxiety Attack Over Choosing Laundry Soap incident of 2018.
  18. Oh look it's 6/7 of our cats haha.
  19. TM and I watched this video last night and I have never felt so freaking grateful for this falling-apart house.
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