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  1. Today is the two-year anniversary of the MinoBot Move. Two years ago today, we packed up our 5-year-old and 2-year-old, two duffel bags, 4 backpacks, and a suitcase with our stuff and boarded a plane from Honolulu to Hilo. We were officially homeless for 7 weeks - first camping out of the back of the Mazda Tribute we bought at the airport (via craigslist), then when that truck suddenly and with great finality DIED we stayed in hotels for a couple nights while finding a replacement vehicle, and then camping out of our right-side-drive Saturn hatchback. When that car decided to be finicky about running we put out a distress signal on a local homeschooling Facebook group and were rescued by two families - one let us stay in their home for 3 days and the other fixed our car. The mechanic's family offered to let us stay with them so we lived in the front room of their home (two adults, 3 teenagers, 2 kids, a baby, 5 cats, a dog, + us). We found a place to live after 3 weeks of that and then we spent a solid month getting the "new" place clean (I have photos that look like they are stills from the show "Hoarders"...) and liveable enough to call it home. Oh, and TM finished Neofeud and released it during this time as well. O.O Two years later I can say I have no regrets at all. Honolulu was slowly draining the life from us - it wasn't living, just existing. With all it's hardships and uncertainty, I'd pick life on the east side of the Big Island, with our seven cats and happy kids, every time.
  2. I remember that! INFJ here 😄 Agreed! TM and I take turns answering the phone (landline) 😂
  3. This story is long and A RIDE but so hilarious. It's too long to screenshot and I know some folks around here aren't participating in the Book of Faces so... I'll copy-paste it in the spoiler. Involves goats.
  4. GreenRobot


    Dreamed that my mom made a loaf of oatmeal bread in a metal trash can, and then put the loaf up on a top shelf of the closet in my (deceased) grandmother's bedroom. She wouldn't explain why. I don't know why I remember this dream-moment so vividly.
  5. Anxiety is so irritating. Last week, I had an item on my to-do list that involved phone calls. Now, I don't know if I've said this before but since working first in a retail setting where I (as a 14-year-old) was given the task of calling people to give them bad news and then working in an IT call center, I have developed a pretty decent case of phone anxiety (on top of general anxiety and social anxiety). This task ended up taking 5 entire days of calling, leaving messages, looking for different phone numbers, calling more, and when I wasn't actually making phone calls the knowledge that I would have to make more phone calls soon hung over my head like the Sword of Damocles. Anyway, I finally accomplished the important task. But my anxiety was still high. Because, you know, that makes sense. (nope, it doesn't, the thing is done, the adrenaline can stop now). Ended up straight up sobbing my eyes out while watching the first episode of Avatar: Legend of Korra and finally felt better. Guess the adrenaline got released that way because my anxiety has subsided to a dull roar again. Good thing too, because we have to shop today and no one wants a repeat of the Anxiety Attack Over Choosing Laundry Soap incident of 2018.
  6. Oh look it's 6/7 of our cats haha.
  7. TM and I watched this video last night and I have never felt so freaking grateful for this falling-apart house.
  8. We have warm weather again! Coming up to our two-year "Get Off Oahu" anniversary (March 7) and immediately following that is the smaller Minobot's 5th birthday. He wants Spider-Man everything so I'm figuring that out, it'll be a good time. Chocolate cake & the beach, and a surprise home viewing of that new Spider-Man movie will be the perfect cherry on top to his day I think. And then later in March is the two-year release anniversary for Neofeud! Guess I'll be dusting off the ol' vocal chords for a sequel soon
  9. I am really enjoying Nathan W. Pyle's "Strange Planet" strips these days.
  10. The Umbrella Academy on Netflix - time travel, talking monkeys, super humans, dysfunctional families, and it's based on a comic book by (My Chemical Romance frontman) Gerard Way. Starring Ellen Page, Robert Sheehan, and Mary J. Blige of all people, it's a very watchable show that I found completely enjoyable (and by that I mean I watched the entire season over the course of two evenings).
  11. Unbreakable followed by Split, last night. First time watching both. Definitely enjoyed both, and now looking forward to whenever I see Glass. Very attention-grabbing with interesting concepts and twists.
  12. literally me this morning.
  13. Officially have a healthy waist-to-height ratio and body fat percentage. Discovered that from my heaviest/largest non-pregnant point (circa 2015), I've lost about 30 inches from my waist. Pretty proud of myself.
  14. Spent the day at the beach with a friend, her daughter, and the Minibots. Kids played in the shallows for hours and L & I got to have adult conversation with someone we're not married to - win-win for everyone. L's husband D is a senior airplane engineer and works out of the Honolulu Airport, while she and their daughter live here on the Big Island in the house they are paying off. She works too, selling Usborne books. D, like I said, is a senior engineer for one of the big airlines. He was renting a small studio apartment in Honolulu (and then he comes to the Big Island on Saturday night and spends Sunday and Monday here - fielding calls from his coworkers the whole time and often being called back to Honolulu early), but as of right now he is living in his van and parking overnight in a parking structure (which he has to pay for but it's less than what the rent was for the apartment). Remembering our stint of vehicle-living... it's not a good time.
  15. Heard from my brother (well, one of my 5 brothers - the 21-year-old one), he and his girlfriend are officially planning a trip to Hawaii as their pre-university vacation. That visit, in June, will probably be my only physical interaction with my own family this year. The Minobot BC Trip last year that resulted in the unexpected (and awesome) interview with The Man Himself was the first time I'd been with my family in ages, and while I'd like to be able to visit once a year or so we're not in a position for that to be feasible right now (not to mention that the idea of traveling to/in the US mainland as it is currently kind of gives me the heebies for multiple reasons). I keep telling my brother N that while I am thrilled to have him and his whip-smart super-cool girlfriend A come see us, we do live in the middle of nowhere. He reassures me that they'll be fine. I know you're not supposed to have favorites among your siblings but he's definitely in my top 9... (He and A are not in this video, but this is literally their scene in a mini-doc by his friend Marcel - although N & A are straight edge a la his big sis 😉)
  16. We took the kids to see Aquaman, which I was not expecting much from. I will give it a few points for Temuera Morrison, gorgeous set and creature design, and Jason Momoa. It's a typical DC-without-Christopher-Nolan flick, like a live-action Disney feel - definitely aimed at the kid audience but with a cast that emulates Marvel casting. I will say that it was better, writing and character-wise, than Justice League (which I started watching on an overnight flight, there was nothing else to watch and nothing else to do, and I ended up turning off...).
  17. Nnedi Okorafor's "Who Fears Death".
  18. My goal is to use my anger as a positive force. I don't talk to my parents (well, my mom) about politics or current events much at all because if/when I do she tells me I am "becoming too angry" and that I should "focus on happy things" and "think about other stuff" which is complete bullshit, especially since I know for a fact that she does not tell my brother the same thing. So I keep the conversation topics with my mom to the kids, my little brothers, day-to-day things about the pets. I have actually created activist social media accounts that my mom is blocked from seeing. I can't not be angry - I'm like Bruce Banner, "That's my secret Cap, I'm always angry" - but if I'm using that anger to spread awareness and support people and organizations that are doing direct action around the world, then I am at least doing something.
  19. Today was a normal day. Woke up, did the social media rounds while working out. Kept the kids busy and warm until the weather warmed up and they could go outside. M spent a good part of the day "making videos" with her tablet, going around with the video function on talking about all the things she saw. Z's fractured wrist is pretty much healed, his check-up for it is on Monday but he's back to 100% functionality with it from what TM and I can tell. This is the winter of broken wrists in the family, Z and TM and a cousin's kid on the mainland too. As long as we don't have a spate of broken legs like M when she was 3, it's okay. Made plans to take the kids to the zoo again with friends - feeling pretty thankful for a free (yep - free) zoo. Food stamps for February were deposited on January 20th and we're kind of in a waiting game to see what happens in March. This will-they-won't-they government shutdown shit is for the birds. Trying for balance, it would be so fucking easy to sink into anger all the time. The back-and-forth, class war, cultural division, let's keep the masses arguing about generation gaps and whether this or that famous-for-being-famous person is culturally appropriating (spoiler alert: most of them are) when all around us the reality is sinking in. Antarctic temperatures in the Midwest while the Circle-With-Bears heats up 125 degrees above where it should be. Killer whales dying of starvation in the PNW oceans because the food for the salmon is disappearing which means the salmon is disappearing. Corporations, hearing the death knells, grabbing for more and more oil and land and resources regardless of treaties and human life and possible (probable) pollution of water sources (Mauna Kea, Uni'sto'ten, Standing Rock, and more). The bright spots in all of this are there though. Mauna Kea protectors were received with respect today at UC Berkeley (where they are asking the University to divest from the destruction of Mauna Kea and pull funding from the TMT project. Greta Thunberg, the teen activist, told Davos attendees she wants them to "act as if the house is on fire, because it is." The Parkland kids are still working hard to bring better gun legislation to the US. Activists in Uganda are calling out the deadly actions of an American Christian missionary who posed as a medical professional. I've decided that being angry and doing nothing is worth shit all. There's not a whole lot that I can personally do ( but whatever I can, I'm doing it. Right now that looks like raising the Minibots to be decent human beings who care about the earth they live on, and raising awareness of the actions being taken to curb the path of destruction that the earth is on. I've also started writing again, maybe I'll share some of that project here at some point. Working through some of the holdover of the uber-religious evangelical conservative lifestyle I was raised in.
  20. "I want you to panic. I want you to act as if the house is on fire, because it is." - Greta Thunberg, teen activist
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