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  1. And the place we are hopefully probably buying (waiting to hear back from our realtor who is waiting for the seller's response) has plenty of room for us, TM's home office, the kids, as well as extra space for if when the Oahu family needs a backup.
  2. Since we live in Hawaii and the general every-day outfit choice (for the sake of comfort) is shorts & a t-shirt, most of my wardrobe consists of those options. My t-shirts are all thrifted via eBay and my shorts tend to the cut-off-jean style. I have a couple vests that I've posted in the Creative Endeavors thread but I'm reposting here because, well, they fit. The yellow vest is my pride and joy and the one I tend to wear more often these days (it's a lighter material). I also got myself a pair of Docs recently - not boots, because of the aforementioned tropical climate, but se
  3. And he never, ever comes back and apologizes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. One of my brothers (the 20 year old) and his girlfriend were visiting for a few days so we watched Johnny Mnemonic and Tank Girl with them educating the children!
  5. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ My suggestion to get off reddit and 4chan was and is because those are profoundly toxic communities to surround yourself in. Somehow, your further comments are the perfect illustration of *why* someone might suggest staying away from toxic places.
  6. That jacket is very cool! My own style is pretty visible - I dye my hair unnatural colors (usually green/teal with an accent color), I have a side-shave, I wear vests that I've sewn patches all over sometimes... I have a septum piercing... Basically I pretty much just let my freak flag fly XD There are hair dyes now that don't require bleaching before application to show up pretty brightly, and there are dyes that fade out slowly (Punky Color, Manic Panic). I started out dyeing just a portion of my hair to ease into it. The nice thing about unnatural colors is that if you mess up
  7. yep. so stressful. ended up not being as bad as I thought it was going to be but we have 3 more episodes for people to die in yet. had to take all my rings off because I was wringing my hands so much.
  8. This is my amazing friend covering Ice-T's song from "Tank Girl" and it's so great
  9. got bit by a "redecorating" bug today. ended up re-doing some of the wall art I've done around the house - particularly pleased with how this one turned out.
  10. Caught the Game of Thrones season 8 premiere last night, setting up for a decent final season I think based on the first episode.
  11. BIG FAN of Superstore. That episode where they are supposed to switch the hanging signs to "new updated" signs? And then the new signs are exactly the same as the old signs? That happened at both big-company retailers I worked for.
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