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  1. I never do get to the more picturesque parts of Tucson. I'm almost always there for my hobby, or to pick something up. And now with the plague times... so yeah. Some day I'll get to see that view for myself!
  2. Whew, I thought I was going to be the only one who didn't like Agency as much as they'd hoped. I do intend to read it again, because it feels like the main action, the stuff Eunice is up to, is magic that makes things happen, but I have no idea how or why she made the choices she did. And while I understand the whole Naturalist philosophy in Gibson's work, I felt cheated. I realize, too, that whatever AI comes to life now is going to be, at minimum, that fast in getting itself together, however I just felt like it all happened weirdly. Maybe a second reading will make
  3. Like I said on the FB post, fuck. I just was thinking of him recently since he mentioned being in the hospital and I was hoping he'd gotten better. Also very sad to hear about Gil. Though I never got to meet him he seemed like a genuinely kind and person and would have been great to chat with in person.
  4. I was really bummed to cancel. I am just now able to have some soup- turns out I have more of a stomach bug than allergy problems, though, so it was wise of me to go home instead.
  5. Still Defense contracting, though I've changed employers and jobs a few times since I was 'here' last. Today's fun involved finding out something didn't get sent out in a timely fashion because I was on vacation. Will be going through a contract change-over at the end of December. Though I signed the offer letter from the incoming company I am still hoping to stick with this one but the job slots are rather limited and require certificates I'm either completely uninterested in getting or am incapable of doing them any time soon. Sigh.
  6. (I see a lot has happened since I last visited the Board! My only advice is to encourage her to not let anyone shame her about her partners, preferences, or activity level. It may not keep people from having an undesirable opinion about her, but it will give her some resilience. Best of luck!)
  7. Xeno, as I said on FB, the Phoenix metro area is just kind of a mess. Mesa/Gilbert/Chandler has gone through a serious suburban/rural 're-gooding,' as they force out the rural poor and turn their properties into the planned communities you see all around you (and some very fancy horse boarding facilities and charter schools, but which is which can be hard to tell sometimes). The area has also been a hotbed for Mormons for *ever*, and you know how they like things neat, clean and orderly.
  8. Been diving into a new fighting style - I hate to call it 'fencing' as it's a more... utilitarian style and originated around the 1350''s or so. Going through the manual, one play at a time, figuring out some drill designs so I can teach it: Iberian Swordplay - Domingo Luis Godinho's Art of Fencing. Also tore through some stuff on Kindle, particularly the Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch and Ubik by PKD, the 5th Gender by Gail Carriger, and the Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman (which *has* to be a pseudonym).
  9. Watchmen TV series. Not having seen any previews, I didn't know what to expect, at all, other than all new characters. I have always liked Regina King, and I love that this show takes place in the South with a mixed cast. I'm intruigued by how Rorschach's legacy has been co-opted by the racist group. It reminds me of how law enforcement (particularly Border Patrol, around here), has done the same with the Punisher. They have no idea what the character is about, but his mask/symbol sure is cool! I am looking forward to seeing more.
  10. Read it twice. May give it a third over Christmas weekend.
  11. Watched 'He Never Died' today. I'm not sure I would have liked it as much if the lead was anyone but Henry Rollins. Still, entertaining and worth the Amazon rental. I understand it will get a theatrical release, but not where I live.
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