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  1. TwiliteMinotaur


    Here's an illustration I made of the White House before The Army Of The 12 Monkeys erased the evidence of their space-time continuum editing. "You are walking through a Red Forest and the grass is tall..."
  2. TwiliteMinotaur

    what are YOU lookin' at?

    Here's my full review of Hotel Artemis, highly recommended "While its neo-noir lighting and fixtures, whodunit slow-burn sensibility and post-genre originality may not be everyone's idea of a silver screen weekend getaway, for those who fans of true cyberpunk, and tour-de-force from-the-heart indie filmmaking if you check into Hotel Artemis, like the Eagles Hotel California says, 'you'll never leave'."
  3. TwiliteMinotaur

    Creative Endeavors

    There's Silver Spook (the one from Terminus Machina my Deus Ex mod!)
  4. TwiliteMinotaur


    Yeah obviously that is not 100% true that absolutely every job is shit, just virtually every entry-level job, and even many of the non-entry level jobs, like Heavyboots said. When veteran NASA and Lockheed employees are having employment and financial trouble, something is definitely up.
  5. TwiliteMinotaur

    Creative Endeavors

    First pass on my Silver Spook Halloween costume. Silver Spook is the homeless hactivist/revolutionary protagonist from my Deus Ex mod. The silverized trenchcoat is a craftable augmentation that thwarts infrared vision of the Predator drones so the AI police state has trouble shooting hellfire missiles at you. Here's the in-game character. I think it's pretty close except I gotta go get some $3 sunglasses and chop the lenses up into isosceles triangles. (Painting done by Green Robot!)
  6. TwiliteMinotaur


    Every job I've had, including working at game companies of various size and teaching in a US public school, has paid as much or less than the job you were at, Xeno. GR and I were basically homeless the entire development of Neofeud, like I said. We can only survive now because real estate in this area is shit, it's somewhat the wild west (barely any cops), and the houses are basically rotting to pieces. There are only shit-tier jobs nowadays, man. Unless your parents are millionaires, you're like a drug dealer, criminal, or corporate criminal. Even if you make over 50,000, in the US we'd be paying $30,000 out for healthcare costs (not including deductibles) so you might end up being more fucked to shit limping around trying to get insulin through go-fund-mes if you SOMEHOW manage to make $40+ an hour. Or maybe you just crack a rib falling off your Deliveroo gig-hustle, go to hospital, the Big Pharma drugdealer pretending to be a doctor slips you fentanyl and you OD on it a month later, and die that way like millions of other Americans. The only friend from high school I know that has his own place is a real estate agent cause his daddy worked in real estate after being at the vampire squid of planet Earth, Goldman Sachs. His job was to auction off pieces of Oahu to Chinese, Saudi billionaires so they can leave the apartments empty and make more homeless people and homeless kids for me to try and take care of as a social worker for go-fuck-yourself-and-starve an hour wages. *Literally* everyone else I know lives multigenerationally, like 5-10 families to a house, with every member in the house working, often multiple jobs. Unless they like inherited a shit ton of money from a rich relative or daddy is the CEO of Ebay or something. I just talked to a United Airlines aircraft *engineer*, like that rare person with a college degree actually working in his field. He's been at it for over a decade and can't afford to live on the island he works on. (Works on Oahu, flies back to the Big Island to see his wife and kid once a week but his boss is emailing him all Sunday with work-related tasks trying to drag him back on his day off). It's shit all the way down, man.
  7. TwiliteMinotaur

    What are YOU playin' ? (game thread)

    Sounds neat but yeah I don't play a lot of TTRPGs.
  8. TwiliteMinotaur

    what are YOU lookin' at?

    This scene from Ash Vs Evil Dead (Season 3 "Booth 3") with Ash getting assaulted by a porn centerfold model reaching through the paper and grabbing his balls to "Take On Me" in a sperm bank, then fighting the demonic bank's doctor is the most genius thing I've seen all year.
  9. TwiliteMinotaur

    what are YOU lookin' at?

    Hotel Artemis - Super highly recommended. A very classically cyberpunk movie in the right way. I'm going to be doing a video review of this for the channel. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5834262/
  10. TwiliteMinotaur

    Creative Endeavors

    Yeah nice work man! I like the "I'm not a robot" one. Also, tell all your cyberpunk and game-playing friends about this https://store.steampowered.com/app/673850/Neofeud/
  11. TwiliteMinotaur

    what are YOU lookin' at?

    Ash Vs Evil Dead - This stuff really works better than anyone could've hoped. Highly recommended if you're into good things, or if it's Halloween month.
  12. TwiliteMinotaur

    Creative Endeavors

  13. TwiliteMinotaur


    This milk carton is quite aerodynamic, like it is the milk that could take off and fly to the moon (and beat the US by six months!).
  14. TwiliteMinotaur

    Creative Endeavors

    Nice work Chris! I've decided that our retro cyberpunk RPG the Terminus Machina sequel, will open on one huge pile of dead bodies with different color trenchcoats and shades, variations of JC Denton, Adam Jensen, CP 2077's V, Neo, and Christian Bale from Equilibrium. "You see that? That is all the wanna-bee cyberpunk noobs pile." Choose difficulty setting: "Hellscape" "Harlan Ellison having a bad acid trip" "LITERALLY HELL" and the hardest: "Actually 2040"
  15. TwiliteMinotaur

    So what happened to YOU today?

    Working on the new back porch from that wood harvested on the property about 9 months ago: