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  1. @dbThe place we're in is being auctioned and we're working on buying a new place with family. It's not in the bag yet, but our real estate agent seems pretty confident about it!
  2. @heavyboots haha, yeah it's got some silver linings but also a pretty dark cloud! We're optimistic about the house situation working out but it's not 100% certainty right now. Supposed to open escrow today, which I'm just starting to wrap my head around with the help of the great agent we have. This is all brand new shit for me, my dad, most my entire family who have all rented for generations like I said, but if it all works out, it will be a great development for the Minobot family(s).
  3. So bad news is, GR, the minibots and I are going to be kicked out of our house. Good news is, we're not quite yet homeless (again). Docu-signing miles of legalese all morning, just smashing that 'place electronic signature here' button like a 13 year old in a Steve Bannon-puppeted crypto-fash Fortnite stream smashing like and subscribe and 'buy lootbox' buttons. Or alternatively, like some kind of mortgage-acquiring xillennial(?) mofo while waiting for our current house to be auctioned off. This bucket of termites, murderous fireants and decades of neglect; this collateralized Goldman yacht-payment obligation of rotten pine and corrugated rust overgrown with alien invasive trees and subprime overpricing; this victim of years of squatters who housed goats in the master bed, left mountainous trash piles inside and out, tore the 70's paisley wall paneling off another room's walls in opioid and meth-addled daymares... 90% probability this 'asset' will be bought back by the same bank-like entity parented by a megabank Matryoshka dolled within a holding company on behalf of an unjailed financial WMD-user who helped bankrupt the original Portland hippy owners with exhorbitant cancer-rent and 401k-stealing economic collapse. So yes, on the bright side, it looks increasingly likely that I'll be the first in three generations of Hawaiians on my dad's side to not be a neofeudal peasant for my entire life, living in a ghetto and working till I'm dead paying rent and undying fealty to some fucking son of a WASP Puritan American missionary or other assorted flavor of crazy rich Chinese money-mover, Silicon Valley surveillance capitalist 1984-creator, Saudi F-35 purchaser, or other billionaire making homeless and under-housed people by storing their money in empty multi-million dollar condominiums. But most importantly, it looks like GR and the minibots and I will have a place to sleep that isn't the back of a Mazda tribute, a van in a Wal mart parking lot, a 7 x 9 foot closet in my parents' house, a $2000 /month studio wedged between meth labs, or any of those other places we've previously called home. Our real estate agent is especially un-realestateagent-ey. As GR mentioned, 'we had no idea he was one for months, which is NOT normal'. 50's, grey, balding but no combover, always brings big buckets of gourmet food to get togethers and friends with a ex-Cuban food critic lady friend in her 80's, fond of anti-Trump Facebook diatribes. A good guy who works his butt off and who genuinely wants to help out. I found it interesting though, an oft-repeated comment was, "You could take that unattached studio, rent it out for 600, 700. Pay for your mortgage with that, and use the proceeds to work on eventually flipping the property, getting another. Maybe another two places, rent those out... Nobody lives in a home forever, you're always looking to what you can make of it." I didn't say it but GR and I had the same thought on the drive home from showings at the actually exceptionally room-ey place: "We just want to live inside of it. Not be rained on. Not have our laptop stolen, birth certificate and green card lost. We don't need to make money off of a house(s)." Another one of the older mainland transplants commented, "I feel so out of place on Sunday, taking six hours off from working." I read Americans work 499 hours (three months) more than the French, on average. Even 137 hours more than the goddamn 6-day-a-week bushido-ass *Japanese*. "Nobody lives in a home. Homes are just there to make you more money." Wild calvinist imperial capitalist suicidal conditioning shit. Anyway, dad has helped co-sign. As I mentioned, he forked over the majority of his income of his entier adult life to exhorbitant rents, helping pay for my sis' stupidly expensive and mostly useless college degree, and dad lost most of the rest to stock market crashes. Aunt is bankrupted as well. Just like my grandpa who sent all his meager life savings off to sweepstakes scams over the last 10 years of his life, talking to me about how he was going to, 'win that milion one day, and buy you, your dad, and all of us a big house to live in'. He died penniless. I could tell dad was tearing up a little at the idea that we actual Hawaiians might have any property whatsoever to our name. He was like, "Chris, when the next crash happens and we're screwed out of everything we have and they gentrify our place into 10,000 dollar condos, I'm driving your mom and I in a mobile home onto that property." I was like, "It's ok dad, we'll have like five rooms to live in." Cause homes are for fucking living in.
  4. Yep fuck Jeff $150,000,000,000 Bezos. Great job he did killing Seattle, and doing God's work in Vancouver too, I hear. Velvet Buzzsaw - like an updated Art School Confidential (of which I'm a big fan), also featuring John Malkovich. It's in the vein of subversive horror like Evil Dead or Get Out but for the modern international billionaire money laundering business fine art world.
  5. Zooming in on more of that cyberpunk city street. Working on flying cars, holographics, and trying to hone my volumetric lighting painting techniques for Neofeud 2.
  6. Literal Coffin Apartments for the 99% and Palaces for Trillionaires! Latest art and animation I'm working on for my cyberpunk adventure Neofeud 2 Site: https://silverspook.itch.io/neofeud2 Neofeud 1: https://silverspook.itch.io/neofeud
  7. This song is gold! Look at that album cover XD From the vaporwave "I Feel Coke" mix
  8. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-07798-9?utm_source=twt_nnc&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=naturenews&sf206968076=1 Replicator 3D prints transparent objects near-instantly.
  9. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-alibaba-hotels-robots/at-alibabas-futuristic-hotel-robots-deliver-towels-and-mix-cocktails-idUSKCN1PG21W China rolls out robotic hotel staff.
  10. Thanks DB, and yeah, keep up the good work Edit. I started my company as a startup in the same circle on Oahu as that dude I think! Might've seen him at the coworking spaces and tech meetups I used to go to.
  11. Broken metacarpals or ultracarpals or whatever are getting better in the wrist, thankfully. Had the birthday today (thanks for the well wishes), where GR and the minibots all took a staycay to the lava-cliffs (cold lava) down at the end of our street. They flopped around in the tide pools and played with the reef fishes, urchins, and other families chilling out there, as you do on the Big Island on the 3 day weekend. Gov shutdown is proving to be a real hazard for some friends who work in the public sector, one of them is having to ration out their insulin and actually turned the pump off overnight, risking fatal ketoacidosis, but it's a choice between that and going to the hospital and being bankrupted by 500 dollar insulin and 300 dollar tylenol, losing your house, fun stuff like that. (Also, that's not limited to government shutdown, that's a daily occurrence of people literally dying from lack of insulin and basic healthcare in the US, just slightly more cyberpunk dystopia quotient when 800,000 people suddenly have income vaporized). One of the guys trains IT workers and has a bit of savings to weather the storm, but he's had several of the employees he's training quit or have to leave because they can't afford to continue forced work for $0 an hour indefinitely. Some of the new future workforce he'd been working with for half a year, just couldn't take it anymore, and that was pretty demoralizing to witness. Also sucks for us specifically cause we're on medicare, foodstamps, etc. and if I ended up making 80 grand we'd actually be even poorer after the $28,000 in health care $12,000 in food and $40,000 in rent* we'd be paying for, along with most of the country, so it's going to be challenging going forward. But that's why we've been planting lots of native kalo plants, jabuticaba and avocados, etc. across the property, as a backup plan. Also good friends with folks who own a 30 acre ranch, make their own beef, and I was just talking to the guy about Korean regenerative agriculture that is net carbon-negative which was pretty interesting. Using some Chinese industrial ag drones to spray insecticide for tiny Tahitian fire ants and stuff. In good news, I've been digital painting a lot more this week, needing to get a new game out this year cause money is getting shorter, despite Neofeud still selling (mostly during Steam sales). Been spending a lot of time over the past year and so on promotion of the flagship Silver Spook Game NF, but needing to get more product out the door to stay afloat so I don't have to go deal meth like all my fellow Hawaiians from my home-ghetto, or join the military industrial stormtroopers and murder innocent people across the world to be permitted existence. So this year I'm trying to reorient and focus on getting the Fortnite Killer E3 showstopper another indie cult classic/hopefully gem out of the Windows 98-running laptop using Photoshop CS3 out the door and onto Steam (and Epic store, Itch, wherever else). In other good news, still getting to spend as much time as I want with the minibots and GR here, which is great, cause all humans and the most of the biosphere will be extinct soon, so it's good to get those quality moments in before Earth becomes a toxic shithole littered with human skulls, billionaire escape-rocket pock-marks, and laughed at from space by sentient tardigrades. Our water pipes broke again and I had to go duct tape some electric-chainsawed pieces of an Ikea couch up to hold the PVC catchment in place. My wrist is still fucked up so GR helped out with that so I wouldn't fuck it up more and possibly be bankrupted at a hospital if some bullshit fell through with our adminstrivia, and had to shell out the -200 dollars we have for that $500 X-Ray. Just had a talk with my dad also. They're worried that the Catholic neofeudal lords (major property owners=ultrarich in Hawaii) shield against the reality will be falling through soon. Because we have a relative high up in the Holy Roman Empire, they get basically 1/3 the market rent ($1800 for 1 bedroom) by having suction with the church. But real estate people are eyeing the former-seminary-turned retreat center hungrily, salivating at the dying / retiring nuns, ready to convert the whole place into million-per-square-foot empty condos for the rich to store money in, and make more homeless people. All the teaching jobs are being obliterated and the ones that exist are peanuts-adjunct professor or perma-temp bullshit that pays enough to live in a literal van (people are renting illegally parked vans at public parks, Wal Mart lots on Oahu as 'housing'). Most of the private schools and Catholic schools like my parents teach at have been decimated with -50% enrollment rates, several already closed, cause no one can afford them. The Catholic schools that used to have a mission, leveling the playing field with education for poor inner city kids are gone. Or joined the Harvard-feeder top 1%er private schools that continue to exist basically catering to Jeff Bezos children, like Obama's Alma Mater, Punahou. $100,000 a year from 50 parents (+ generous alumni donations) instead of $10,000 a year from 500 parents. Like Amazon campus New York will destroy New York's remaining fire, hospital, and other public services, Cleveland Clinic Campus decreases life expectancies beyond glimmering glass-palace walls, Facebook Campus causes mass-heroin-ODs in San Fran, and attempted Google Campus Berlin would've decimated Berlin but for the people's resistance. Oh and if you went to a public school, like the one I taught at while I was a STEM teacher and social worker, you were already fucked cause they underfund the shit out of them, intentionally don't teach anything except how to sing and dance and launder Sheraton bedsheets and accept slave pay for hotel slavedrivers. Those public schools are still short like 700 teachers, year over year, cause who wants to be paid enough to be homeless, like I was, while working full time, right? That's just crazy.. Yeah dad and mom are going to be seventy soon, mom is still working, and dad had to come out of retirement to try to find good paying jobs that don't exist, so that's really cool that at least the elderly have a good deal here. Another good thing, Terminus Cyberstar (Deus Ex-style immersive sim cyberpunk game I'm content director of) still may come out, though I'm putting that on the rear flange of the back burners for now, as I'm just the designer and can't control the rate of actual development, and the producer dude with the in with Warren Spector and shit is focusing on some other lucrative FPS projects ATM. I get it though, he's got to make that $80,000 to support his family. Or make that $30,000 poverty-line and functionally have more $$$ on IV drip of benefits, till they disappear. People playing Terminus Machina and showing up in the streams keep asking me also, "Are you an oracle or something? Why is all this dystopic horrible shit in TM and Neofeud and stuff coming true IRL?" And I keep saying my work isn't really sci-fi, it's just stylized journalism. Cause journalism, telling the truth, doesn't exist anymore, unless you want to duct tape your glasses, run Windows 98 and beg for insulin on go-fund-me like the ex YT guys who do actual reporting. NF and Terminus are just literally what is happening, to me and everyone else, minus the bullshit and instagram-tulpa lives people manufacture to appear having it made, to score influencer deals when most of the country is functionally in poverty, and faking it to you not-making-it-dying-from-opioids / drug violence. In other good news, the Unite Here hotel workers strike went through in Waikiki and though they're still working 2 jobs while being functionally homeless on Oahu, at least it's better than 3 jobs. There are more strikes planned, and I'm looking into Earth Strike, Extinction Rebellion, and still trying to get as many of my fellow programmers and tech workers to stop working for surveillance capitalists and making terminators to defend Jeff Bezos' escape launchpad from poor people, and Mark Zuckerberg's New Zealand fortified bunkers from starving unemployed doctors. GR has already made a very nice yellow vest, and I'm going to be looking into doing one myself. I'd like at some point to get up to the top of our sacred mountain, Mauna Kea, where they're going to try to put a 2 billion dollar megaproject again and toxify the water supply that the minibots, GR and I drink** from the runoff from that, without doing any clean up. The protests up there will be starting up soon when the Empire regroups and gets some better, more complicit leg breaker cops (most currently are Hawaiian themself). My sister was there and chanted in our native language during the first round of arrests. This will likely come back as another point of contention, like the other fossil fuel pipelines being forced down the throats of indigenous people in the US Canada, etc.. *Actually, we'd have $0 disposable income, wouldn't we? Lol! American Dreamin' and shit! **there's another corporation currently dumping copper, lead, and other heavy metals into the rivers that feed our water supply, masking themselves with a shell company sporting a Hawaiian name, already going behind the regulatory agencies back, and I'm sure they're trying really hard to pull a Flint and install some sycophant puppet so they can poison us for money like in 3000 communities across the US as well as Michigan.
  12. Broke my hand recently pickaxing into lava to plant a field of Hawaiian land taro (what they make poi and lau lau from). One hand typing and mousing sucks, but at least we'll have food when the gov shutdown bullshit halts the canned good shipments out here. This elevates the difficulty level of internetting and gamedev to "expert", but also increases appreciation for the use of one's appendages. Got a comfrey poultice wrap around, thanks again, garden.
  13. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch was like playing an early 80's British prestige-cinema director's rendition of a point-and-click adventure game, produced with Twine, and 2018 Netflix-grade production value. (Also makes my favorite point that corporate game production makes for shitty games outside of e-sports action bullshit, compared to small indie teams.)
  14. Very cool! Nice performance there. Man i miss going to open mics and playing shows and stuff sometimes! Neofeud is super cheap right now, tell all your cyberpunk special someones who may be interested in it https://store.steampowered.com/app/673850/Neofeud/
  15. Movie of the year right here. Also, Upgrade had some interesting ideas. Along the scale and similar creative energy to Hotel Artemis. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6499752/
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