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  1. PHX is hot, yo. If this job could magically teleport to Seattle, that'd be so cool. I still really hope I can get it! And, I'm uncharactristically optimistic about my chances! ❤️ IDK.
  2. This past Sunday! Only here for 4 weeks. Unless they wanna hire me! They're not paying me for the 4 week eval But, they are funding hotel + airfare + providing meals But, they can sometimes be ploddingly slow about reimbursing my expenses, so I'm always semi-worried they'll leave me homeless on the streets of Phoenix for half a week 😮 (No, I won't really be hotel-less for half a week: it's being mediated by that Danish employment agency that does targetted hiring of autistics, lol. But, I'd be really embarrassed to ask for even more money, TBH) (so, I am still being a tight-wad while here). I don't think we have anyone in PHX, but if any of y'all *do* happen to know anyone who could house me for the last two weeks (Oct 26 to Nov 8th) cheaper than a hotel, feel free to network us together
  3. this is a month-long "interview". I am not getting paid, but am getting hotel, food, airfare paid for. It's another one of those things where they try to hire autistics
  4. I'm not an accountant (of course), but they seem to have a "kitchen sink business model" that employs plenty of computer nerds, too
  5. Yeah. With one of the Big Four. (Um. IDK how much I wanna put up on a google-able profile, even pseudonymously, lol)
  6. also: only the 2nd night in PHX, and I'm already homesick for my family's cat
  7. How does one explain cats? ❤️
  8. Phoenix is hot. I got a hotel in a ghetto-y area in Mesa. Stray cats everywhere. Which are very cute, but also make me a bit sad, because stray kitties tend to live hard lives. IDK if it's a metroplex wide problem (lack of TNR or whatever), or just that the poor area tends to have a lot of strays.
  9. oh, man like I said, I don't actually follow that closely 😮
  10. (by "shootings" I mean with guns, not needles (albeit there is a lot more "shooting up with needles" too )
  11. The local sheriff agency here in Snohomish County actually seems, IDK... as bleeding heart as you can get from a US police agency. I mean that as a compliment, FWIW. There is a sheriff's election coming up this year, and the guy challenging the incumbent sorta seem all, like, Sheriff Arpaio-sorta tough dude. Ugh. I *will* say I sorta get why the electorate might want this: I almost never saw discarded needles, or shootings, even like a decade ago. Now, that sort of shit is ubiquitous. That said, I really don't want this to become Maricopa County of the PNW. Everett proper is even suing the pharma for the opioid shit:
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