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  1. Twitter's userbase is fuckign insufferable;e
  2. hey, @Garage_Rubin observe this Do you still buy that I am a good person?
  3. Arkan blocked me awhile back. Wait for the rest of you fuckers to follow suite.
  4. "Star Wars" is actually a very mediocre franchise, and Yoda is a garbage little goblin whose ideology seems like it was cooked up by, like, some middle school kid
  5. anyway, fuck, I my retarded offspring would be so SOL, fuck
  6. ladies and gentlemena to avoid passing on my genome I'm gonna refrain form PIV sex, so if any of y'all wanted me to hammer your pussy, I'm afraid not It's either sodomy or celibracy
  7. "qwhen I grow up, I'ma coyote fodder"
  8. What fucking use? To what end? Is me remaining as a minded being? I sure as fuck am not happy with it
  9. I keep forgetting I can afford a handgun, now. FUck.
  10. How is this tweet not more popular? FUck all of you
  11. Go ahead. Go tell me to meditate.
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