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  1. My depression's been pretty persistent. I've basically been this way for 2+ decades now. I really don't know what to do. I always want to just shoot myself, but I can never muster the courage.
  2. Not just Rydell in particular, but the Bridge had all these scenes, like the (IIRC) lady in the trailer park who was convinced a handkerchief, blessed by a televangelist, could ward off AIDS. I mean, I can see why you namecheck GTAV I guess (it's like an NPC Trevor would encounter in Blaine County)
  3. I mean, wasn't that basically Berry Rydell's thing? Hah. "Lady, you're crazier than a sackful of assholes"
  4. People like to make a big deal about the explicit artifacts of culture--stuff like cuisine--but I think/wonder if there is a whole bunch of implicit stuff about culture that is much less apparent.
  5. for something completely different, here's Cory Booker with Zuck's dog I get, like, both Zuck and Booker are the sort of (neo)liberal/normie managerial class or whatever, but, goddamn, tell me that photo isn't cute as hell. I cannot fathom this sort of photo, but with Trump.
  6. I get twitter people in the 2020s seem to hate "Friends", for instance, but I remember in my 5th grade class how alien I felt to be like "wat", haha.
  7. I mean, I'm fairly alien to a lot of US cultural preferences, lol
  8. I guess I mean "How the hell do people find him charismatic enough that he fronted a popular national TV show (to say nothing of running for president)?"
  9. when dril tweets gain sentience and run for president
  10. still utterly baffled by Trump's appeal in the first place, which maybe is why I don't have the urge to destroy the US that a lot of my lefty friends have I'm cynical about things? But not nearly sufficiently cynical about the US?
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