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  1. xen0phile

    Show us your...

    I really don't have much sentiment for any of the Bush family, but, oh geez: (GHWB's service dog) (obligatory "we don't deserve dogs") (I get that, on one level, pets have no concept of death, but OTOH they definitely miss people, whether gone temporarily or for eternity. The fact they miss the dead, but have no grasp of the finality of the loss, somehow makes their devotion even more touching)
  2. xen0phile


    Hunter-gatherer societies are more egalitarian, of course, with your median male member committing a few murders. In our modern, unequal, society, we have most members who have never murdered, but then a One Percent of mass murderers like boomer crews, or that one German machine gunner at Omaha Beach.
  3. xen0phile

    Free Couch-Rides

    Do I put too high of standards on my friends? Y'all know how I am so critical of myself? TBH I sorta apply those standards to people in general, which makes me kinda misanthropic.
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  5. xen0phile

    The Work Thread

    tl;dr: I keep being reminded that I am strong, I am resilient, I am hella smart. Which are nice things to think. But, it's fucked up that more vulnerable people have to compete against me for wages, jobs, what-have-you.
  6. xen0phile

    The Work Thread

    It's not that bad. I dunno. But, I'm actually fairly physically strong, I guess. Even though I don't look like a paragon of good health (fatass). Also, physically resilient/actually very good stamina. Fuck, I even have it good, mentally, in certain ways. I perceive myself as whiney and weak, but working these shitty warehouse jobs make me realize I'm maybe above-median (at least) in terms of toughness. See, the thing is, tho, what about, like, the petite 60-year-old lady (and, there are some in the warehouse) who is expected to do the same work as me I still fucking hate these sort of jobs. I applied for a very entry-level tech job at a NOC. I'll see what comes of that.
  7. xen0phile


    ^^^ I don't have it *quite* that bad, being a guy and all
  8. xen0phile


    IN proximity to strangers at the bus stop or wherever, and all I can think is "Oh, shit, please don't talk to me"
  9. xen0phile


    if you can't stand the thought of your kids dying, don't have kids
  10. xen0phile


    part of the reason I decided not to become a scientist:
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  12. xen0phile

    The Work Thread

    oh, from AMZN
  13. xen0phile

    The Work Thread

  14. xen0phile

    The Work Thread

    Amazon Logistics warehouse. There are two managers on my shift, and a set of "ambassadors". Not "supervisors": their title is "ambassador", I guess. Um. I don't have a supervisor. It's a sort of... uhh... swarm style emergent-organization method of management? Except it's more like not-very-controlled chaos when the individual actors are, let's be honest, underclass people just trying to make ends meet. "let's hire scores of new people for the warehouse and not bother with any formal intermediary supervisors between them about the managers" --Amazon Logistics Flat-hierarchy workspaces are mostly BS because most people are at work for extrinsic purposes (i.e. they need money, not because they enjoy work).
  15. xen0phile


    real fucked up when I consider the idea tthat I'm actually one of the less stupid, lazy, and fucked-up members of humanity: if I'm actually doing well for a human, WTF chance does the median human have?