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  1. Vonnegut had some line about cig smoking being "slow motion suicide". I've not smoked anything in a few years (and have only smoked tobacco a few times in my life: basically only when friends have mixed with MJ into a spliff, haha), but that sorta describes me overeating It's hard to care about a heart attack at 50 when I can barely make it through the day at 34
  2. I've started toi use the phrase "Mickey Mouse shit" or "Mickey Mouse bullshit" a la DI Hartman and Eric Andre. For bullshit I encounter. I fucking hate the dIsney rat so much
  3. ^^^ this is why Miyazaki hagiography pisses me off so much
  4. There were no other societies with slavery on that scale before capitalism, tho? Like, IDK, the Spartans, maybe?
  5. (just reading the headline) IDK man. Like, slavery was a thing before, and besides, capitalism. Hell, Chief Seattle had slaves.
  6. I can't even remember the plot that well, TBH Just loved that scene so much, tho, haha 🌲
  7. I know it's popular to dunk on Tarantino these days (and, I don't necessarily disagree), but the intro scene to "Jackie Brown", watched (as I did) stoned out of your gourd, is absolutely gorgeous. (The long hallway in the airport, and then Pam Grier appears: "She is the most beautiful woman ever" ran through my mind )
  8. my point with number 2 is, IDK... *I* could doing okay, probably, in a grim meathook 19th Century sorta labor environment (or, 21st Century for places like a FoxConn factory). But, damn, plenty of people could not/can not, and that's just too cruel.
  9. I keep thinking I suck/am incompetent--and, indeed, there are plenty of jobs I am, at the neurological level, incapable (911 dispatcher, cashier, etc)--but, then I pull this shit like having the fastest stow rate, and every day at work all the supervisors seem delighted by my work (I think they really are, and not just being encouraging), etc. And, always, there are the two thoughts of: 1. how the fuck did I, with my ability, end up in such a stupid fucking job 2. oh, god, if I--an above-average worker in many ways--usually feel like I'm *barely hanging on* at work, what the fuck are these poor normies feeling
  10. 34, never really been in a relationship. IDK. It actually doesn't bother me that much? There are other things in my life I am *so* much more disappointed with myself over than being an adult virgin. (like, being 34 and having a net worth of -$50K )
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