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  1. Fans of progressive rock might want to make sure that they reserve a copy of issue 98 of "Prog" magazine, out on May 3rd. For, like, reasons.
  2. Switched over to a Lexus hybrid this week. 60 mpg, up from the 44 mpg I was getting with the last car. All the bells and whistles. And because it's a 2015 model, road tax is £0.00.
  3. After completely rewriting the lyrics I'm kinda pleased with this. https://headfirstonly.bandcamp.com/track/off-the-edge
  4. I missed Incredibles 2 when it hit the cinemas, but now it's gained a digital release, I watched it last night. Spotted the villain almost immediately, but it was a fun watch. The sequence with Jack-Jack and a garden interloper was by far the highlight: Tex Avery levels of comedic mayhem. As if Brad Bird had looked at Scrat's appearances in the Ice Age movies and decided to show how they ought to have been done. Plus Isabella Rossellini!
  5. Warner Bros have brought out a new release of 2001: A Space Odyssey, mastered from the original 65mm negative and scanned in 4K and this time they *didn't* throw lots of sharpening, colour grading and other post-processing at it. The result is spectacularly good - it's the film as I remember seeing it in my childhood. You can no longer see the brush marks on the front projection screen that were present in just about every shot in the "The Dawn Of Man" sequence in the earlier release. The film positively *glows* with the numinous. There are no new extras, but you get all the special features from earlier discs.
  6. Whoa, those have been massively embiggened! The preview had them actual size and side by side, which was my intent. Is there any way to stop the OTT enlargement here?
  7. Thanks for the kind words, folks. I seem to have settled on a robots theme in the last few days...
  8. I'm doing Inktober for the first time. The challenge is to create one ink drawing every day for the month of October and post the results on social media. My efforts are appearing on Twitter (where I'm @headfirstonly). This is my favourite so far.
  9. I've successfully completed the "fifty songs in ninety days" challenge for the sixth year running - in fact my song tally is currently 53. You can stream all of the many and varied compositions I've created this summer from the Fifty/Ninety site: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/user/headfirstonly If you've ever thought about creating a song, even if you only write lyrics, I can't recommend Fifty/Ninety and its sister event FAWM (which runs each February) too highly. FAWMers are highly supportive people and taking part is huge fun.
  10. Heard from friends this morning that Manilla Road's Mark "The Shark" Shelton was taken ill after last night's gig and has died. Sad news.
  11. Late to the party as always, but finally got to see John Wick. Utterly preposterous. Enjoyed it a lot.
  12. Chris H


    Gil, try Comixology; they're carrying the whole series and the reader is pretty good.
  13. Currently 100 pages in to "Seven Surrenders" - the sequel to Ada Palmer's "Too Like The Lightning". Densely plotted, occasionally very odd, but lighter on the distinctions between languages in the first book. Still no wiser about how the engine driving the plot's Macguffin might work, but not really bothered by that at all. Just enjoying the ride. Blew through Paul Cornell's latest Lychford novella in one sitting last night. Interesting developments with the three main characters, and bubble universes get invoked. Fun. I remain three chapters in to Alan Moore's "Jerusalem" because I'm scared to go any further; it's a book that needs to be read properly, otherwise I'm worried I might miss something important. I was chatting to a friend (who knows Alan) last week and said I think it's this decade's Infinite Jest. The only way I'm going to do it justice is to just take a week off work and lock myself away with it somewhere. That'll be Christmas, then. In non fiction, I heartily recommend Adam Rutherford's "A Brief History of Everyone who Ever Lived." Genetics and genomics applied to human history complete with Blade Runner quotes, references to the Princess Bride and an explanation of why, if you're a caucasian of European descent, you are without doubt related to the Emperor Charlemagne.
  14. Enjoyed BR2049, even if the plot had holes you could fly a Spinner through and I was thrown out of the movie by a bunch of weird fanservice nods to the original, one involving the wrong eye colour which actually plays to a goof in the original movie, and one which uses a physical prop of the wrong vehicle for Deckard's car... Worth seeing just for the tracking aerial shot over the solar furnaces. Beautiful, just beautiful.
  15. Vaguely Floydian noodling with the Mooer "Ocean Machine". Rather restful; I could literally do this for hours...
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