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  1. I've seen reviews along the lines of this article going around: https://www.themarysue.com/racism-vs-representation-the-missteps-of-naomi-noviks-a-deadly-education/ So there are definitely corners of the internet responding, how much of it is a bubble I don't know.
  2. Funny how it goes, I saw authors raving about Deadly Education on the run up to publication, then saw the reviews saying it was racist as fuck, and all the other diverse characters were cardboard thin and only there to support the main white characters. So, um, yeah. Be interesting to see how that plays out long term. I went a week with barely reading anything, probably shorts, and comics, then read a load last weekend, and more shorts and comics since. The Black God's Drums - P Djeli Clark - This was the debut novella by Clark, I read his 2nd one 1st, the one with the
  3. Rules keep morphing here, at moment pretty much not allowed to have anyone in anyone elses's home, with £1000 fine per person if rules broken. Can meet one other household in bar/restaurant, can't car share. So social stuff is difficult. Caught up with friends for coffee/dinner on Sunday. Which remains odd, and mixed feelings about it, but... Dad's birthday today. As I say, I have mixed feelings, but folks have been going out for lunch a couple of times a week. Partly it is a mental health thing. A difficult balance, between safety and breaking. So I took day off work, too par
  4. Of course, one of the problems I have at moment is: what happened today? I got up. Ate breakfast at desk. Worked. Had lunch. Worked. Ate dinner. Read. Went to bed. Same as yesterday. Same as tomorrow. Some days are tough. Some days I sleep badly. Some days are fine. The days are much of a muchness.
  5. today is a bank holiday in scotland. fairly localised and limited. it is raining and there isn't a lot to do. it is weird, ending up sitting in same space i work in, not working. my car has been largely off road since the lockdown. managed to get it moving. but the inaction hasn't helped. got tyre problems, battery now flat. think i may be drifting towards selling it and not buying something for a while. what is point of car that is going to sit there, when we can't go anywhere? essential for getting to work, only way i can get to work, but until then, kinda stuck.
  6. as you say, twitter is hell. it is easy, you get sucked in, there is some cool stuff, but then there are the days of the doom scroll, wishing it would end. certainly during current events i have taken a couple of social media, primarily twitter breaks, even went off for three weeks. which was actually great. at moment, i am making a more concentrated effort to read more, as part of spending less time online, of engaging with something palpable rather than so ephemeral. i am on one other forum at the moment. it is a closed, limited group, glasgow based, for the purposes of running
  7. As per the poll, I still check the board most days. I don't necessarily read much, and have to admit that the reading thread is my main baseline. I am conscious, particularly with this, and the discussion over last few days on twitter, that perhaps we all need to make effort to make use of the tools we have to avoid the tools we disdain. Introvert, who doesn't especially like talking about myself. Scottish. Degree in engineering, post-grad in IT. Ended up back in engineering after stint in IT, been there since. Coming up for 10 years in current job, which is longest I've been in a
  8. Darrows art is always great, but as you suggest, his writing is a a little...sparse. I read one of the Shaolin Cowboy books, it was OK, but frustrated me with that spareseness. Been reading a lot of comics over the last few months. Sometimes between work and the world burning it is the level my brain can cope with. This weekend I am re-reading the Aaron/Bachalo run on Dr. Strange, which redefines magic, kills magic, and goes strange places - it is a lot of fun. Also read Doom Patrol: Weight of the World and Shade the Changing Woman - which appear to be supplementary volumes from th
  9. I've always enjoyed Tim's shorts, though that is one of the problems with that collection, it is incredibly short, and I suspect maybe 2 our of the 3 stories have appeared elsewhere. But yeah, I agree, he'll need to go some for me to bother with his next novel. I'm sort of curious about Repo. On some level I deeply disliked his previous work. But this one sounds like it *should* be my cup of tea... I've only read Kowal shorts, I've enjoyed the ones set in that world. Probably said before, I have the 1st two on my kindle, but not read yet. I did see Afterland
  10. Hurricane Season - Fernanda Merchor - This one should probably come with a content warning. It starts with murder of The Witch, who is probably a trans woman. The book is a series of stories or statements by people in a small Mexican town. While these can be rambling and self-involved, they come around to the point, how they know the man, and providing a part of the jigsaw that makes it clear who killed The Witch. With that the book is more about The Man than The Witch, and I'm not sure any of the reports are from reliable narrators, each coming from their own vested interests. This is a hard
  11. Harrow The Ninth - Tamsyn Muir - book 2 in The Ninth trilogy. This is not a stand alone book, I think you really need to have read Gideon to know just how disconcerting Harrow is. Harrow is an unreliable novel, everything happens and apparently makes sense, but as a reader you know of the wrong. I'm going to be careful, try and avoid spoilers as much as possible. Harrow is clearly different from Gideon, the ending of Gideon will have ensured that isn't a surprise. Though, with that Muir manages to recreate a number of the elements that defined Gideon - much of it happening in the one location
  12. his shorts tend to be decent, i've read most of them over the years and enjoyed them a lot. not sure of specific contents of ghost hardware, my impression is it is maybe 2 reprints and 1 new, or maybe just 1 reprint and 2 new. certainly read parts of it. i think the novel suffers from plot holes, and too many tangents of "this is fucked up, man!" and way too much important shit happens off page.
  13. Fen - it was my literary side showing, and I think in someways it is supposed to make you uncomfortable, but so it goes. Infinite Detail - As I'm sure I said at the time I was so disappointed by it, I had so many issues with it and it should have been good. Yoon Ha Lee - I so need to catch up, I have the sequels to Ninefox Gambit sitting, but it definitely wasn't as much fun as Memory Called Empire. Scalzi - I've still never read any of his work, I have a couple in my to be read pile, I really should get round to giving him a go!
  14. Ormeshadow - Priya Sharma - A tor novella. The story starts with Gideon, a pre-teen, leaving Bath by carriage to go back to his father's farm. A man of books it is revealed there has been some suggestion of a scandal, though, this is vague. The farm is half owned by Gideon's father and his uncle, and he needs to learn to make a living in a hard country life after the big city. For the most part the action is mundane, odd suggestions of tension, scandal, conflict. Though it feels a little back burner to make any of that stand out. Orme is apparently the old English for "dragon", and Gideon deli
  15. Not For Use In Navigation (Thirteen Stories) - Iona Datt Sharma - Read this just after the collection Fen, and like Fen I essentially read this in a day. I loved both collections a lot and very much recommend. Though, this is a very different collection from Fen. More genre, in terms of science fiction and magic systems. There is a colony planet that has to accept that a sewerage system is necessary, a tarot reader who meets death, a series of space emperor stories based on tales of Indian emperor, which are particularly full of wit and warmth, and the salt magic stories, which are particularl
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