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    Tour dates!

    Brutal schedule! https://williamgibsonbooks.com/appearances/
  2. db


    Cool, hope it goes well!
  3. db


    So this is another job interview, Xeno?
  4. Weirdly, you look much less psycho with the facial hair ❤️ (and I mean that in a good way, you know I love you)
  5. db


    We just watched Chernobyl (3rd time for me, 1st for him) and damn but if that ain't the ne plus ultra of bleak.
  6. I love how she has that delay pedal!
  7. db


    Wait should I stop using Chrome? I use Chrome and firefox because some things don't work as well on firefox.
  8. Pigkilla and I played last weekend in Joshua Tree. I've uploaded the two new songs I did to my UXdB soundcloud (I also have a bittersweetdb soundcloud)
  9. Same day flights would be easiest but check for hotels near your interview on booking.com. When we were there in May, the Club Quarters hotel had an OK rate available. Or if you stay overnight and fly home next morning, an airport hotel might be a good deal for you. Good luck!
  10. "Serial monogamist" is what they call Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral, LOL It's the cheating on the current woman with the next woman part that bothers me. I mean if I had been the previous gf who is now late 30s and never had the family she really wanted to have because she fell in love with the wrong guy, that wouldn't be my biggest problem, probably! But luckily I'm not. And a woman who goes with an attached guy is just asking for her own future humiliation, and being part of someone's cheating is a Bad Thing in my book. I don't know. It's all very sad, to me.
  11. A guy I’ve known since 2003 got married. I was friends with his super fun gf in 2003 and then he broke up with her a couple years later to be w his new gf in another country. I was friends with the other-country gf bc I didn’t grasp the timing right away. But a very nice girl! they were together for more than 5 years, maybe even 10 years? and she really wanted to marry and have babies and he really didn’t. Predictably, he ditched her when he found a new gf (from yet another country) a year or two ago, and left her utterly devastated. This time the timing was evident, and ugly. So I can’t help but wonder when he’ll find his next gf, because evidence of my eyes over the past 16 years is that he will cheat on her with the next cool woman he finds on a Radiohead message board. (And we’re so intertwined socially I can only talk about it frankly here. He’s a “nice guy” but the absolute worst boyfriend ever.)
  12. Some pics Louis posted from France
  13. db


    New Locus mag has an interview.
  14. db


    UK cover!
  15. That's garbage and if everyone thought that way it would cost $100 for an apple. The retailer isn't going to cut their share, the shareholders must be paid, the insurer must be paid, and the supplier must be paid. The only person who loses in that scenario is the regular honest customer, who has to carry the shrinkage costs. Do I think that petty thieves at groceries should go to jail for 10 years for trying to feed their families? No. I think the place of the government is to make sure that every citizen/resident has the means to feed themselves such that they don't need to steal anything.
  16. db


    Ian, that would have been fine if it said "asshole"
  17. I'm not 100% clear...your current place is being auctioned, and you've found another place to buy? or you've made an offer on the place and hope the bank accepts it (which you rate as 10% chance)? My paws are crossed, in any case!
  18. Cool! I made a hotel reservation in town so I could spend more time sleeping Now I just have to make enough money to justify spending it
  19. Hey Edit, is the conference at the Hilton again next year?
  20. My dad used to rent Durangos often when traveling, and he was pretty happy with them. Drive it in good health!
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