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  1. They spelled Volkswagen wrong. Did they gather all those cars in a parking lot around here? all the white vehicles (less heat gain in sunny weather) can be dizzying sometimes.
  2. We're watching the Amazon Jack Ryan show. Wendell Pierce is in it, so worth watching (lots of other good actors, too). Good production values. Some hmmm moments, though: a US military facility in Yemen that doesn't appear to have a contingency plan for what to do when a car bomb attempts to drive through the gate, and ends up with a bunch of Marines running around like chickens with no heads. I'm reasonably confident that any base in hostile territory has drilled the shit out of that kind of scenario. There's some other derpy shit, but it's not terrible.
  3. Rayburn Office Building (US Congress Representatives) Hart Office Building (US Congress Senators)
  4. db


    OMG is that photoshopped shade or is that how the painting is?
  5. db


    Wet rooms are pretty common in lots of places. I mean even on House Hunters International they have a fair number of them. Just a drain in the middle of the floor so the water will drain, and meanwhile you don't have to enclose your shower, which really limits the use of space. It does require a certain amount of discipline and care, I suppose, not to get your towel wet or whatever, but I suppose if your toilet should overflow, you don't risk flooding your entire house with shitty water, either.
  6. Douglas Coupland's Option Paralysis. Sometimes I just don't buy anything when faced with too many choices. I also will go out of my way to avoid talking on the phone. We're all just the Land of Misfit Toys over here ๐Ÿ˜›
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    You can play it on your now computer too! https://www.myabandonware.com/game/neuromancer-pt
  8. Me too! Managed to finish Heathern--I'd started a couple of times and never got far enough to get situated, but obv our friend Jack Womack can write. Now I have to figure out the chronological next one.
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    Please don't break the board!
  10. New Orleans Gulf Shores (actually Orange Beach)
  11. just paste the link in, and hit enter, and post. It automagically embeds!
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  13. Likewise! super happy to meet another Wigber ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  14. I have to say it was kind of crap but I do dig Mads with a pirate patch.
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    Show us your...

    OMG we got another kitten. Sidney Daredevil Crosby.
  16. Ugh, TM, fingers crossed for you and the fam. Edit: great!
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    I just remember trying to get a 20-year on my first condo, and the best they would do was 10-year fixed or ARM. I went with an ARM and it was fine. If you go with a broker, you can get private mortgages with different kinds of terms, but the big banks donโ€™t go past 10-years. Canadians donโ€™t tend to use their houses as an ATM, though.
  18. db


    In Canada you don't tend to get a 30-year mortgage! 5 or 10 is typical, then you refinance what's left at the end of that. They just don't offer them.
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