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  1. Arizona and Texas and Alabama are all getting screwed and hard by their GOP masters. Also Florida.
  2. db

    Show us your...

    He is just CRAZY cute!
  3. db


    Oh! I did not realize! Thank you for sharing. I am so very glad to have met him, what a lovely man he was. I hope Beryl is doing OK 😢
  4. db

    Show us your...

    omg is it yours? so cute!
  5. db

    Show us your...

    Glad to see you, Psychophant! Hope your family are all well, Spain has been having a pretty scary time of it. ❤️
  6. db


    😹 We hit 80F today and it was really nice.
  7. For an Immigration Policy class I'm taking: America for Americans: A History of Xenophobia in the United States by Erika Lee Border Wars: Inside Trump's Assault on Immigration by Julie Hirschfeld Davis Pretty depressing shit, as you might surmise.
  8. db


    There are some good steaks out there; I used to eat filet mignon most of the time because it comes in small portions and sometimes wrapped in bacon (tournedos) which I like. But nowadays when I go to the trouble of having a steak in a restaurant it's usually a ribeye or a NY Strip if it's a good place for steak. But I mean trim, aging, and cooking count for a lot with steak. So I don't tend to eat it unless I'm somewhere I trust the kitchen. I'm sorry you were disappointed but it's probably just as well, given how horrible it is for the planet.
  9. Are they paying everyone?
  10. The Trump conspiracy theorists are all saying it was a Chinese plot, so fair is fair I guess.
  11. If you have the budget for a cheap new car, think about getting your *used* car through a dealer (Subaru or Toyota e.g.). Since you are not a gearhead, it will give you a little peace of mind that it’s in good shape maybe? also potentially recourse if it’s a lemon. May be able to get reasonable financing also. Re Fiat 500s: I wanted one, too, because KEWT but research led me to decide it wasn’t a good long-term option and prob not worth buying used. Chevy Sparks are cute af and cheap on gas. Strongly suggest a hybrid if you can find/afford one at the sweet spot wrt battery life (research this!) as gas will only ever get more expensive.
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