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  2. db

    So what happened to YOU today?

    Oh no, Gil, hope you're better soon ❤️ We had a very nice French meal in a restaurant because Pigkilla didn't want to do the dishes after a big holiday hoo-rah. We had invites to a couple of potluck orphans' Thanksgivings, but we enjoyed our night out a lot.
  3. db

    what are YOU lookin' at?

    People used to smoke, a lot. In the 1950s I don't think it had become a class marker the way it would, so having all sorts of people smoking is pretty normal. My Gram used to smoke like a chimney (all my grandparents did, in fact). It was a thing one did (although ladies did not smoke outside, walking down the street, she told me). Although come to think of it my USian grandparents did not smoke, and they were a bit snooty...my (step)dad's aunt did though. It may have been more prevalent in the UK/Canada than the US? I don't know. She used to relish sitting down with a cup of tea and a cigarette. My other Grandma was a cup of coffee and a cigarette, lol. They're all dead now, although nothing to do with lung cancer, surprisingly enough.
  4. db

    So what happened to YOU today?

    Saw that on facebook she's quite the cutie! GR, great work with the makeup on your Minibots!!
  5. db

    what are YOU lookin' at?

    I know it won a bunch of Emmys but jesus murphy you can't watch a show on Prime without getting beaten about the head with ads for it so I have an unreasonable aversion to watching it.
  6. db


    Oceans 8 was kind of neat but slow and kind of pragmatic (which is appropriate! but it lacked effervescence (or maybe it's just that it lacked Clooney, who kind of puts the bubbles in my Champagne)).
  7. db


    Also, you've had quite a few jobs since we've known you...not at the beginning, but you've held down a few for a while, so don't forget that
  8. db

    WGB Cooking School (with images)

    Black beans and rice, start with a little oil and an onion, season with Sazon Goya (just pick a flavor), add a can or two of drained and rinsed beans, simmer for a while. You can add more spices and things as you like. Sometime I'll put corn in, too, or some sausage or chicken (if you do that, cook the meat first), and it's good on rice with a little salsa for texture and bright flavor.
  9. db

    Show us your...

    The volume of drool boggles my mind
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    You mean this topic? It was only on page 2! lol
  12. db

    Creative Endeavors

    Never knew you were so talented in graphic things, Chris. I enjoy seeing these on twitter every day
  13. db


    At the point where wellbeing on other levels is endangered (i.e., when you lose your job/can't make rent/buy groceries). It's tricky.