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  1. I do mind someone going out of their way to insult me on a website that I run. It doesn’t make me cry or anything, but I sure don’t give much of a damn anymore. 🤷‍♀️
  2. So I'm trying to understand if you're just trying to be as obnoxious as possible to provoke us to do this so....what? So you can beat your breast and cry about how terrible everyone is? Or is it supposed to justify you to do something awful? You were stupidly offensive to Arkan and he decided he didn't have time for that. So now he's a fucker? Also trying to work out why you give a flying fuck what we "fuckers" "dipshits" etc. think about you or anything. People on this board and especially on the old board have done *nothing* to you but try to be friends and help you out and you're so fucking miserable you snarl at us for being stupid enough to try. Whatever.
  3. That's great to hear, Boog! Congratulations for working for a company that can respect and reward good work, they're few and far between. Xeno, can you borrow one of the family cars in the meantime so you can save up a bit of cash while you try out the new job?
  4. I feel your pain, and raise you: https://twitter.com/chloemmx/status/1104013214013116417https://twitter.com/chloemmx/status/1104013214013116417 (At least with men's stuff there's an ostensible strict measure in play. Women's clothes manufacturers have no standard.)
  5. Scott was saying he saw that tour! I saw NIN and Bauhaus at Coachella in 2007, I guess was the tail end of that tour maybe. So long ago!
  6. Congrats Xeno! That's great news! Hope you enjoy it!
  7. Ugh. That is such a pisser. Is it straight $$? or maybe his family needs better health insurance or something. I still am fortunate enough that I don't have to contribute to anyone's misery in order to put food on the table, that I can think of.
  8. Poor one I wish I had some good advice. If you think it would help, you can tell her I think she's pretty cool and I'm glad we got to spend some more time together ❤️
  9. db


    What a cute house!!!
  10. We're watching that, too. I'm a massive Joel Kinnaman fan, so...She's no Saorise Ronan, but she does fine.
  11. Got my notification: oath ceremony will happen April 23 in Los Angeles. I'll finally be able to vote! There will be a party, but unclear exactly when and where.
  12. db


  13. Boog!! so much awesome news!! Really glad to hear it ❤️
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