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    So... Been quite a year for old Boogerhead. After 21 years, I finally paid off my student loan! They'd been garnishing my check for a year, so I have literally nothing in savings but as of January 3rd, I have no debt, either. That's a weird feeling for me. I have a list of folks who have helped me out over the years, and appreciation might take a while, but it is coming. Also, my lease is up at the end of this month. We tried to move out last year due to the idiotically high rent we'd been trapped into paying. (The mom n' pop operation that accepted us sold to a Chinese/Canadian property management company...) Rents were still skyrocketing last year, so we waited it out. This year we found a 2 bedroom house that's over 130 square feet larger and $200 less a month. All this has left me reeling a bit. We move in on April Fool's Day, which if you know me is more than a little appropriate... I am also finishing up my first year in a new role for Nordstrom. I was promoted last April to facilities coordinator, but I am no longer a store employee. The facilities I coordinate are their fashion photography studio, known as "Studio N". I had to get a driver's license for this position, something I haven't possessed since 1994. A year in, and still have a clean driving record... My next goal is a truck... All in all, i seem to have saved my growth for 2019. w00t!
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    There has been a lot going on lately and I haven't time to post some great pics that I recently rediscovered. Some of you might remember this meat from a few years back.
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    Officially have a healthy waist-to-height ratio and body fat percentage. Discovered that from my heaviest/largest non-pregnant point (circa 2015), I've lost about 30 inches from my waist. Pretty proud of myself.
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    Hi everyone. I miss the WGB. I miss being on here (or rather here) every day. I miss Wraith (RIP) and Lester (RIP) and JohnBellham and hurts Charmakarmakat and Lithos and even the Hydra, a bit. I would say I miss the others, but I see you on Twitter and Insta and whatnot. All of you mitigate my overwhelming feeling that we're now past the jackpot tipping point and are now careening down the slope toward Idiocracy. Anyway the internet is terrible pretty much everywhere but here. So thanks. I kind of miss being the anarchocyclist although, Jesus, was that guy ever a mess.
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    Congrats man! Neofeud one year anniversary stream! Neofeud has been out officially on all platforms for over 1 year this month! Thanks everyone who has supported me in the making of this game and my other projects, especially WGBers @db@s.smigiel@xen0phile@Noirjyreand @GreenRobot. I was not getting my hopes up on my one-person weird cyberpunk adventure game, expecting potentially to just have a few hundred sales, so I am blown away by how successful the game has been so far: -1000+ sales -Over 10,000 people wishlisted the game -Rated "Top 25 Cyberpunk Games" by Gamers Decide http://www.gamersdecide.com/pc-game-news/best-cyberpunk-games-pc -Voted "Top 100 Indie Games of 2017" on IndieDB (point and click) https://www.indiedb.com/groups/2017-indie-of-the-year-awards/top100 -Featured on Funhaus, a Rooster Teeth production https://roosterteeth.com/episode/gameplay-2017-neofued -Soundtrack of the Year, AGS forums. https://silverspook.itch.io/neofeud/devlog/28642/neofeud-soundtrack-best-music-w... And the sales and recognition just seem to continue to grow over time rather than peter off, so that is great! Anyway thanks again to all my continued patrons (most are included in that list up there) and of course to William Gibson for coming on the podcast. Now I just need to get Keanu Reeves on there!
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    I've successfully completed the "fifty songs in ninety days" challenge for the sixth year running - in fact my song tally is currently 53. You can stream all of the many and varied compositions I've created this summer from the Fifty/Ninety site: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/user/headfirstonly If you've ever thought about creating a song, even if you only write lyrics, I can't recommend Fifty/Ninety and its sister event FAWM (which runs each February) too highly. FAWMers are highly supportive people and taking part is huge fun.
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    Yesterday, actually, but my afternoon project was using broken closet doors (languishing unused in attic space in the elderly house we live in) and other random bits and pieces to create a more solid division between TM's office space and the Minibots' playspace. It took about 3 hours but I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out used some rope and an extra curtain to finish it, now the kiddos can play without being under TM's feet
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    Picked up a 6-month contract in Redmond. Okay, but not great. $15/hr, full time. It's a livin'
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    Just cut a 130 foot tree hanging over the house that was going to cost $6,000+ for a professional crew, + I didn't crush the house, myself, or anyone, yay! The arborists layed the scaremongering shit on thick too, "Your family is going to die in there within a month if we don't cut it RIGHT NOW! DO YOU WANT THAT ON YOUR CONSCIENCE?!" Two 1/2 in. braided poly rope: $20 4-ton power pull: $40 Handful o' Nails: $10 2x4 from broken-ass porch: $Free-as-fuck 15-in shit e-chainsaw: $50 Saving $5880 and declaring independence from assholes: priceless.
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    All of you who are on FB and Twitter probably already saw this... If not: Meru's music project was released today! It consists of an album (free to download), a music video, website (including easter egg) and a bunch of photos. Check it out: ryakomusic.com Here's the video: It's been a massive creative endeavor alright, for both of us. I did a lot of the programming for the site etc, as well as all the photography. But of course the music is all Meru and that's like 99% of the project! So check it out and feel free to spread the word.
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    Next time there's a Seattle meat, BBQ in Boogs yard.
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    Oh, and also, I haven't had alcohol in 7 years. I think this more than anything contributed to the benevolent tidings 2019 has brought me.
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    Then a good friend came in to town to attend a work thing. https://ncrc.org/conference/ Today I will also be on a radio program today some of you might know. https://thekojonnamdishow.org/shows/2019-03-26/district-of-gentrification-how-washington-d-c-became-the-most-gentrified-city-in-the-u-s On it I will shamelessly take credit for some great work my team and I did.
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    Today is the two-year anniversary of the MinoBot Move. Two years ago today, we packed up our 5-year-old and 2-year-old, two duffel bags, 4 backpacks, and a suitcase with our stuff and boarded a plane from Honolulu to Hilo. We were officially homeless for 7 weeks - first camping out of the back of the Mazda Tribute we bought at the airport (via craigslist), then when that truck suddenly and with great finality DIED we stayed in hotels for a couple nights while finding a replacement vehicle, and then camping out of our right-side-drive Saturn hatchback. When that car decided to be finicky about running we put out a distress signal on a local homeschooling Facebook group and were rescued by two families - one let us stay in their home for 3 days and the other fixed our car. The mechanic's family offered to let us stay with them so we lived in the front room of their home (two adults, 3 teenagers, 2 kids, a baby, 5 cats, a dog, + us). We found a place to live after 3 weeks of that and then we spent a solid month getting the "new" place clean (I have photos that look like they are stills from the show "Hoarders"...) and liveable enough to call it home. Oh, and TM finished Neofeud and released it during this time as well. O.O Two years later I can say I have no regrets at all. Honolulu was slowly draining the life from us - it wasn't living, just existing. With all it's hardships and uncertainty, I'd pick life on the east side of the Big Island, with our seven cats and happy kids, every time.
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    WWhy is my cat so cute?
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    OMG we got another kitten. Sidney Daredevil Crosby.
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    Yes, I was reading the beginning of the thread. Shut up.
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    Not today, but over the weekend Meru and I met up with Vesper, who was visiting Belgium to take part in an Android: Netrunner tournament. We only got to hang out with him briefly but it was great catching up all the same.
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    Oh wow I haven’t added any pics of Cammi Granato! (she’s in the wikipedia, hockey non-fans)
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    Middle school orientation tonight, good times! Big focus on research methods, math, and science. I am more excited than she is, but the little girl is having a blast so far.
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    So I did a thing, where I make sounds and noises, in front of strangers, on a stage. @db shot the video
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    The cake was a hit! I got specific compliments for the filling we brought home ONE piece
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    I have more to say on this topic so buckle up. You know the thing that pisses me off about the idea of someone using "cuck' or "cuckold" just all the time? What pisses me off about that whole community that uses that word with impunity, as an identifier and as an insult? What is it saying about women? That we're just all a faceless same-as-the-next-one mass of female parts and a hate-on for men. That our entire purpose is to sleep with as many "alpha" men as possible, ignoring the rest of the male population, until we need a stable home and then cuckolding whichever "beta" guy we con into being our partner with "alpha" guys. Like what the FUCK. That is not fucking good. That is horrific. And then there's the whole other factor of that community being the internet equivalent of cutting lines in your arms or burning yourself with cigarettes. It's SO fucking toxic. So when I see someone that I have known for so long, like you xen0, using words and phrasings and descriptors that are so common in that community - it worries me. Because I know that you don't think that, for instance, *I* (as a married woman) am out here cuckolding my husband and fleecing him for everything he's got while always being on the lookout for the next guy. But I worry that if you, or anyone, is finding community in those fucking spaces, that because of being surrounded by it... you WILL start to think like that. And that's where the Gilead shit starts. So please. Don't. Use. That. Word. And distance yourself from the spaces where it IS being used and the people who are using it.
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    Four of the six (yes... six) cats we have now. Z-boy is holding Kaha, Stone is the white one, Lightning is the orange and grey one, and the completely-orange guy is Flame. There's also Nokea (who looks very similar to Stone but where Stone is grey, Nokea is gold) and the Momma Cat, Lovely. 😅
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    Got recruited for a job as Communications Director for a State Assembly candidate. Maybe if we can raise enough money I can even get paid! This is a somewhat more ramshackle group (that hasn't caught the eye of a tech fundraiser, alas) than my last campaign, but it's another great cause, that with luck will have a better outcome.
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    Wow. In an utterly bizarre and confusing turn of events, whoever took my bike last friday returned it this morning. I took my trash and recycling out last night for the pick up. THis morning when I went to get the cans back, my bike was leaned up against the fence about ten feet from where it had been taken. No damages, not a scratch. The Mach 1 has a very compact geometry. Couple that with the SPD clip-in pedals and the jacked-up, rebuilt transmission... I figure they had a hard time riding the thing. Whatever. I GOT MY BIKE BACK!!!
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    Over in the "Write Something Now" thread I've been dropping little stories from my time as a loss prevention agent at Nordstrom. A year ago, I left that role for a position on the corporate side of things as a facilities coordinator at their photo studio in Seattle. One of four, Studio N has satellites in LA, NY and Cedar Rapids. It's a super fun and exciting position in a quirky backwater of the fashion industry. My one year anniversary came last week, and they rewarded me hugely. I've always tried to exceed expectations in a work setting, and did pretty well over the last year. As a result, they've decided to have my additions to the roll be definition of the roll. I got into all the various departments that our studio interact with and assisted in easing their workflow into and out of my realm. They've "levelled up" my position as a result of my contributions and gave me a 16.7% raise to start, opening up a 33.4% increase overall. I am officially thrilled.
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    anyway, $40K now, which is (I keep pointing this out) low by tech industry standards, but really nice by my previous standards. Uhh... I'll be planning to move to somewhere in NW Oregon, or SW Washington, now.
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    Fans of progressive rock might want to make sure that they reserve a copy of issue 98 of "Prog" magazine, out on May 3rd. For, like, reasons.
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    Rayburn Office Building (US Congress Representatives) Hart Office Building (US Congress Senators)
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    By the time Jesse got locked up, Stephen and I had worked to aggregate all of his shoplifts into a single charge, totalling over $90,000.00 in a year. A bit of internet sleuthing (Thanks Craigslist!) determined Jesse had been selling the Creed for half price out of a Starbucks in Belltown, meaning he had made around $45k that year off us. He also earned six years in jail, with the robbery compounding his sentence. His gf, Kelly, got three. I sincerely hope this time out kills the monkeys on their backs. It's happened... With Jesse out of commission, our team had earned a bit of reprieve. Corporate said to reign in the blitz, which I admit was difficult, but they made it a bit easier by allowing us to "hire up" and fill out the team with up to ten more members. Stephen took care of most of the interviews, and the other agents I worked the floor. Stephen had brought in a formal lead agent from Southcenter named Ashley. Ashley was an amazing agent whom I was familiar with from her entries into A.P.I.S, or 'Asset Protection Information System', our LP database. She had an amazing arrest record, no DWA's and was fiercely intelligent. She could be intimidating, both due to her physical stature and her quick mind, but she was also quite humble and funny as hell. Her first day was spent "shadowing" me. Basically just hanging out, walking around, showing her the store, pointing out known subjects and familiarizing her with the job. We had exited the store out the 5th Avenue doors, turning left and walking toward Pine Street. A left onto Pine and we're walking toward 6th Avenue, and as we're approaching see a man, who I recognize, naked from the waist down running across Pine along 6th avenue being pursued by three civilians and, no shit, four firemen. "Ashley, that was Scott M." I said. "Really?" she asked. "I am 100%." I assured her. I radioed our camera operator, "ESA, bring up 16 and for the love of god keep Scotty in frame." "Copy" came Treasure, our camera operator's reply. We watched as Scotts mob caught up with him and attempted to detain him. Scott wasn't having it, and was fighting with the civilians when the firemen just grabbed him and pushed him down. One sat on him. While Scotty was being used as a bench, I watched a man in a plain suit walk up, pulled out a taser, took a knee and zapped the shit out of Scott like four times. And Scott was still naked from the waist down, which had attracted every woman in the Forever 21 store all this had wound up playing out in front of. I counted, and this response still impresses me, because 12 Seattle police cars came in from all directions. Scotty was loaded into a car and taken away, and Ashley and I went to figure out what we had just witnessed by retrieving all the video we could. Our store had over 400 cameras, interior and exterior. I figured we probably had video of the whole incident. We did, and honestly it's the best movie I have seen in at least one year. A bit of history on Scotty, whom we nicknamed 'The Rockstar', and who lived up to this moniker fully. First, this is video of Scotty exactly one year before the incident just described. This is why we call him Rockstar. You better believe there's more to come...
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    lol... this is both on-topic and tangental: I got some cannabis of a strain called "Baby Hulk", which is a crossbreed of "Bruce Banner" and some kind of kush.
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    Bleak... Hankley Common, location for James Bond's Skyfall, also the army training ground near me. I was caught in another crossfire of blank cartridges the other week. Lucky to escape with my hearing unimpaired.
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    What a miserable lot we are. No-one's posted: SEASONAL GREETINGS
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    I did so, and we thank you for the suggestion.
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    So the last year has been interesting. I still like lifting weights and added a lot of size on in 2017, not all of it good. I topped out at 252lbs around January. This was also the time when my sleep apnea was at its worst. Essentially, after 2 years or so of not really sleeping I was starting to deteriorate. I was using stimulants to keep moving during the day, lifting, and eating a lot of protein. I had started to hallucinate during the day and was not able to drive by the time my wife finally cornered my neurologist and yelled at him until he figured out the problem with my bipap machine. I sleep now, don't require anything like the level of caffeine I needed before just to function and my weight has dropped to 240lbs, which is comfortable for me. I still lift 2-3 days a week, today was the first leg day I have had in some time though. I was squatting a whole 135lbs (basically nothing for most guys my size) but I was happy with how I felt. I was next to a young guy I see in the gym a lot. He had about 400lbs on the bar and was all suited up, compression gear and straps. Then he moved to deadlifts and was pulling about 800lbs, dropping the weight to the floor with each rep. I joked with the owner, a former bodybuilder himself and about 10 years my senior that I was going to see if I could "work in" with the guy, meaning do sets with his weight while he rested. He laughed and said he hated it when people dropped the weight. From my point of view if I could lift 800lbs off the ground I suspect I would drop it also rather than hurt myself gently lowering it. Anyway, feeling pretty great most of the time. At 43 years old I think that is OK, I am strong and healthy and most days nothing falls off, which I am very thankful for.
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    Not today, but over the weekend. We drive up to Connecticut to visit the in-laws. Traffic, tolls, and cold. Turkey day was 3f with the wind and we stayed with Uncle and his wife in their home that is being remodeled. Dinner at another Aunt's house where the food was plentiful if not well prepared. The following night we went back for leftovers and Uncle felt it appropriate to let spew with racist bullshit at the table. After some really unbelievable language (the N word is ok because "they" use it to describe themselves") in front of my kid I had enough and told them so. Then he starts with "you know whats wrong with your generation..." and I raised my voice and cut him off. Then I stood up, cleared the table and moved to another conversation. Since we were staying at their home we knew we would have to see them again, yet we managed to avoid talking about it for the following day until we left. Once upon a time I let this kind of crap go to avoid confrontation. But I have found that tolerance of hateful language and behavior just seems to ask for more hateful language and behavior. They complained they had the "right" to speak however they wished, I noted that doesn't protect them from being told they are ignorant racists. Say what you want, don't expect me to let it pass though. Ever. I don't want to change your mind, I don't want to "understand your point of view", and I don't care about your feelings. So, how have the holidays been going for everyone else?
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    I'm taking a break tonight to save my back, but all my creativity this week leading up to Halloween, has been focused on getting the costumes done. Minibot #1 is a Skeleton Princess, Minibot #2 is a Skeleton Pirate, TM and I are going to be their Skeleton Parents, and of course I also made the Silver Spook coat and armor-shirt that @TwiliteMinotaur wore in today's live-stream. I'm pretty pleased with how things are turning out! Haven't practiced the makeup yet though.
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    Black beans and rice, start with a little oil and an onion, season with Sazon Goya (just pick a flavor), add a can or two of drained and rinsed beans, simmer for a while. You can add more spices and things as you like. Sometime I'll put corn in, too, or some sausage or chicken (if you do that, cook the meat first), and it's good on rice with a little salsa for texture and bright flavor.
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    Yunz guys, I think my cats are broken.
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    At work we were looking through classes that we might take as 'professional development' and came across this. I thought this thread would appreciate it. https://generalassemb.ly/education/talk-like-a-programmer/san-francisco
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    Working on public interface and game pitch material for that cyberpunk game I'm helming. Things are moving faster now! We've got a full time coder, modeler, two animators, a level designer and composer. Three sentence description: Terminus: Cyberstar is a low-poly cyberpunk immersive sim in the vein of late-90's PC games like Deus Ex 1 and System Shock 2. It is a full-length sequel to Terminus Machina, one of the highest-rated Deus Ex mods (9.5/10 on Moddb). It's creative director is Terminus Machina's creator, Christian "Silver Spook" Miller, who is also the one-person developer behind Neofeud, rated "Top 25 Cyberpunk Games" by GamersDecide and "Top 100 Indie Games of 2017". Longer Steam description: Terminus: Cyberstar is a low-poly cyberpunk immersive sim in the vein of late-90's PC games like Deus Ex 1 and System Shock 2. It features multiple solutions to each objective, including combat, stealth, hacking, social engineering, and rewards player creativity, ingenuity, and exploration, rather than directing the player along a predetermined route. A deep, challenging, multi-layered story will play out in an original world of "interstellar colonialism-meets-cyberpunk". Contrary to the bright Star Trek future of space exploration, fostering peace with strange new worlds, and interstellar prosperity - it seems humanity always brings its imperial baggage along. Planets are brutally carpet-bombed with antimatter, invaded with spacetroops, and plundered for resources abroad; inequality, mass-surveillance, and media manipulation punish the population domestically. Features: A wide array of skills, equipment, and enhancements including nano-/bio-/mecha-/quantum- and even alien augmentations. Groundbreaking CCTV/drone/internet data surveillance and social ranking as integrated game mechanics! build facial, vocal biometric capture devices and use digital 'facemasks' for thwarting surveillance/drones which cover almost every inch of city. Mod burner phones for use in flux-spectrum darknets so your every email and social media post aren't used to locate, incriminate, and kill/imprison you. Hacking, including wireless 'net, drone-spoofing, and vehicle manipulation, even skyjack a hellfire-shooting Searcher Destroyer military craft. DIY crafting system: Upgrade your beat-up trenchcoat with solar trim, syphon electricity from the private power grid with hotwired multitools. Mechanical hacking: Take apart old phones and radios to hack together an EMP gun, reverse engineer a captured police-state robot-cop into your own personal bodyguard. Biohacking: play God with your own DNA to give yourself bone-hammer knuckles, bat-like sonar, or cheetah-like musculoskeletal structure. Just be careful not to turn yourself into Frankenstein or give yourself an artificial cancer! Original, fully-fleshed world and deep engaging story; a new, bold spin on cyberpunk relevant to the increasingly dystopian world in which we find ourselves, but with an undercurrent of resistance and solidarity, as opposed to cowardly nihilism and complicity.
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    So much rain... We've been checking in with the O'ahu family and everyone is doing okay. There's flooding all over our island, even causing a highway closure last night, but this morning the highway is open again and the predictions are that things will start drying up next week. Also hopefully now that Lane isn't a hurricane, the ships will start coming in and we won't have any periods of low supply.
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    This post is going to go a little off-topic, but I think it's relevant to understanding this wave of fascism sweeping everywhere from the US to the UK to Austria and even Germany. Building the alternative is a necessary part of the strategy, I think. I possibly have a more extreme view than some, but I am not betting on our already extent neofeudal capitalism-dominated cyberpunk dystopia getting any better of its own accord. To me that's like hoping that megabanks would "self-regulate" in the early noughties. That's why GR and the kids and I no longer live in an American City (tm), and are no longer even thinking of moving to one, ever. I was teaching fulltime, and a one bedroom in the ghetto part of the city was about 70% of my salary. Healthcare for a family of four was 100% of my salary. We lived in my parents closet. I finished Neofeud, working on a 6 year-old laptop, sleeping in the back of a rusting Mazda Tribute, eating spoonfuls of peanut butter with GR and the minibots. That's reality. Again, not sitting on my ass, not playing video games all day, not eating any fucking avocado toast: teaching full time and working with homeless/immigrant/non-white kids, and still homeless. Because nobody gives a fuck about people who do anything useful in our society. They payed me shit, then the rich guys with cufflinks come down for some photo-ops with me teaching some brown kids how to do indigenous gardening / robotics, and then use that fake-philanthropy to fence more money into their yacht-funds, or get themselves re-elected, while paying me enough to starve. Most of the people my age were in basically a similar situation. There was no hope for any future for GR and our family, there, which is why we moved on top of an active volcano spouting 3000 degree lava a few miles from the house where the rich people dare not do their vulture capitalism bullshit, in a condemned house with brown tap water that smells like dog piss (I managed to fix that up finally). Everyone I know back in the city is either homeless and working one job, living in a parents closet at 37 working three jobs (wife and grandma grampa all working too), or has enough money for a flat and hates themselves cause they're selling empty multi-million-dollar condos to Chinese billionaires driving up real estate and making more homeless people, is a corporate lawyer making sure Apple has more money it doesn't spend, or is running the infrastructure for a Surveillance Capitalism shithole like Jack Dorsey's site, Facebook et. al.. That pre-WWII inequality, more than anything else, is what's driving everyone to either fascism or socialism/communism (resulting in street fights between swastika-wearing white dudes and hammer-and-sickle antifa across the country from Portland to Charleston. It's also leading to worker cooperatization, democratization of workplaces -- ideally more of that will happen as it's another form of building the capitalism-alternative). Two of my friends, about my age or younger, have already committed suicide, after trying for a decade to get any kind of gainful job, in multiple careers, but only finding gig-economy serfdom. One of them is the voice actor for King Warren in Neofeud (yes, the voice actor who played King Warren is dead. Took his own life). I've got a guy who drops into my streams often, super smart, is in like the top 10% of machine-learning programmers -- couldn't find a job after a year cause they only hire the top 1%, and is now super into Incel / Redpill culture instead (I try to tell him to get off that proto-Nazi misogynist bullshit, but hey). One of GR's brothers got married -- him and the wife both work full time, they live in a tiny studio above a barn, drive a crap Toyota. They probably want kids, but affording that is nowhere on the horizon. He's getting real into some alt-right stuff. Most of the people my age and younger that I know are either becoming Nazis, pseudo-Nazis, or are full communist, pro-antifa, or even further left. IMHO, there isn't any hope to just muddle through in the middle, certainly not in the medium term. For most millennials and Gen-Z, there is no 'sell out' option. Capital is failing to buy complicity with the promise of a roof, car, food, and healthcare, and the result is just more depression, more rage, more seeking alternatives. Twitter and Facebook etc. are just making bank on fomenting mostly the Nazi end, and selling their eyeballs to water filter companies, political actors, or whoever else will pay them money to manipulate people. The current president is just an opportunist who rode the wave of rage. Half the country is at or near poverty, can't find $400 when the car breaks, and more than half of US families can't afford, or *qualify for a loan* for the cheapest new car. 37 cities have poison drinking water. There's a fucking hookworm epidemic in much of the country because infrastructure is falling apart. It's telling that this is the most liked and re-shared toot I have ever posted, basically anywhere (Mastodon or Twitter): I had so many people tell me personally that this was their literal experience, it was depressing. But also affirming of what I know to be true, as hard as they try to paper over with some fucking 4% horseshit unemployment number. Anyway, who the fuck knows how all this plays out, but what I do know is that it wasn't any candidate(s) or even Twitter itself that is the root of the growing Nazi waves. You could get Trump gone, Twitter implode, and all that other shit would still be true. Nazis are the bacterial infection in the wound. Incels, suicide rash of young people cause the future is hopeless? Another infection. I honestly am terrified for the world the minibots are going to inherit, and can see why young people would think its crazy to bring children into this fucked up world -- if they could afford it at all, which they mostly can't unless rich parents. You could even 'cleanse' the Nazis, but if you leave that giant fucking inequality gash wide open in your leg, growing bigger by the day, sooner or later, you're going to get another infection, one that possibly kills you. (I feel like I've been saying this sort of stuff for like more than a decade, like back on the old board, but now I just sound less insane, lol) Anyway, what can we do? Nazis have to be punched, deplatformed. Jack Dorsey needs to be called out for a Nazi fuck he is. But that's just a temporary splash of hydrogen peroxide. Then comes the real work. Cooperatives (companies run democratically, as opposed to by a handful of rich shareholders) i.e. Mondragon, credit unions, coop stores etc. need to be supported. If you're in a capitalist corporation or business, see if there's any way to push for collectivization. Silver Spook Games has no employees currently, but if I ever grow the team, I intend to make sure everyone gets a fair cut. (As opposed to Amazon, where Jeff Bezos gets 2.5 MILLION times the lowest paid worker -- Mondragon's CEO *cannot* make more than 8 times the lowest paid worker, and employee happiness is leagues above Amazon, whose workers are paid starvation wages and die in their sweatshops cause Bezos won't open the door). Support collectivization of Amazon. And Google, Microsoft, etc.. (I actually have a couple friends working at Google (one is a Neofeud fan) who has come around to getting on board with this.) Join and use Mastodon, a decentralized platform with no capitalist interest pumping out Nazis for $. Support strikes, worker organization, and other actions. Support socialist candidates - like Ocasio Cortez. Support anything that will close the inequality gap, but more importantly IMHO, accelerate the demise of capitalism as the dominant force (cause it's doing a pretty good job of destroying itself already, but that may not be enough). Because if AI/Automation really hits, and near-full automation of military tech arrives *before* that, removing all humans from the pulling of triggers and dropping of hellfire missiles... It's sociopaths with Terminators, and then we're all fucking dead. Or living in The Peripheral, Gaza Planet, or worse. But let's just hope that doesn't happen by trying to stop it! Which is why I am with all the furry queer catgirl communists nowadays.
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    Bumping this to shamelessy shill my t-shirts: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/bombasticloudmouth/
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    The Expanse Season 3 second half, going deep into panspermia-pocalypse and superintelligent alien mindfuckery with microtubules encased in weird, writerly Chandler-esque noir lingo. Deeply here for it!
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