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    I'm still alive and kicking. Carry on.
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    Thalassicus signing in.... Lord have Mercy, but I’ve missed you’s all
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    So it has been an eventful week and a half. I was asked to speak at a conference in Orlando. This particular conference is a big deal in my weird little space. More interesting is that a colleague of mine, who used to hold my position, has been trying and failing to get a speaker slot at this conference for many years. Then I went to Vegas for my very first Big Tech Conference. I made a video about it. Also, I am back on twitter due to work stuff. The only positive is that I can reconnect more with WGBers @geographerjay
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    Got the job in Phoenix (with one of the Big Four accounting/auditing firms) I'd mentioned! 3 month paid internship at this point, but it is the goal of both them and me to turn this into a perm position I'll be leaving my parents' place in late January
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    I am literally driving merch and equipment to photographers houses in order to get the shots. Wack.
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    I was in our flagship store today. Just me. Weirdest feeling ever. just wandering all alone through an empty Nordstrom.... Feels quite apocalyptic.
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    We are few and distracted, and most of the information comes from ephemeral social media. Here is a place to list all the semi-permanent interviews and declarations linked to Agency, starting of course with those before publication, but also to include those that will appear later, specially as I am not sure we will get a promotional tour this time. I am also surprised that they are all from 2017, and in many cases linked to Archangel (I omitted some that only focused on the comic). There are also many articles written by using the Twitter posts information, but I do not consider that worthy of inclusion here. I would like to focus on what he actually says, not what others read in what he says. I have found only a few but I am sure there may be more. I put them in chronological order, as earlier ones may become obsolete by newer declarations. 3rd of May 2017. The Verge. It also showed for the first time the cover, and focuses in the structural changes due to the Trump victory in 2016. 24th of August 2017. Vice. It is really about Archangel but has several tidbits about Agency and its connection to The Peripheral. 6th of September 2017. Marketplace. The full interview rather than the condensed version, touching many things. A bit rambling, but it is good to have a spoken interview as it is less focused than the short printed ones. 22nd of September 2017. BoingBoing. Cory Doctorow on Archangel, but touching on the Jackpot and Agency. 25th of September 2017. Barnes & Noble. Another Archangel piece that segues naturally into time travel and Agency. 4th of December 2017. Omni. Elizabeth Hand, surprisingly short stopping when it starts to get interesting.
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    Happy New Year!
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    The Boogerhead, circa 1987
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    I saw that Zeno had highlighted "mercenary reasons" and hoped it was a link to a pic of him in full Johnny Mnemonic merc-attire
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    So bad news is, GR, the minibots and I are going to be kicked out of our house. Good news is, we're not quite yet homeless (again). Docu-signing miles of legalese all morning, just smashing that 'place electronic signature here' button like a 13 year old in a Steve Bannon-puppeted crypto-fash Fortnite stream smashing like and subscribe and 'buy lootbox' buttons. Or alternatively, like some kind of mortgage-acquiring xillennial(?) mofo while waiting for our current house to be auctioned off. This bucket of termites, murderous fireants and decades of neglect; this collateralized Goldman yacht-payment obligation of rotten pine and corrugated rust overgrown with alien invasive trees and subprime overpricing; this victim of years of squatters who housed goats in the master bed, left mountainous trash piles inside and out, tore the 70's paisley wall paneling off another room's walls in opioid and meth-addled daymares... 90% probability this 'asset' will be bought back by the same bank-like entity parented by a megabank Matryoshka dolled within a holding company on behalf of an unjailed financial WMD-user who helped bankrupt the original Portland hippy owners with exhorbitant cancer-rent and 401k-stealing economic collapse. So yes, on the bright side, it looks increasingly likely that I'll be the first in three generations of Hawaiians on my dad's side to not be a neofeudal peasant for my entire life, living in a ghetto and working till I'm dead paying rent and undying fealty to some fucking son of a WASP Puritan American missionary or other assorted flavor of crazy rich Chinese money-mover, Silicon Valley surveillance capitalist 1984-creator, Saudi F-35 purchaser, or other billionaire making homeless and under-housed people by storing their money in empty multi-million dollar condominiums. But most importantly, it looks like GR and the minibots and I will have a place to sleep that isn't the back of a Mazda tribute, a van in a Wal mart parking lot, a 7 x 9 foot closet in my parents' house, a $2000 /month studio wedged between meth labs, or any of those other places we've previously called home. Our real estate agent is especially un-realestateagent-ey. As GR mentioned, 'we had no idea he was one for months, which is NOT normal'. 50's, grey, balding but no combover, always brings big buckets of gourmet food to get togethers and friends with a ex-Cuban food critic lady friend in her 80's, fond of anti-Trump Facebook diatribes. A good guy who works his butt off and who genuinely wants to help out. I found it interesting though, an oft-repeated comment was, "You could take that unattached studio, rent it out for 600, 700. Pay for your mortgage with that, and use the proceeds to work on eventually flipping the property, getting another. Maybe another two places, rent those out... Nobody lives in a home forever, you're always looking to what you can make of it." I didn't say it but GR and I had the same thought on the drive home from showings at the actually exceptionally room-ey place: "We just want to live inside of it. Not be rained on. Not have our laptop stolen, birth certificate and green card lost. We don't need to make money off of a house(s)." Another one of the older mainland transplants commented, "I feel so out of place on Sunday, taking six hours off from working." I read Americans work 499 hours (three months) more than the French, on average. Even 137 hours more than the goddamn 6-day-a-week bushido-ass *Japanese*. "Nobody lives in a home. Homes are just there to make you more money." Wild calvinist imperial capitalist suicidal conditioning shit. Anyway, dad has helped co-sign. As I mentioned, he forked over the majority of his income of his entier adult life to exhorbitant rents, helping pay for my sis' stupidly expensive and mostly useless college degree, and dad lost most of the rest to stock market crashes. Aunt is bankrupted as well. Just like my grandpa who sent all his meager life savings off to sweepstakes scams over the last 10 years of his life, talking to me about how he was going to, 'win that milion one day, and buy you, your dad, and all of us a big house to live in'. He died penniless. I could tell dad was tearing up a little at the idea that we actual Hawaiians might have any property whatsoever to our name. He was like, "Chris, when the next crash happens and we're screwed out of everything we have and they gentrify our place into 10,000 dollar condos, I'm driving your mom and I in a mobile home onto that property." I was like, "It's ok dad, we'll have like five rooms to live in." Cause homes are for fucking living in.
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    Whoops, forgot to ever post here, but as per my recent unsufferable Tweetingz, here is Guapo—both on the ride back from acquisition on Saturday and helping me Work From Home™ yesterday.
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    As many of you know, I had an idea for an expedition patch. After a brief amount of discussion on Twitter, we decided on a Screaming Fist patch. Fuldog and Sentinel400 came up with the design and I ordered it from a manufacturer. I still have a few patches to mail out and a few more that remain unallocated. If anyone wants one, please feel free to contact me.
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    Zwei the corgi, lmao. Cowboy Bebop fan alert!
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    OKAY, let's try this again! Zwei the corg: Pirate the calico: (tuxedo cat whose name I still can't remember): https://boomzilla.io/img/tux.jpg
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    A few photos from Bill's UK appearances, and the associated WGB gatherings:
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    Yeah those links are broken for me too! Meanwhile, I officially threw my hat in the ring for these two. Now we'll see if they're already adopted and gone or not… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I'm in my new place. Got a room off of CL for $550/month. Housemates are pretty cool, kinda nerdy like me. It's not in the greatest location for someone without a car But, at least I have the eBike. sharing the house with a dog and two cats this past week and a half. I love both species very much, but TBH I think I am slightly more of a cat person
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    I'll become an Arizonan tomorrow afternoon! For three months, at minimum. Hopefully longer, if the company wants to convert me to permanent! Like I've whined a lot about, not a huge fan of the Phoenix metro. That said, I do think the desert southwest wilderness/aesthetic is quite lovely. And, the job itself seems interested/and pays better than what I've had! @InfinityCircuit @heavyboots: I'll be in Mesa until May 1st (if they decline to convert me to perm), or indefinitely (if they *do* want to keep me on). I'd totally welcome another mini-meat Most of my weekends should be free.
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    I will do so, but the twitter for me is broken and does not show followers at present. I have emailed Twitter and I a sure their crack customer support teams are working on the problem now.
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    this is a pic from around 30 years ago. Me and my friend Laura grew up together. We first met in church at around age 3, and were lifelong friends. In 1993 or 4, Laura moved to Illinois to go to college, and I moved to Seattle. Laura died in 96 from "intestinal perforation". I've never been able to find out how that happens. How does someone's intestines get perforated? Anyway, I knew this girl for a long, long time, and miss her tremendously.
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    @InfinityCircuit wasn't feeling well, so she was recuperating, and thus didn't visit @heavyboots still came out, tho, so we had a mini-mini meat Visited this Mexican restaurant IC had recommended, that coincidentally was very near my AirBNB in Mesa. We then visited the hiking trail at South Mountain for a bit. the BootsMobile: the mountain: the metroplex:
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    this is a video presentation my friend Marco, one of our photogs put together of his portraiture. There are quite a few of me in there..
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    I guess I'll know at the very last day whether I've progressed to the paid, 3 month. It has been confirmed the paid 3-month would start in early 2020. (actually early Feb, but they're trying to get it pushed closer to New Year's so there is not as big a gap between the end of this eval, and the actual internship). And, if they like me at the internship, I would be hired on full-time immediately after the internship terminated.
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    Watchmen TV series. Not having seen any previews, I didn't know what to expect, at all, other than all new characters. I have always liked Regina King, and I love that this show takes place in the South with a mixed cast. I'm intruigued by how Rorschach's legacy has been co-opted by the racist group. It reminds me of how law enforcement (particularly Border Patrol, around here), has done the same with the Punisher. They have no idea what the character is about, but his mask/symbol sure is cool! I am looking forward to seeing more.
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    I'm still just a bike nerd, lol. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    They also ressurrected the old cyberpunk game from 1988, got some American input to smooth down Polish style into a generic west coast US dystopian city, and even got Keanu on board. Quite an achievement. And they have delayed it to April, at least for now. He will be paid in that there will be references and many people will mention him and his works, so there may be some extra sales, but at least the original Cyberpunk game owed as much to the first Walter John Williams novels (Hardwired and Voice of the Whirlwind), John Shirley's books and Blade Runner for the visual imagery. I am not sure the young people will connect so much, but it will be a weird memory trip for those who lived the days before cyberpunks became commodified. Even if a big budget game is nowadays the biggest commodity, reaching audiences exceeding books and film. Like HB, I would not be so optimistic if other studio was behind this (just consider the Deus Ex reboot, profesionally done but terribly bland, story-wise). Like so many Hollywood film, story/script is where many of these mega-productions fail, and what makes works like TM shine. Projekt Red has delivered in the past (checking in Steam, I have spent over 800 hours in their Witcher games), so I trust they will deliver again.
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    Reading REAMDE now. I like it a lot but I am not totally sure what its about.
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    "Been done better by better people than her. "
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    Not much. Good to be back...sorta. How many others never made it over? It's a Peter Wright, made in England. Classic lump of steel. The guy with the hammer is a smith who learned his trade, no shit, in the Derbyshire coal mines.
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    And the place we are hopefully probably buying (waiting to hear back from our realtor who is waiting for the seller's response) has plenty of room for us, TM's home office, the kids, as well as extra space for if when the Oahu family needs a backup.
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    @dbThe place we're in is being auctioned and we're working on buying a new place with family. It's not in the bag yet, but our real estate agent seems pretty confident about it!
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    We have been figuring out how to connect to a Google Big Query database, luckily my new staffer has some skill in this and the capacity to learn very quickly (I am pretty sure he has a serious case of ADHD). Once we figured out we really didn't NEED the SQL portion of BQ it was obvious that this was a good choice. Unfortunately it was a choice driven by the unwillingness of our government to continue hosting the data in a free, public server that a lot of folks used. Perversely, our ability to host this data, query it and build stuff with it, will raise our value. But since it is public data the idea is that it be hosted PUBLICLY, not by a couple of assholes at an NGO.
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    For the last year I have spent 4 hours a day on a metro bus. Not doing that will improve my mental health.
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    I do mind someone going out of their way to insult me on a website that I run. It doesn’t make me cry or anything, but I sure don’t give much of a damn anymore. 🤷‍♀️
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    This is most of the Olympic range in one frame. I am taking a real camera to this spot tonight.
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    One of my brothers (the 20 year old) and his girlfriend were visiting for a few days so we watched Johnny Mnemonic and Tank Girl with them educating the children!
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    So I'm trying to understand if you're just trying to be as obnoxious as possible to provoke us to do this so....what? So you can beat your breast and cry about how terrible everyone is? Or is it supposed to justify you to do something awful? You were stupidly offensive to Arkan and he decided he didn't have time for that. So now he's a fucker? Also trying to work out why you give a flying fuck what we "fuckers" "dipshits" etc. think about you or anything. People on this board and especially on the old board have done *nothing* to you but try to be friends and help you out and you're so fucking miserable you snarl at us for being stupid enough to try. Whatever.
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    I am pretty sure that white cross visible in second and second-from last photos is not something the Russians put on tanks. https://tacticalwargamer.com/articles/history/germanvehiclemarkings.htm
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    Yeah I was talking about weed. I got my medical card last month. This is a really bizarre experience in regulatory hypocrisy. I asked my regular doctor, "Hey Doc, I have this chronic back pain where your x-ray shows too much curvature in my spine. Physical therapy hasn't worked and the therapist made it clear they probably can't help me, and although a Chiropractor can help it isn't really practical for me to go the get an adjustment three times a week. But when I was in California and tried pot before I went to bed I didn't wake up with crippling pain. Can we try pot?" Him, "No." Me, "Sorry, I meant 'medical cannabis'?" Him, "No." So I go online and find the Maryland makes it super easy to apply for legal weed medical cannabis and there was a provider less than a mile from my house that could certify my application. I call them and make an appointment. The only appointments are in the evening since the doctor there is a real doctor with a real job at a hospital all day and I guess being a weed doctor medical cannabis provider doesn't pay the bills on its own? The scheduler is a person named Omm. I am guessing his parents smoked a lot of pot medical cannabis. When I go in the office was almost exactly what you would expect a weed office to be like, statues of Ganesh, rugs and tapestries all over everything and incense scented ... something. I never saw incense but the place smelled like every head shop I have even been in. The doctor was on point though, he went through all of the different kinds of weed and how they are delivered, with clear instructions on best practices and how to feel out what works best for me. He then gave me a bunch of coupons and printed out my card. That was it, I visited a couple of dispensaries over the next week and started with gummies but found them too inconsistent. I started buying pre-rolls and found out what I liked, and last night I bought an 1/8th. My back issues have subsided and I don't wake up feeling like a question mark every morning. I still do my stretching and exercise, but the weed has been pretty awesome at helping resolve that problem, in addition to being a lot of fun to get high on. In addition, I guess I may have been experiencing some anxiety as well. I didn't try and think about it too much but I was drinking 2-3 beers many nights and 8-10 on weekend nights. Then I would want to smoke tobacco since I was drinking beer or whiskey. Three hits of pot and I don't want any of that, whatever stress or anxiety made me want a beer is gone and I can actually relax. I always avoided pot; the threat of arrest, the sketchy people that you had to deal with, etc all kept me from it. Despite the ridiculous hurdles to get it here compared with places where it is legal for recreational use it has been a great experience so far.
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    It's one of those days where I love the internet.
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    i am 45, and my net worth is less than 20k. IDGAF.
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    @lithos Well look what the cat dragged in! 😹 Welcome and it's been too damn long, man! How you been?? (And a lovely anvil pic, btw.)
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