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    We've just started watching Orphan Black. The first season we enjoyed very much.
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    Let's not forget Sir Terry Prattchett, best selling British writer in the 90s. Actually I find that I am missing the little asides, the complicity with the reader that is so prevalent in the book but are difficult to translate in images unless you are willing to break the 4th wall. Something that IMO Fleabag does very well, but it disturbs or distracts many people. In the case of Good Omens the ending was foreordained, it is the traject what is important. Enjoying a lot Doom Patrol. It seems like DC response to Legion, and a quite good one, mixing the same irreverence in a more conventional superhero structure. And they are more relatable than Legion's characters. I am also watching Deadly Class and Heathers, but mainly because I never could relate to the US High School experience, so in a way this is more understandable. Rogue One is my favorite Star Wars movie ever. Because it ends as it has to.
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