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    I call this, "Glowing with the force, and swallowing strands of plastic beard, while keeping my grumpy Luke scowl." Punk Daenarys Targaryan in the back there. Spoiler alert: she's my daughter! Teaching young Rei some life skills. Getting Darthmauled. I thought Minibot was actually evolving some midichlorine force powers as the stroller started moving on its own, then we realized the Mini-er bot was kicking himself along, towards the Ghostbusters mobile. "Gobasta! Gobasta!" Old homeless drunk-Luke is taking over the world. Feel that force beachez!
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    Final version of Chief Executive President of the Illuminati, Shadow Emperor of the Transglobal Federation and Master of the Earth-Interplanetary Union (EIU), Xenophile. You may notice some modifications to the flag, and some familiar family members. This is Neofeudalism, after all.
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    So, this happened yesterday. Here are the happy couple in the Gothic Hall in the Oud Stadthuis in Brugge. Lovely day.
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    Crocheted octopoid invasion
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    RemoteVoices pinged me on twitter so I could check this thread specifically. Black cat lovers unite! Always have been a dog person here, not to say I don't like cats, I do, but never got a relationship as deep as I ever got with my previous dog. Until last year, where being alone most of the week at home, I realised I would like some company. I scouted cat rescue organisations around and met different felines, until I "met" Zed, probably 2 years old, hidden between the bed frame and the mattress of her rescue family, that no one wanted because scaredy cat + black cats mean bad luck. Instantly fell in love with her tiny shrimp derpy face. She spent the first week hidden in the coats or behind the fridge, to the point I was scared she really couldnt adapt to her new home. I guess that time is long gone now :
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    TM and I had dinner with db and Pigkilla, here in Honolulu! Good food, good conversation, good time had by all.
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    I'm still alive and kicking. Carry on.
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    Celebrated New Year in a delightfully sunny, unseasonably warm, Spain.
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    So.... Thirty Years Of Rain - an anthology celebrating 30 years of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writer's Circle. Which should be available to buy in the next month or so and has my story "The Witch At The End of The World" and a load of other stuff, some reprints, but mostly new stuff written for the collection. Contents: The Freedom of Above ― TJ Berg Skyrider ― William King The Ranch ― Gary Gibson Her Choice ― Elsie WK Donald Picture, of a Winter Afternoon ― Ruth EJ Booth My Last Love ― Heather Valentine Watching the Watchers ― Anya Penfold The Lodger ― Brian M Milton 10 Things to Know About Staple Removers ― Ian Hunter HEADKILLER ― Michael Cobley Crowd Control ― Cameron Johnston Amanda ― Jim Campbell The Butterflies of Dysfunction ― TW Moses Go Cúramach ― Stewart Horn The Unusual Genitals Party ― Fergus Bannon Ascending ― Hal Duncan 5AM Saint ― Elaine Gallagher The Witch at the End of the World ― Peter Morrison What Bliss It Was ― Louise Welsh Run ― Kenneth Kelly I Believe That This Nation Should Commit Itself ― Duncan Lunan The Crock of Shet ― Jim Steel Hot Breath ― Matthew Horsely Danny Dyer Is Professor Stiles Langstrom! ― Ian Hunter The Marquis of Alcatraz ― Richard Mosses Kikinasai ― Eliza Chan Foreign Bodies ― Neil Williamson The New Ways ― Amal El-Mohtar The Glaswegian Chalk Dust Circle ― Michael Mooney The Circle ― Phil Raines
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    Anyway. I had interview at the place. I think it went well. I dunno. We shall see.
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    A brand spanking new Neofeud trailer with tons more footage of the game! Do check it out and share it around! We're always looking for more potential patrons to help make Neofeud a reality.
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    This did not happen to me, but one of my best friends, who lives in Munich. He lives with his wife and two daughters. Friday evening they were at a bookshop not so far from the attack point, buying a book as a gift for a friend of the eldest girl, when they saw a lot of people running away from Marienplatz. One minute later lots of police in the other direction recommending people to stay put. So the bookshop closed the doors and stayed so, with people all on their phones and sharing information through the PA and even sharing food an drink for four hours, till at 11 the police passed by to inform all could go home, the cordon was lifted. However public transport was still stopped, so there was a quickly organized car pool to get people home, or to get some to their cars so they could go back to pick people up. Others were offering dinner to anyone that was stranded, and even sleeping places. The girls were given activity books to color, and the neighbours were bringing tea and coffee. A moment of solidarity that spread quickly and that brings up hope in humankind, even when we have examples of the worst at the same time.
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    I think we may have established a new WGB record for the consumption of coffee and cakes.
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    (it works. Yay!) Such a happy happy photo <3
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    @Garage: Haha, yeah, hard to cosplay a character that hasn't been officially converted from text into some visual medium like film. Using the force in the Pacific Degobah. The old-Mark Hamil face involves attempting to imitate an angler fish - jaw out and buggy eyes. The motorcycle-accident nose is tough- you need your buffest friend to righthook you in the face -- I'm not that hardcore a cosplayer. geekcred --; Spoiler alert: I'm her daddy!
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    I now know i am a HT 2xl- it's a cute skeleton-
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    I hope that all you guys will be coming to visit Pigkilla and me when we've settled in in the California desert, but meanwhile, we are planning to be back in Vancouver for a week in August for my birthday (also, my cousin is getting married that week). So if your travel possibilities include Vancouver in 2016, please consider being here Wednesday, August 17, because there will be celebrations of my half-century.
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    Ilya and Hayley Wickenheiser! many fewer of her as she's a bit less social.
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    My second Dan certificate finally arrived!
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    I am sure this was listed "on the other board", but I do not think it hurts to have it here too. The Concept Art Vincenzo Natali ordered for his Neuromancer project... Several views of the Sprawl Night City Senze Net Straylight Others, including Riding the Kuang
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    I went to this bar/pizza place call the Mighty Mo- They have a fish theme this being montana- I really want to art bomb them, with my fish- I want to do a big koi headdress, i got carried away planning it-
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    My best friend had stomach troubles and nothing we bought or did fixed it- finally on sat she went into the walk in clinic, which turned into surgery for her gallbladder- She texted me about it- Being without a car there is little i could do but text her words of encouragement- Mean while i would look over at her house where i knew her kids and hubby where, on occasion and wonder if i should go over and keep the older two teen in line and watch the toddlers- But, I thought, no it's the weekend and with her hubby home all should be well- She came home on Monday, i went over after dialysis to see how she was- she was in pain felt weird from drug and tired- I could tell some thing was up, so i got out of dodge and told her i would be over to take care of her toddlers on tues- Yeah, you figure that lot would figure out that if i run for cover it is time to get yur shit in line- but they never do- I guess she blew her top about the house being a disaster and things not being taken care of while she was in the hospital- I feel like one of the those animals that know when the volcano is going to blow- So I went over today, took care of the toddlers and exiled her to her room until she had a shower and a couple hour nap- picked up the house a little- made her a little coffee and food- waited til her older son got home gave him a chore list, watched him do it- Waited for the daughter gave her chores made sure she did them- made snacks for the toddlers- and waited til the hubby got home- clocked out- my question is when did i marry my best friend and why don't i get anniversary gifts- or one of the fucking kids as a tax write off-
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    Thank you- i really need to start doing these with wood or metal- maybe working with a thicker cardboard and metal tape- a fish- finished with copic and glue-
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    some gifts i made for my friends at the coffee shop-
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    I haven;t gotten handle on posting pics here but like a unruly demigod- i am getting it down- this two of the birds from my bird summer- i walked around the park and hung them on the trees- I enjoy doing this-
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    More animations! Yay! Now definitely in crunch mode with a couple months to launch. Going to have to get out the cookie cutter and the hue-shifter soon to make a whole bunch of characters in a jiff.
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    Thalassicus signing in.... Lord have Mercy, but I’ve missed you’s all
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    So it has been an eventful week and a half. I was asked to speak at a conference in Orlando. This particular conference is a big deal in my weird little space. More interesting is that a colleague of mine, who used to hold my position, has been trying and failing to get a speaker slot at this conference for many years. Then I went to Vegas for my very first Big Tech Conference. I made a video about it. Also, I am back on twitter due to work stuff. The only positive is that I can reconnect more with WGBers @geographerjay
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    Got the job in Phoenix (with one of the Big Four accounting/auditing firms) I'd mentioned! 3 month paid internship at this point, but it is the goal of both them and me to turn this into a perm position I'll be leaving my parents' place in late January
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    Hi everyone. I miss the WGB. I miss being on here (or rather here) every day. I miss Wraith (RIP) and Lester (RIP) and JohnBellham and hurts Charmakarmakat and Lithos and even the Hydra, a bit. I would say I miss the others, but I see you on Twitter and Insta and whatnot. All of you mitigate my overwhelming feeling that we're now past the jackpot tipping point and are now careening down the slope toward Idiocracy. Anyway the internet is terrible pretty much everywhere but here. So thanks. I kind of miss being the anarchocyclist although, Jesus, was that guy ever a mess.
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    Congrats man! Neofeud one year anniversary stream! Neofeud has been out officially on all platforms for over 1 year this month! Thanks everyone who has supported me in the making of this game and my other projects, especially WGBers @db@s.smigiel@xen0phile@Noirjyreand @GreenRobot. I was not getting my hopes up on my one-person weird cyberpunk adventure game, expecting potentially to just have a few hundred sales, so I am blown away by how successful the game has been so far: -1000+ sales -Over 10,000 people wishlisted the game -Rated "Top 25 Cyberpunk Games" by Gamers Decide http://www.gamersdecide.com/pc-game-news/best-cyberpunk-games-pc -Voted "Top 100 Indie Games of 2017" on IndieDB (point and click) https://www.indiedb.com/groups/2017-indie-of-the-year-awards/top100 -Featured on Funhaus, a Rooster Teeth production https://roosterteeth.com/episode/gameplay-2017-neofued -Soundtrack of the Year, AGS forums. https://silverspook.itch.io/neofeud/devlog/28642/neofeud-soundtrack-best-music-w... And the sales and recognition just seem to continue to grow over time rather than peter off, so that is great! Anyway thanks again to all my continued patrons (most are included in that list up there) and of course to William Gibson for coming on the podcast. Now I just need to get Keanu Reeves on there!
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    Just cut a 130 foot tree hanging over the house that was going to cost $6,000+ for a professional crew, + I didn't crush the house, myself, or anyone, yay! The arborists layed the scaremongering shit on thick too, "Your family is going to die in there within a month if we don't cut it RIGHT NOW! DO YOU WANT THAT ON YOUR CONSCIENCE?!" Two 1/2 in. braided poly rope: $20 4-ton power pull: $40 Handful o' Nails: $10 2x4 from broken-ass porch: $Free-as-fuck 15-in shit e-chainsaw: $50 Saving $5880 and declaring independence from assholes: priceless.
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    All of you who are on FB and Twitter probably already saw this... If not: Meru's music project was released today! It consists of an album (free to download), a music video, website (including easter egg) and a bunch of photos. Check it out: ryakomusic.com Here's the video: It's been a massive creative endeavor alright, for both of us. I did a lot of the programming for the site etc, as well as all the photography. But of course the music is all Meru and that's like 99% of the project! So check it out and feel free to spread the word.
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    Ok, the official release date is September 19! You can check out the Neofeud Steam store page. (EDIT: you can't actually pre-order there, sorry! Although you can get Neofeud on the Itch.io site) http://store.steampowered.com/app/673850/Neofeud/
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    So some good news, I just by chance happened to get a shout out on Twitter from this company called Utomik, that does streaming games, kind of like Netflix for games (you download a portion of the game and start playing before the entire thing is on your comp). https://www.utomik.com/ Anyway, I just talked to a couple of the guys from the site and they seemed to really like Neofeud, and wanted to get the game on their site. As I'm still awaiting the Steam Greenlight, and Utomik doesn't appear to be exclusive, it's definitely worth a shot to me! I hadn't heard of them before but I checked it out and they seem to have been around for a while and growing. I'm just waiting now for the tech guy who does game implementation to get back from his vacation and talk about getting Neofeud onto their platform. Fingers crossed!
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    The Three Laws of Neofeudal Robotics. 1. A robot may not injure, or though inaction, allow harm to come to a member of the Neofeudal Royalty. The Reigning Monarch's safety supersedes all other Royalty. 2. A robot must obey any orders given to it by a Neofeudal Royal, with the Reigning King or Queen's orders taking precedence over all other princesses, princes, corporate and banking executives, religious leaders, media personalities, and other royal members, human, transhuman, AI, and otherwise. 3. Upon proven death of original body, all backup clones, and erasure of all uploaded consciousness-gestalts of the current Reigning Monarch, the ascension of the rightful heir to the throne occurs immediately. The new incumbent sovereign gains supreme entitlements of the First and Second Law of robotics. Progress continues! As a lot of artists intuitively know, the work is never finished; there simply comes a point where the brush is throne to the ground and one stomps off in protest, to binge on Battlestar Galactica and Game of Thrones on Netflix. So, to set a hard limit, I'm calling this work done by the end of this month, and the first Neofeud alpha will be out for testing. So any potential game-bug finders and future voice-over larynx-wielders, get your Windows updated, your Linux line-itemized, and please don't leak my Illuminati conspiracy to destabilize Hillary Clinton's presidency through video game commentary to Wikileaks! (Or do, if that will give Neofeud a bump in the hashtag wars and Steam rankings! ) So yes, testing of Neofeud set to reboot at the start of November! Thanks again to all supporters, feedbackers, 'good job!' sayers, music contributors ( @s.smigiel ) monetary contributors ( @db, @s.smigiel, @xen0phile, @Noirjyre Prior testers, future testers, voice actors / actresses, and people who plan to buy and play the game at some point! Just as another reminder, if you do decide to back Neofeud on Patreon and your patronage equals or exceeds the eventual price of the game, you get it for free, in addition to whatever perks are listed! However, once the game is completed, the Neofeud-related perks may not be available, so act now if you were planning to buy the game anyway! (In addition, when the non-game graphic novel version is released, the backing on Patreon will count toward that as well.)
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    I seem to monopolize this thread... Before USA, I was in Alsace...
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    For some inexplicable reason, Remote was surrounded by a cloud of bubbles during his stay. It was mystifying.
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    "Woodrow Phoenix, your poor arteries!"
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    Another mini work-induced bout of rheumatoid arthritis, five-notches of advanced keratoconus of the eye from overfocusing, and a full 24 hours of art-ing later....: 300-Foot, 250-person luxury Zep-yacht with built-in superintelligence-run drone-airforce and missile defense system: 2.3 billion dollars. Private Geosynchronous Sky-Island with android-maintained self-irrigating golf-course, 10 spas, zero-G racketball room, V-MAX VR movie theater and 300 million square feet of premium office space: 10.6 billion dollars. Shaking hands with Chief-Executive-Monarch Warren Clington Busch of the largest Transplanetary Empire and knowing he has your back: PRICELESS* (*Infinity Dollars)
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    Went to my first court case, and won. Yay! I spent several hours rifling through state statute sections and subsections (with no Watson AI to auto-parallegal for me, mind you!) and essentially eviscerated the charge against me (not stopping at a crosswalk for a pedestrian) with 3 written witness testimonies, a live meat-witness at the stand, and even had copies of the statute there to refer to. Probably I have been watching too much Better Call Saul and have had my OCD giving me sleepless nights overpreparing for this hearing thing, but I've never had to go to court before and wanted to be safe rather than sorry. A potential $150 ticket is one thing but the lifetime bump of even $50 on 30 years of insurance premiums would be a major bummer. TL:DR you have to go full razzle-dazzle and nuke those moving violations from orbit --said everyone I know who has had one. It was interesting to see the way that most of these small-fish traffic court hearings come down to essentially 30-second self-help sessions. Like kicking the kickball through your high school's chemistry lab window and causing a small magnesium-bunsen burner fire with Bromide chaser. You get pulled into the counselor's office, are sternly asked if you learned your lesson, you nod, your parents come pick you up and ground you from Tinder / Netflix Binging for a week, and you move on. Dressing up with my Hawaii 'aloha-executive' aloha shirt / proper slacks wear and speaking haole (white-people talk) actually kind of backfired on me a little, and another guy who had like an entire legal defense. The judge, and perhaps he is more on the 'Judge Judy' side, more activist, 'teach you a lesson' side really mostly wanted to hear people's life stories, and how they're sorry and will never do it again. I brought a 70+ year old aunt and that, it seems, had a greater impact on the verdict than anything else- more than any of the HS-296c subsection 3 references and properly-constructed legalese defense I had worked so hard on. The judge had a plain face when I explained why I thought my actions (stopping quickly without entering the crosswalk) did not violate the word of the law. Then the judge asks, 'Who's this?' I'm like, 'This is my senior retired aunt whom I was driving to help get her groceries and medication.' And he's all big smiles and getting the feels. Then he's like, 'The officer has drawn out a diagram of the incident showing your car, coming to a screeching halt, inside the crosswalk, very close to the pedestrian.' I of course say I stopped before the line, which I did. Then he turns to my aunt, smiles again, 'So did he enter the crosswalk'. 'No your honor,' nice old ultra-conservative church lady face. 'Case dismissed,' just like that. I definitely feel like having gone through the extra trouble to bring her in with me into the courtroom made the difference between freedom and being haunted by a fairly serious, however false, citation. Take that under advisement, future-self. Watching all of the other cases, it was apparent virtually everything at the traffic court level is hearsay. Very little in the way of actual evidence. So it's basically a, 'Did you learn your lesson? Do you know what you need to do now? Ok. Next." The one other guy with this crazy, 5-minute trial-speech on the height differential between the specific model of the city police department's sedans and his 2015 Mercedes SUV, which explain why it would be impossible to provide evidence of 'texting while driving'... He was the most thorough, and he was the one with the biggest fine -- and the judge forced him to take the full fine, plus drivers ed. He probably would've faired better just talking pidgin, showing up in the t-shirt and board shirts that most everyone else was in, and telling it with an apologetic tone. He was also pulling out his cell phone and tap tapping away right as the trial started, like he had VERY IMPORTANT BUSINESS that silly lower-court rules were in the way of. It's like if you're trying to look like you're beyond reproach, like the law can't touch you, then you get touched, and reproached. At least in this particular court. Reminds me of Benicio Del Toro's line in Sicario "You should move to a small country town where the rule of law still exists." Because while this court session seemed pretty fair to me, I don't know how the hell you go from that to the nine most august, senior judges in the US rationalized the Citizens United verdict. A very educational experience, all around. And I won my dismissal! Woohoo.
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    Another "interesting" day. I was on my work in Brussels when everything went down. The train i was on was halted at the first station of Brussels, and as i got off they were in the process of shutting down the subway. So instead of trying to make it to work i immediately took a train back home. When i was riding out news came through that the entire city was going on lockdown so i guess i was lucky to get out before that happened. I saw a lot of nervous people... hell i am nervous as well.
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    Made all my under-resourced students look up who is running for president, what the candidates have said, and decide whether they agree or not. 90% of kids heard of, "The Donald Duck guy. Donald Trump? Trump." Maybe 10 or less percent heard of "Hillary Clinton." "That lady who marry George Bush," --direct quote. Most of these kids are in Section 8 and are immigrants, so when they looked up and found that Donald Trump wants to send basically everyone "back where they came from", the kids were real pissed off. Then one of the girls found a quote by The Donald, "It doesn't matter what the media says about you, as long as you have a beautiful piece of ass standing next to you." I had to cover the word up because of the foul language, but she'd already read it. She shared it with everyone eventually, and the responses went mostly like this. "What kind of President say the bad words! He is evil!" "That guy is a bad guy! He cannot be President!" "I hate that Donald Duck!" And several others described colorfully how they would 'remove him' from office, and from living, if he ever won. I of course had to encourage them not to hate or commit violence against anyone. But, you know... it's good to see at least the children have not lost their senses, unlike a lot of Trump supporters. They were happy to see Bernie was planning to make college free. Especially the university-student volunteers.
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    Today I wired cash to pay for a house and took home a new, to me, car.
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    I noted that lithos joined this board today. Welcome, compadre. The steak is marbled and well hung, and there is cunningly curved and polished glass.
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    Celebrating the boxes of Christmas. We opened our gifts a little early. Ruckus loves his fancy box full of crunchy paper. by Marshdrifter, on Flickr
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    Finally saw it!!!!! I will now proceed to read this thread.
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