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  1. Happy belated birthday! I've seen my parents 3 times total in the last six months, my oldest brother and his family twice, and my other brother and his family just once. No other family beyond that. All of our days are very much the same, we don't have a car and are avoiding public transport so we've barely left the city. It's a drag, but it'd be more of a drag to get seriously ill...
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  2. Last Sunday was my birthday, though I invited only my parents, as the COVID rules capacity for our flat is only 4 people. Will see how I celebrate with others, as the weather starts to turn into autumn and spending long periods outside becomes more complicated.
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  3. Dwarf Fortress is probably still a bit more complicated I've played quite a bit of Crusader Kings 2. I will probably pick up CK3 at some point. It's true that it is a very complex game, but once you've learned a bit about the interface most of the complexity becomes self-evident. From then on it's just a matter of experimenting to see how different systems work with each other, and really that's half the fun of it. CK2 is actually much more complex, because it has years of DLC piling on more and more features. So even though CK2 is free to play now, I wouldn't recommend it to new
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