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    Over in the "Write Something Now" thread I've been dropping little stories from my time as a loss prevention agent at Nordstrom. A year ago, I left that role for a position on the corporate side of things as a facilities coordinator at their photo studio in Seattle. One of four, Studio N has satellites in LA, NY and Cedar Rapids. It's a super fun and exciting position in a quirky backwater of the fashion industry. My one year anniversary came last week, and they rewarded me hugely. I've always tried to exceed expectations in a work setting, and did pretty well over the last year. As a result, they've decided to have my additions to the roll be definition of the roll. I got into all the various departments that our studio interact with and assisted in easing their workflow into and out of my realm. They've "levelled up" my position as a result of my contributions and gave me a 16.7% raise to start, opening up a 33.4% increase overall. I am officially thrilled.
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    No. Just no. Unless you know a lot more about cars than I think you do or unless you know a really cute mechanic you want to spend a LOT more time with....
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    Watched a lovely little concert by my friend's daughter, Sophia Rankin, on Saturday. She's been serenading us at Thanksgiving celebration since she was like 12 or 13, but this is her at 19, with her second album released.
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    anyway, $40K now, which is (I keep pointing this out) low by tech industry standards, but really nice by my previous standards. Uhh... I'll be planning to move to somewhere in NW Oregon, or SW Washington, now.
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    Got the job, and also accidentally talked them into giving me more money.
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    I got to tour the family's hangar.... My employers are scary rich.
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    Cowboy Bebop on Hulu, a series I ignored when it first came out. Love it so far.
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    Thanks! It's weird, finding you have a skillset that lends itself to an industry you'd never considered applying it to. The upside here is I get to utilize my photography history, and am actively working toward a fashion photographer position. My duties already include assisting our photographers and videographers, so in a few years my next move will be to a full time photog position.
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    Homely little fucker wasn't he?
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    http://ibrinfo.org/ This is the site for help with knowing how to pay the smallest amount you have to for your student loans. That is going to be important as you start to see your income change.
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    In Portland, 40k will go farther than Seattle. That's a decent starting wage, imho.
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    These are only the business planes. The private collection is housed next door, and holds a few generations worth of aircraft.
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    At his age he should be playing Jet Black.
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    LOL, that might be worth watching. He should flip it and play Faye.
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    Still one of the best portraits I've ever...
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    "Sit down on the toilet before reading this or else you will shit your pants."
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    Well, how do YOU store you fries for later? Fucking snowflake
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    I think "Christian Life International" might want to have a word with their graphic designer...
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    Giger with Jones prop
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    "Maude" on the channel for old tv shows. It's actually still holding up (by my estimation) after all these decades. Very clever. I see it's by the same guy who wrote "Archie Bunker". I'm pretty sure Archie Bunker is the more well known show, and I wonder if because... erm... the general tv audience IDed more with some reactionary blowhard (even as a figure of parody) than a stong, independent, older lady who didn't need no man.
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    It's called a splitter. They're designed to reduce the amount of air flowing under the car at higher speeds (by diverting most of it upwards, or to the side). This improves downforce, stops the steering getting too light at speed. And the number of cars I see on the roads over here with broken ones flapping about under the car is ridiculous.
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    Damn, deepest condolences, Boog. 😿
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    When sewing, lining up your print is everything.
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    rolling up in my sweetass Toyota, sporting a stylin polo
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    That's great to hear, Boog! Congratulations for working for a company that can respect and reward good work, they're few and far between. Xeno, can you borrow one of the family cars in the meantime so you can save up a bit of cash while you try out the new job?
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    I don't know man, it looks all Marvel-y. And one black guy in the movie. You might as well put him in a red shirt and send him to the surface with Captain Kirk, Bones, and Spock.
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    Oh, also: I *am* car-hunting again, because I got a job near Portland. (So, I get to move out!)
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    I have been hypnotized by this entire set. I don't know how I missed out on this collaboration, but Peter and Trent make a nice duo. The entire set is worth watching, but "Reptile" is my favorite.
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    Hahaha--of *course* it is for-real https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/trump-tower-billboard-in-mumbai/
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    No. I should be Jet Black.
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    This hangar is in between Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer's.
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    Can I just chip in here and say that on a relatively new car, there are very few things you can do ( including changing a headlamp bulb) without having a mechanic involved. Pre 2010 should be your aim initially. Or a Volvo.
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    This is how most of us do, not forgetting that before you get many driving hours and you get most actions to muscle memory, it is sure you will at least hit several immobile inanimate objects, and if you are unlucky some moving ones. My parents let me use my mother's Opel Corsa (really small car, that we had got second hand) after she crashed against some poor French tourists, destroyed their luggage and their holidays, and decided she would never drive again. I crashed in ice against a bridge protection and semi totaled it four years and twenty thousand kilometers later. It was quite dented at that point. As I was living in France at that point, I got a third hand Renault Supercinq, which was a big improvement but still quite cheap to find replacements. Five years and 60.000 km later I gave it up (the government was subsidizing people getting rid of old gas cars, as you could no longer get their gas in stations) for a new Renault Megane II. You notice when in the old car replacing a mirror was 25 euros and in the new it was 200 euros. We kept it fifteen years, but it had some big repair expenses and maintenance coming, and it started to have some quirks, so we got a new hybrid Toyota CH-R, and we are quite happy with it. I have also dented it, but now I can also afford full risk insurance.
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    Much as it pains me to become involved with streaming services, my latest album is now available on Spotify. It'll be up on iTunes and Amazon Music in the not too distant future as well. As always, it's available on Bandcamp, where you can also read the lyrics and good stuff like that. https://headfirstonly.bandcamp.com/album/beyond
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    Did y'all see that Williams car Hoover up the manhole cover in Azerbaijan? Hahaha.
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    You callin' me a neckbeard? 😛
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    I keep wanting to drive hard/at speed, but also I don't have a roll cage, track marshals to pulls me out of a burning car, and also I don't want to make the cops mad at me So, I just stick to Forza, Gran Turismo, etc
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    @Boogerhead I don't thikn I've actually seen this particular interview:
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    every PD in Washington State on social media on April 20:
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