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    Started moving to Olympia yesterday.
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    had a series of video interviews with FB I did... okay but not great? I shall see this coming week
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    I got cold called (erm... cold emailed?) by a recruiter from Facebook. Dang. Did a prelim phone screen, and he seemed to like me. Uhhh... This would pay a lot of money, too 😮 well, "a lot of money" by my standards, actually a bit below average for a tech thing 😮
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    Thanks! I got it for free, as it was a sample we shot for last spring. I love it too. I can't remember the brand... "Urban youth" or something. I probably couldn't afford it, but somewhere along the line, I stopped needing to actually purchase clothing. I have so many shoes at the moment, there are at least 20 pairs I haven't even worn...
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    ANy of y'all WGBers have any interets in TTRPGs (D&D and Pathfinder are the most well-known, but I'm more interested in others)? I'm thinking of trying my hand at GMing. IDK. (TBH I flake out a lot, but, if there were legit interest, I would try to make sure I can commit). I'm near Seattle, so probably, like, weekend evenings, Pacific Time, would be when I'd run?
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    Been LANning 'Portal Knights' with Suzie. It's a cartoon-style, Minecraft-adjacent little adventure game, but it's big fun to play together and bellow to each other across the room.
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    He’s just chilling in his cat tree by me while I watch old movies lol. This week we’ve been working on not shredding or biting my hands and arms to the point of bleeding like I just walked through a cactus lol. He’s actually doing really well at it—he picked up that it wasn’t cool anymore after I started saying “ow” and gently pushing him away within a couple hours. A few minor relapses because he desperately wants to chew on something since he’s such a kitten still.
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    I like Max Barry and "The Names" is my favorite tale ever.... So, yeah, I will be hunting that down!
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    Finally got a copy of "Agency". Imma read it real slow.
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    MEANWHILE my brother and I changed a spark plug on our 1999 Buick. Buick with a transverse V engine. It was one of the spark plugs between the engine and the firewall. Hoooo boy, I sure do love transverse engines, now after like a half-dozen worker-hours of performing lathroscopic surgery to get that one damn spark plug out
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    My parents are basically giving me one of their cars to use when I move out in the upcoming weeks. I realize a 55K mileage, 2007 Kia Spectra isn't quite a new BMW for your 16th, but I still do appreciate the fact I get any car, at all, gratis, is a sign of privilege. It's an incredibly normie-looking car (which I don't mind). I keep, like, going up to other small, grey sedans in grocery store parking lots, clicking my remote.
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    Decided I'll move out of my parents' house, again, to Olympia. To wrap up my college degree.
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    I didn't get hired.
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