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    Whoops, forgot to ever post here, but as per my recent unsufferable Tweetingz, here is Guapo—both on the ride back from acquisition on Saturday and helping me Work From Home™ yesterday.
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    I forgot the rent. My niece has a hedgehog. And we still have a Russian tortoise.
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    Oh lawd the pretty cats. Pandemic time warp got me thinking about this place again. This cat thread reminds me of something Arkan posted years ago, a French graphic novel called...Ordinary Battles? Or at least the translation was something like that. He raved about it. The cover had a man resting on the floor with a tiny, tiny cat curled up in his stomach. It was achingly cute. I never was able to find a copy of it. Roommate's cat. For the tax.
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    Meanwhile, the Tucson equivalent of the sleeper panel entails a sewer roach going over the top of my bed like a police helicopter at 2am bringing me wide awake and adrenalized (how the fuck does it stay airborne at that size??) and I had to leap up and do a hunter-killer mission. Hopefully the new cat will be able to help with these activities when he gets here. EDIT: (Yes, new cat incoming.)
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    the original woodcut's "8 hours for rest" panel is so charming to me The mouse! The open window! (I guess it's hot out) The sleeper's exposed feet (ditto, being hot out?)
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    Well he certainly lives up to his name. Handsome little devil.
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    He is just CRAZY cute!
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    Whoops, looks like I double posted. This interface is strange. Is there a way to delete posts?
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    Here if you do not mind dealing with large South American rivers.
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    new housemate in Mesa
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    Well at least they didn't call him boomer…
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    One closer to home, from June last year. Gil Williamson, aka Gil here and in the original board. The new Mythaxis has an in Memoriam piece and I think it fits here. Rest in Peace
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    Florian Schneider of Kraftwerk https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-52564281
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    I didn't get the job extended.
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    Not going to be continuing on the job.
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    RIP Roy Batty
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