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  2. Vonnegut had some line about cig smoking being "slow motion suicide". I've not smoked anything in a few years (and have only smoked tobacco a few times in my life: basically only when friends have mixed with MJ into a spliff, haha), but that sorta describes me overeating It's hard to care about a heart attack at 50 when I can barely make it through the day at 34
  3. Last week
  4. Think I'm just in a bumpkin sorta mood...
  5. Still on that Dead South BS: From the comments: "me and my cousin love this song might have it at our wedding" Best troll song ever.
  6. I've started toi use the phrase "Mickey Mouse shit" or "Mickey Mouse bullshit" a la DI Hartman and Eric Andre. For bullshit I encounter. I fucking hate the dIsney rat so much
  7. The derp state is vicious... I tells ya.
  8. World's oldest webcam to be killed.
  9. That ain't random. That's our price tag.
  10. Speaking of random, in case you wondered how important their consumers and small businesses were to big banks, this gives you an idea of the scale.
  11. Again the scale is very different. Industrial systems like the southern plantations or south American resource extraction are limited only by the amount of labor they can bring to bear. Systems like Sparta required slaves to support the population directly, but Sparta wasn't growing stuff for export so there was an upper limit on the number of slaves needed. Slaves in societies like this represent a cost while for industrial systems each additional slave creates greater profit.
  12. ^^^ this is why Miyazaki hagiography pisses me off so much
  13. There were no other societies with slavery on that scale before capitalism, tho? Like, IDK, the Spartans, maybe?
  14. It wasn't industrialized nor did the native Americans rely on it to make their economic systems work. The scale is what separates the two examples. While slavery has existed for thousands of years in some form or another the importation of Africans to South and North America was profit driven. It also was required to make the economics of both the exploitation of south America and the economy of the southern U.S. function.
  15. (just reading the headline) IDK man. Like, slavery was a thing before, and besides, capitalism. Hell, Chief Seattle had slaves.
  16. If a writer could Suzuki, Minoru: Belt- World? Great things, love.
  17. "...this is a capitalist society, a capitalist system and capitalist rules.” "Nearly two average American lifetimes (79 years) have passed since the end of slavery, only two. "
  18. "Serial monogamist" is what they call Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and a Funeral, LOL It's the cheating on the current woman with the next woman part that bothers me. I mean if I had been the previous gf who is now late 30s and never had the family she really wanted to have because she fell in love with the wrong guy, that wouldn't be my biggest problem, probably! But luckily I'm not. And a woman who goes with an attached guy is just asking for her own future humiliation, and being part of someone's cheating is a Bad Thing in my book. I don't know. It's all very sad, to me.
  19. I moved to Europe to further enable my travel and gig habits
  20. I can't even remember the plot that well, TBH Just loved that scene so much, tho, haha 🌲
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