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  2. THPS 1 and 2 for PS4. It is what it is: Best video game ever.
  3. Bob Ross was an amazing warrior poet. The best ever. Truly a great compliment.
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  5. Wow… they're wound up about dreadlocks (which get mentioned in a rant by the character explaining why shaved heads or super short hair are almost the only way to go for safety purposes) and the character admitting to BO because it's too dangerous to shower often alone. I feel like the inferences they're making are on par with being wound up at Chris Pratt for not showing up at an Avengers fund raiser TBH. There's gotta be a little wiggle room or the "raising consciousness" effort is worse than the thing its trying to wipe out. Grrrrrr… Thanks for the link though—at least I know how
  6. Evil got me for $15 more, which is a lot here, but I'm okay with it. "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" as upgraded without screwing with the semantic. I'm okay with it. Reminds me of Hollywood's, and now, Twitch's rules: 1) No name dropping, ever. 2). When you are too old for this 'crap', post nothing. In that twitch way, this movie plays like a 'Jesse Cox' union card. Anyway. Used to see this stuff on Buffalo channel 29 back when there was an actual 'Creature Feature'. Been a while but geez. "You should get oil.", and that candle? Then Dragging that coffin i
  7. I've seen reviews along the lines of this article going around: https://www.themarysue.com/racism-vs-representation-the-missteps-of-naomi-noviks-a-deadly-education/ So there are definitely corners of the internet responding, how much of it is a bubble I don't know.
  8. That's… confusing, given the main character is part Indian and most of her little buddies are Asian, Indian, etc. It's definitely a lot about class—there's much anger towards the "rich" kids who have access to all the mana they could ever want, and mention of the "maintenance" track kids who are basically working their way through… I dunno why people got so bent out of shape. It's not like Harry Party is a paragon work of diversity, lol…
  9. Funny how it goes, I saw authors raving about Deadly Education on the run up to publication, then saw the reviews saying it was racist as fuck, and all the other diverse characters were cardboard thin and only there to support the main white characters. So, um, yeah. Be interesting to see how that plays out long term. I went a week with barely reading anything, probably shorts, and comics, then read a load last weekend, and more shorts and comics since. The Black God's Drums - P Djeli Clark - This was the debut novella by Clark, I read his 2nd one 1st, the one with the
  10. A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik — This was excellent. She's just a really good writer and the plot was huge fun from the very first line. It's about a school somewhat like Harry Potter's but designed by a Nazi death camp designers… each year children are gradually whittled away be the "mals" (evil creatures that survive by eating children) and the senior class "graduates" by fighting their way across an arena full of mals to the only exit to the school. Good times! Also, the lead character has an affinity for apocalyptic death magic but is fighting it scrupulously. SO MUCH FUN!
  11. Good to see you, Colin, even if there is not much to tell. The Brussels meeting, as expected is now fully virtual. I am doing some traveling, but only inside Spain, and by car, avoiding public transport for long distances. A real setback for sustainability, but the risk otherwise is too high. Tomorrow we go to our favorite restaurant for my birthday. The tables were already at a safe distance before COVID, but we will miss the banter of the sommelier. Spendng what we can to help them survive this period, it is not the kind of place you can get take-away.
  12. Twitter was down and I logged into this site for the first time in ages. Nice to “see” some old faces.
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  14. Amazon's version of Utopia is pretty decent. I still like the BBC version better, but they didn't screw it up when they translated it and that's saying something because it's a pretty crazy show to start with and they had the guts to keep the vibe alive. Also Raised By Wolves—as I said on Twitter, I think Ridley is trying to stuff 10lbs of allegory in a plot that's only rate for 5lbs, but the first 5 or 6 episodes are definitely fun before he exceeds his allegory limits by some massive factor towards the end of the season
  15. I ran the library out of books, so just a lot of re-reading. I did purchas a copy of Stealing Worlds by Karl Schroeder for my home library though, because it's that good. Would still highly recommend it for the ideas, if nothing else (the story is decently written too).
  16. I did get described as "The Bob Ross of prog metal" this summer, though, so there's that. Oh, and I'm on Twitch now, Sundays and Thursdays. Come say "hi!" in the chat! https://www.twitch.tv/headfirstonly
  17. I spent the summer (as I have done for the past eight years) taking part in the songwriting challenge known as Fifty/Ninety (the goal is to write 50 songs in the 90 days between July 4th and October 1st.) This year I ended up writing or collaborating on a total of sixty-five pieces of music, all of which can be listened to here: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/user/headfirstonly I'm not sure if there's a viable album lurking in that lot. My process over the last few months seems to have predominantly been one of working through my anger at the current political situation at hom
  18. How Music Works by David Byrne. I've had this on my wishlist for forever and it was well past time I actually read the thing. It's a really enjoyable set of essays about various aspects of music, some of which I'd read in a more abbreviated form elsewhere (the one about how architecture shapes music first appeared on BoingBoing, IIRC.) Byrne has an interesting (and very well-informed) way of looking at things, and there are some striking insights about creativity and the business of art. The Blade Artist by Irvine Welsh. Even explaining the plot could be considered spoilery, so I
  19. Started the Halloween season off with "The Driller Killer". Premise say is a portable drill, which I understand was fictional at the time this was made. And now the movie is on ITUNES somehow. For three bucks. Enlightenment. Horror movies for the next three weeks for me.
  20. So I went ahead and bought Art of Rally for $25 on Steam. It's actually really gorgeous, runs on Mac, Windows or Linux and is just kind of relaxing to drive through and admire the scenery in. This guy talks about what a hard-core sim it is under the hood, but TBH, there were only about 4 tracks over the course of the entire Class 2 series that I ever had to repeat (and I was repeating because I would get 4th not 1st) on Normal Difficulty).
  21. My parents are still in pretty good health, so they're not that at risk. But still we're trying to be careful. I think it might be harder for kids what would normally have bigger celebrations for things like birthdays, communions, etc... Now is REALLY not the time to go to Brussels @Psychophant! I'm supposed to go into the office to clear out my desk at some point (the office is moving to a smaller, cheaper location); but I'm putting it off as long as I can because the prospect of an hour train ride and going through crowded locations like train and metro stations in Brussels soun
  22. Thanks, Wanderer. I understand the stress with the parents. In my case, additionally, my mother says that she prefers to die if we do not go visit her. Clear emotional blackmail, but with lung cancer, a big aneurism and an ossified heart valve, she could really kill herself almost by thinking about it. Only her naturally low blood pressure keeps her going... We canceled our first business trip in October to another country, Italy. Maybe in November. We are doing some inside Spain, however. Got a couple of documents saying we are an essential industry and that we need to
  23. Rules keep morphing here, at moment pretty much not allowed to have anyone in anyone elses's home, with £1000 fine per person if rules broken. Can meet one other household in bar/restaurant, can't car share. So social stuff is difficult. Caught up with friends for coffee/dinner on Sunday. Which remains odd, and mixed feelings about it, but... Dad's birthday today. As I say, I have mixed feelings, but folks have been going out for lunch a couple of times a week. Partly it is a mental health thing. A difficult balance, between safety and breaking. So I took day off work, too par
  24. 2 minutes to late night is so very awesome....
  25. Happy belated birthday! I've seen my parents 3 times total in the last six months, my oldest brother and his family twice, and my other brother and his family just once. No other family beyond that. All of our days are very much the same, we don't have a car and are avoiding public transport so we've barely left the city. It's a drag, but it'd be more of a drag to get seriously ill...
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