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    I need to do another reading too. Yeah this one definitely felt like it lacked a certain "depth" somehow that his other books have. I honestly wonder if the surprise Trump win possibly made him have to concentrate so hard on duct-taping his original idea back into workable form that he didn't have as much time to let the content marinate and gain all those amazing little character and plot wrinkles that he usually has.
  3. 7:00. Alarm sounds. Get up half sleep and set up breakfast. 7:15 Shower. Get a new bandage for the left arm (blood donation yesterday). 7:30 End grooming. Check the weather forecast and pick clothes and shoes. 7:40 Check the mobile work backpack that I take daily (MS Surface, masks, powerbank, notebooks, alcohol gel...) 7:45 Breakfast while checking news and first wave of work e-mail (America and Asia). 8:00 Make sure my wife is awake and conscious. Wish good morning. Go to work. 8:15 Arrival at work. Temperature and mask check. Get into my office. 8:30 Sta
  4. Funnily enough I too read The Space Between Worlds recently. It was good but not as amazing as all the press about it had lead me to expect. I do like the main character tho and some of the ideas are pretty interesting even if the final reaolution felt a little too pat to me.
  5. Last week
  6. OK, I failed to do more regular posts vs I read a LOT in the last month. End of December: Latchkey - Nicole Kornher-Stace - sequel to Archivist Wasp, the events of which have changed the Archivist and the whole town. Unfortunately, in this post collapse society, the perception is that the Archivist's actions have removed her goddess's protection and made them a fair target for violent raiders. Cunning plans to protect the vulnerable and fight the raiders go wrong, and in the process the history of the town and perhaps the collapse are progressed with encounters with ghosts. It is
  7. Long time no see, man! And yeah, just living life, hunkered down inside or occasionally outside too.
  8. Not much. School's done, back to the job hunt. So, uh, how's everyone else been?
  9. My direct boss, she was at HUD before but this is a big step up and it sucks and I hate it.
  10. On the downside, my boss, one of the best managers I have ever worked with, got poached by Marcia Fudge to be the Chief of Staff of HUD.
  11. Hmmm seems like my settings are right. Nada in the spam folder either... Well, back to work for a short, intense week. DC is basically an armed camp as we proceed with the coronation. Which is kind of weird right? Its like the founders wanted some of the pomp of the monarchy without the monarchy. Do other democracies make a new executive taking office into such a big deal? OTOH, the transition is a freight train steamrolling right over hapless Trump appointees that are scrambling to either get embedded in the career federal workforce or looking for work.
  12. I've just looked at the desktop app, clicked the Hamburger icon in the top left, then File | Preferences... | Notifications I believe that the "Send me email notifications..." option at the bottom is a subset of "When I'm not active on desktop..." settings, so if you're running the app, notifications will go through to the OS instead.
  13. I ordered Employees last night, they only had 10 copies left, not sure if they reprint, does seem to be small press. Moore's Jerusalem is a funny one. I'm progressing through it slowly. To a degree it is short stories, though with connections. Not sure if there is a big overall plot yet. I dip in, read a chapter, read something else, and so on.
  14. The last two months I have been playing much more than I have been reading, and most of that reading has been rereads. I am close to finishing the reread of the whole Iain Banks (both with and without M.). However Matter was a slog upwards, so I will take a break. Also rereading all I have of Banana Yoshimoto (NP, Lizard, Hardboiled and Goodbye Tsugumi). I also had Kitchen but I cannot find it. The four together have half the wordcount of Matter. Most of this reread is that I am a bit afraid of Moore's Jerusalem, and I am procrastinating. As I also got Stephenson's Fall, or Ddoge
  15. I'm getting notifications for new members joining, although it's pretty sporadic about it.
  16. Is anybody else not getting notifications? I set it to send me a daily email and didn't get one yet, though I appear to be following stuff?
  17. Good luck - I hope you will get it! I was about to offer you feedback on your application and then I realized it probably won't be written in English. I also just ordered "Earthlings" from the library!
  18. The team I'm in was already working remotely because it has members based in different countries, so nothing much had changed for me. I went from going to Brussels at most 2 days a week to not at all. While the train was a good time to catch up with some coworkers from the job prior to this one, we have recently switched to doing occasional "train rides" over Teams.
  19. That's a brilliant idea! Btw, I am applying for a job at the local library network @Fashionpolice... They're looking for a "digital coach" who would organize coaching for digital skills, manage and promote their own applications and also manage all the hard and software used in the library system. It would be a bit of a departure from what I'm doing now, but could be interesting!
  20. Glad to hear you enjoyed it, David! I almost put the new novel on my Christmas wish list, but it didn't get the greatest reviews, so I think I'll reserve it at the library. One of the things that makes my Christmas shopping easier is that I buy a lot of copies of the same book and then send it to people around the world, so I get the gift of seeing how they react differently to the same book. I especially like to send Scandinavian books that have been translated. So this year my book gift was "The Employees/Les Employés/De Ansatte" by Olga Ravn. It seems it might be difficult to pick up i
  21. I enjoyed Convenience Store Woman, i see she has new novel translated as well. I used to listen to a lot of podcasts commuting, so definitely lost that! But fighting remote servers and working from home exhausts, so finding that I'm reading a lot more instead of being on computer as much or watching TV/films.
  22. Although I have voted " Working outside the home like normal", because I do go out daily for work, it has nothing to do with normal, as I used to travel 2 weeks per month, and I have not traveled for work since the 25th of February of 2020 (Hannover, Germany). Right now, no plans to travel till the autumn, at least. Using almost exclusively MS Teams with customers. I have spent several days working from home, while we waited for my wife's COVID PCR test results (she has been tested 4 times). The only time I have been tested it was on a Friday afternoon and I got the results on Satu
  23. I used to do all my reading while commuting, which is not a thing anymore... One of the last books I read was recommended to me by @Fashionpolice when we last met about a year ago in London: Convenience Store Women by Sayaka Murata, which I quite enjoyed. It took a while for the library to get it in stock. I still have Gibson's latest sitting on the shelf waiting to be read.
  24. Great idea! I'm currently releasing about an album a month (pay-what-you-want, which includes free) on Bandcamp: https://headfirstonly.bandcamp.com/ I stream on Twitch on Thursdays at 19:30 UTC and Sundays at 21:00 UTC, mainly talking about making music and playing what I've produced. I'm just five followers short of being granted "affiliate" status: https://www.twitch.tv/headfirstonly All my old shows are archived on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/headfirstonly There's some stuff of mine still up at Soundcloud b
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