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  2. Maybe we could get a book cover for agency, such as this...
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    This one has only a very Peripheral (Hah!) link with Agency, as it could have been without Trump, but I like it a lot, and still informs a lot about Twitter, his writing and time, and even the Jackpot. 13th August 2016. Business Insider. Really a late one about Peripheral, but it really touches a lot of things.
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  5. Back from three days in Italy, visiting shoe sole manufacturers, plus Vibram which is in a class by itself. I am always impressed by the R&D department with artificial icy slopes, rocks, marble, climbing walls, etc., and young engineers acting as testers. They do that seriously, but then you have other companies making soles for 1000 € shoes (Prada, Gucci, Tod's, Chanel...) that depend only on the skill of an overworked chemist. And paid at less than 5€ the pair of soles. One of the differences is that Vibrams designs the soles and the others are designed by the brand and they have to find the material and the way to get the mechanical properties required, a good mould filling and all the color palette for the shoes, which is the really complex part. I can say that these horrendous (to me) soles will be available in silver next season... Do not try to run in the rain with them...
  6. Nailed it: 'Pulp Fiction' in space.
  7. corruption is something I have had to learn to ignore. There will always be corruption, it is a strong social motivator. Being a non conformist tends to make you into a soft target for those among us who define themselves by other folks metrics. Funny thing about alcohol.... It has been safe for human consumption longer than we've had clean drinking water. In the middle ages, they had spirits, wine, mead and ale, but they had no clean drinking water. People were drunk all the time, from sunup to sundown. This means society, governments and laws were basically created by drunken cave men. It might not make you feel better, but it sure does explain a lot.
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  9. Emptying out the gulags into the front.... nice. Humans are a virus.
  10. I have quite a few contacts within Amazon. They headhunt the shit out of Nordstrom....
  11. Well, that, and also the Soviets could basically Zerg rush the Germans. (They even had this tactic of sending swarms of infantry at the Germans--I *think* penal battalions, mostly?--but the infantry were ordered to never retreat, under pain of death via their own machine guns nests to their rear).
  12. As much as I view these warehouse jobs as "shunting shit I don't care about", I can totally see why logistics is so important to America being America. That said, I've heard tales about the Soviets, upon the German invasion in 1941, moving factory equipment en masse to the east, away from the front. IDK. Guess I'm just saying other ideologies can do logistics, too?
  13. They have a line in their orientation video (which I watched both now, and when I got hired for last year's Christmas rush) to the effect of "Next day shipping was our Moon landing!" which makes me so depressed, and makes me roll my eyes so hard. Yeah, they actually have some initiative going where they go out of their way to convert some warehouse sorts into tech sorts.
  14. A company like Amazon is big enough to navigate a career path, i'd think. I mean, I had to watch people steal shit from my employer and try to catch as many as possible for three years, but I managed to leverage that by utilizing their corporate structure to my advantage. Making the jump from retail loss prevention to coordinating a photo studio and hangar was tricky, but working with HR and my department manager and being up front about my intention brought results. I guess I'm saying if you put in the time, even a shitty warehouse position can turn into something more fun. Usually, they'll utilize internal candidates before outside hiring, so you'll have a leg up on a fair percentage of the competition. They'll also post internally before posting publicly, so if there's a position you want, you can apply and interview first. You wanna talk shitty jobs? I once worked a summer shovelling horse shit.
  15. The ad was created in 2008 by Nokia for a limited edition Bruce Lee cell phone.
  16. Going back to the Amazon warehouse like a dipshit. Like I've mentioned before, it actually was pretty typical warehouse work, IMO. Even during the Christmas rush. Fucking tedious and boring as fuck. But, not, like, the horror stories one tends to hear about Amazon warehouses. Not saying those horror stories aren't true: it's entirely possible this one has a nice combo of competent managers + the Seattle area has a labor *shortage* for these sort of shit-tier jobs. (So, workers have more leeway to fuck off if the job sucks). So, anyway, some warehouse in the Rust Belt or wherever, ends up being a monopoly/monsophy in terms of the local work force, well... But, anyway, you know, if I'm gonna work for AMZN, I'm still fucking bitter I'm shunting packages around in a warehouse, not being a software dev downtown. The speculative bubble, re: Seattle real estate has impacted Everett, as well, such that the cheapest studio apartment I can find in the worst part of Everett (the sort of area you aren't surprised when a driveby happens) is about $900/month. (I am actually okay living in dangerous neighborhoods: gangsters typically are only violent toward other gangsters, and, alas, white privilege not only extends to cops, but to gangsters, who seeing me, the fat, nerdy, blond, white boy, are *so* not gonna assume 'gangster'). (There was some Hispanic kid a few blocks away, absolutely no gang affiliation, who got shot due to shoe color). Anyway, my middle brother gets discharged from the Army next summer. No clue what his plans are at that point, except that he is not planning to re-enlist. So, I'm operating on the assumption, at this point, that he may very well move back home, into our 3 BR home. At which point, I'd consider giving him my BR, and moving out. I'm also operating under the assumption that the speculative bubble on housing will still be inflated. *Thankfully*, you can get much cheaper rents by getting flat mates. It's a bit of a PITA, tho. But, whatever. When I was planning to move to Portland a few months ago, I realized I could get a place for, like, a mere $500 or so/ month. On Roomster, CL, FB, etc.
  17. Not necessarily metal, but IDK what to call 'Demon Head'. My first: My favorite: and their newest: They are a pretty awesome band.
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  19. social media is a public health hazard, a disease.
  20. Excuse me, but what the actual fuck?
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