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    Tour dates!

    https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/festival-of-ideas-william-gibson-tickets-84737599441 A Bristol date just been linked on twitter. Same event he did last time he was in Bristol. February. Not seen any other dates so far.
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    Via the tweeternet: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/530536/agency-by-william-gibson/
  5. db


    Really awesome interview from The New Yorker.
  6. That's a pretty good article. I like how often Biggles made the scene.
  7. Brethren, kiss wood cheek As homeless faults raise eighties Dipshit anger grace. The thing that happens at good bars, when you realize that they only exit in comic books, is when someone leaves you the entire bottle of JD because you asked, and paid. This only happens in dreams. Is it happening? It’s a dream. In that reality, the whole drink is actually a link to a new band video. Falstaff ate boogers, Kissed off the Sony Corp. pledge, Thought quiet thigh bone. When the bought off are bought off, twice over that, one wonders, wanders with the jacket on, even if it was against the rules, come ‘84ish, say. Alone. If I’m missing my shoulder bone, do you save my life? I will execute if such is done without warrant, meaning Quebec and Mash. Fantasies, and shot glass reality, not far beyond. All clear, fucking smear, X Y to function, cut, bleed, Jerk the capture point. Mother one foot out, Nameless as one time put out, Four square in Grade Three. As severities figure into relaxing away from nonsense, I can distinctly remember a gril I kissed once, in what is now a silly museum. She is long passed to the future, and that is not a bad thing, hoping she won the contest, sincerely. Memory without interference. I do remember, as a maybe, as I would, as a gamer, that I would and should shake her hand. I stupid fuck love You in swear words, jacket warmth, But not you, sister. Don’t talk to strangers I-tunes says to the bad girls: I’m invisible. Massive exception. Somewhat. Almost. No. At all.
  8. How William Gibson Keeps His Science Fiction Real
  9. Not really Gibsonian, but Atwoodian: PIGOONS!
  10. That may be so, but you seem to like people a lot more when your mom's not talking your ear off. Cheers, Patrick.
  11. I'm a misanthrope, but a misanthrope over matters of taste (I derive little pleasure from the experience of other humans), rather than morality ("humans are evil").
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  13. All this seems to have started in the eighties, around the time Bob Mueller was investigating the Gambinos. Russia had most likely already developed the Donald into an asset, willing or not, and was utilizing his real estate acumen as a means of transplanting the Russian mafia to Brighton Beach to replace the Gambino's and to launder some obscene amounts of plundered capital from the former Soviet Union. Yeah, I think Donnie Dollhands has been in Putin's pocket since at least the fall of the Berlin wall, and I think the current US administration is the fruition of that plan. I don't think Vlad had a crystal clear goal other than disruption, fracture and chaos. I'd imagine he was still sore about the whole Afghanistan thing bankrupting his glorious union, and wanted to belittle, demean and cripple his enemy at every turn. I also think the Obama Birther thing was Putin's idea. The thing about Russia, is that they've perfected the means to manufacture plausible deniability. Their propaganda machine spews so many fabrications and untruths that in the end no one really knows up from down. As long as they've covered their tracks, or at the very least buried them under so many lies they're unrecognizable, the US will remain a Russian satellite state. All hail Vladimir Putin, King of the Spies.
  14. IMPOSSIBLE! (As in, it is apparently impossible to control the size of a gfycat image, so I had to make it link so it wasn't like 1200px high…)
  15. Oh, man, it's that time again! Where I, yet again, think of buying a car. So, I *was* planning to just Uber/Lyft there, but the cost would be about $150/week. So, like... I'm semi-seriously considering getting a shitty, sub-$1500 car. I can take risks with a shitty car since, if it *were* to fail, I'd just fall back on Uber/Lyft. I'd *love* to just use public transit, except this is Phoenix (and, the exurbs of Phoenix at that!) where transit sucks, and it's hot as hell 90% of the time. IDK. The initial "internship" is 12 weeks, and I am *likely*, but not guaranteed, to be converted to permanent after that. So, even if I *do* only remain 12 weeks, rideshares would cost between $1.5K, and $2K. Yes, I realize car ownership has all sorts of annoying costs besides just the purchase. FWIW, I'm working at UPS this holiday, so I'll actually have enough spare cash I can buy a cheap-ass car outright (no loan).
  16. Fear is: Co-Co Girl: Sitting suicide shift junked, A bare scarf in hand.
  17. Rivian is definitely a little less controversial looking. Will be interesting to see how the two stack up against each other once they're both available for sale/review. 🤔
  18. Yeah, i'll be keeping the Durango.
  19. Well, it is phenomenally ugly, to me. But I can see a bit of a `Metalhead' aspect to it, a specific kind of ugliness. Cheers, Patrick.
  20. For you, xen0critter. Cheers, Patrick.
  21. BS I would think would be better in your line of work.
  22. db


    Supposedly 146k preorders.
  23. Cotton Candy Viking Poodle [My friend collects / restores / customizes dolls.] Cheers, Patrick.
  24. If I get converted to perm at new job, I'll probably also try to finally wrap up my bachelor's degree by 2021. I can go for a bachelors of science, or a bachelors of art. Does... does getting a BS over a BA *really* make a difference? Either in future job hunts, or in applying to grad school? So, like, I am literally *one* credit away from a BA 😮 And, it could be any class, like some silly Underwater Basket Weaving sorta thing. For the BS, I'd need five upper-division science credits. I'd almost certainly do it remotely, FWIW, via my old school in Oly (TESC), rather than try to transfer to ASU or whatever.
  25. not a dedicated UXO subReddit, but of course there is an EOD one https://www.reddit.com/r/EOD/
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