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  2. Labgrown = weapon... "It sure sounds as if China is conceding there may be a problem keeping dangerous pathogens in test tubes, doesn’t it? And just how many “microbiology labs” are there in China that handle “advanced viruses like the novel coronavirus”?"
  3. db

    Show us your...

    I love them so! it would need a pal to play with or get him that “one fast cat” exercise wheel thinger
  4. Yup, it's a corgi alright. 😹 Currently talking myself down from trying to adopt a 2yo Bengal about once ever 3 hours… they're like a dog that purrs—high energy, high maintenance, always want to be in on whatever is currently happening. I think as much as I'd like to adopt him, he'd be happier with a family where there was someone home all the time and people could take shifts keeping him occupied.
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  6. Two weird things I've seen pop up recently are that some people may possibly have shown symptoms outside the 14 day window (like 21 days until they showed infection) and something weird about reinfection being a stronger/deadlier possibility than normal. Not really sure if either of those is 100% confirmed or just people panicking and throwing logic out the window but both something to track… 🤔
  7. Looking at the stats. There did initially seem to be a tapering off of the rate of infections, but then a different set of stats came out and they started growing again. I've been using this site for graphs and stats: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ The death stats also seem to have at least gone from exponential to linear, but the slope doesn't seem to be falling. People saying 'more people' (in raw numbers) die from the seasonal flu is a misdirection, since that's a raw number and not a rate. The *proportion* of fatalities to infections for the seasonal flu is far lower. Saying 'well, the fatality rate is only 2%' is also odd: if a billion people are infected that's 20 million dead. Of the cases that have had an outcome, 11% have been fatalities, but that's obviously an untidy stat. And a vaccine is potentially 18 months away. It's a little chilling for me, because I've been talking to my students (beginning science teachers) for years about the fact that there's a pandemic in most centuries and we're about due... Not at all something I hoped for, or wanted to be vindicated on. Hoped I was wrong, still hope I'm wrong.
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  9. In crudeness let us veil escape away: Hawaii person to New Zealand made, Play ‘Holiday’, a new life, reasons, stay! Once I considered unknowns’ slapped, chick laid. Sure, Simmons, Gene, in Japanese, just great: Blood pills, and God’s best boner, tongue made saint, Screw Shelley Long’s ass off, without one hate, For me, because I can’t, one single paint. Braid strong, forget this time, announcements on, In Walmart across the plural island, Throw something, don’t get caught, Morocco, Don, To Christchurch, who would know, pop passport, band. Sand, as to eyes, replacement hydras scope The champion of the world, discord who dope.
  10. oh hey, I never realised we have an EvE player here besides myself I'm a couple years out of action though, what with little kids and stuff, so temporarily a "console peon" (PS4), so my EvE life is in stasis. But my original corporation in that game gave rise to a bunch of friendships which has grown into a kind of multigame clan thing, and we are everywhere, from Destiny2 to The Division (2) to Warframe, sort of of a little bitter vet association
  11. heavyboots


    Reddit's r/printsf has been discussing Agency in a thread the last day or so… I'm kind of surprised at the wide variety of opinions. Not a stellar hit so far with them.
  12. OK! Here they are. As it happens, there's 20% off until midnight tomorrow (Eastern time I think?) Profits to whichever charities the artists prefer unless they'd rather have the $$ (does anyone have fuldog's email? he doesn't follow me on twitter) https://shop.spreadshirt.com/bombasticloudmouth/screaming+fist?idea=5e45ef20f9376417e07c6264&color=black
  13. I've been meaning to keep up with Stephenson's writings but he is not making that too easy! Just started on Reamde after finishing Seveneves on the plane from London meet. So far so good, and since I'm a rather a gamer type, there's quite a solid whiff of Doctorow's "For the Win!" in there, but in pleasantly Stephenson-ish style, of course. Beyond that, I'm stuck in the middle of the Wizard & Glass, 4th book of the Dark Tower, for quite some time now, and browsing through the excellent Soonish by the Weinersmiths, got it for New Year's - it is very entertaining even if not much new stuff for me as a science/space nerd, and hilariously presented.
  14. Zwei the corgi, lmao. Cowboy Bebop fan alert!
  15. I am interested in a shirt
  16. Via Woodrow, thread:
  17. OKAY, let's try this again! Zwei the corg: Pirate the calico: (tuxedo cat whose name I still can't remember): https://boomzilla.io/img/tux.jpg
  18. Cool. Send me your address.
  19. I'm not interested in a shirt, but can send you the image that I used.
  20. It goes through fine to iCloud and Yahoo. GMail just appears to be being extra cautious with the bright yellow banner. Probably because they know that they're Gmail and not thewgb.com, lol. Don't think there's really anything we can do about it from this end at any rate. I did notice that someone appears to be using the Contact Us form to try and spam us. Not sure if any of it is coming through or if it's all getting blocked. If not, maybe the Contact Form needs a Captcha.
  21. Related: may be of interest (although I suspect shipping costs could be prohibitive...spreadshop operates in the EU though I think? originally German company) https://shop.spreadshirt.com/bombasticloudmouth/nrol+39?idea=5db9d69320517624c52eafd6 If anyone wants a shirt with the screaming fist design, shoot me the graphic and I will gladly put it together.
  22. db

    forum emails

    I don't think we have a lot of control over that, but maybe @heavyboots would know more than I.
  23. No problem. PM me your address.
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