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  2. Yeah I see my denim header height is about half the height it's supposed to be now, lol… everything else looks pretty much the same in my layout at least? 🤔
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  4. I'm not good with birthdays, and I have one coming. So as I feel in debt to the G board, I'll leave one of those unpleasant but absolute true stories which is simply weird. When I was about 11 (+-1..2) I would watch television long after normal bedtimes, as my parents let me. I got to see a lot of MASH as it originally aired. This is where it gets weird. At that age, MASH ended, and I remember watching Alan Alda in a sitcom, something like House Calls, but I could be wrong on that. But I was young, sitting in front of the tv, and noticed some sort of ma
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    So, you may hate the new format as much as I do. That would be hard, but maybe you do One thing I want to note is that they are deprecating the old BBCode, which means that people like me who type their emphasis and quotes and whatnot are going to be shit out of luck soon. I have set this to keep them for now, but they're knocking them off sometime soon. RIP, bbcode
  6. Hurricane Season - Fernanda Merchor - This one should probably come with a content warning. It starts with murder of The Witch, who is probably a trans woman. The book is a series of stories or statements by people in a small Mexican town. While these can be rambling and self-involved, they come around to the point, how they know the man, and providing a part of the jigsaw that makes it clear who killed The Witch. With that the book is more about The Man than The Witch, and I'm not sure any of the reports are from reliable narrators, each coming from their own vested interests. This is a hard
  7. I clicked "Like" but only because you're alive to post and the uninsured dude didn't hit-and-run… that sucks, man! Glad you're alive though!
  8. Absolutely unscathed. I hate the term, but "Miracle". Someone ought to have died that night.
  9. Not today, Friday. We'd left thursday morning for the Olympic peninsula, to the Hoh river. After a night on my favorite sandbar, we were driving down the coast checking out as many beaches as we felt safe looking at. Down 101 past Ruby Beach toward Ocean Shores. Took 109 to 115 to get to the beach, and as I am doing about 50 mph passing a casino parking lot heading south, a guy flies out into the intersection turning toward the southbound lane, after blowing a stop sign. I swerved to avoid being "t-boned", and gunned the 5.9 litre, 360 v8 that lives in my Durango and steered into th
  10. Yeah I bought a Rift S, which I regret somewhat now that FB are closing down non-FB access to stuff in 2023. Will have to remember to sell it before then… But regardless, it's amazing how much it helped improve my driving in DR2. Makes a huge difference in ability to judge what's happening to the car! And no, I don't get vertigo because only one eye. I've told other people to try that solution (close one eye) and it seems to alleviate vertigo for them too. You definitely see occasional competitors crashon the side of the road in DR2! 😹
  11. This isn't the end again, is it? I got to make it through flight school tomorrow, just in time to make the party at the Two Hurricanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Keep everything set simple, set weather real time system almost, and go. Might make it, 40/60. Alcohol distinctions seriously done and taken, but I'm still memorizing gauges at this point. And on PC you need an X-Box joystick controller, regardless of admissions. Now cranking 'Elastica: Stutter', see everyone tomorrow, crashes otherwise. Cheers on hurricane drinks and planes. ?!? View live if
  12. Did the 2nd series of rallies in the base-level historic with the old Mini Cooper again. Got 9th/30 overall this time! (AI at 70%).
  13. I'm actually able to keep the headset on for over an hour, and still feel fine (I guess a lot of people get vertigo from VRs ) You've tried VR, correct? For DIRT in particular? IIRC you were saying something about being less affected from VR vertigo due to your eye(s) EDIT: I just remembered the random, little touch of, as I was doing one of the stages in the old Mini Cooper, I passed a competitor on the side of the road. I *assume* what happened was the AI that driving the car in the slot before me crashed, and the game faithfully reflected this, just as you'd see on
  14. Haha, VR is such a game changer! Have fun!
  15. One of my brothers has a VR setup, so I got DIRT Rally 2.0. Oh, wow, it's amazing. Completed a series of stages in an old Mini Cooper. Got 28th of 30th (only beat the two AIs who had car damage) at "70%" AI difficulty. Gotta git gud, still Oh, damn, it takes so much concentration/focus, too, because paying attention to the co-driver pace notes. CC: @heavyboots
  16. I did a thing. Hope you like it. :-) See description for details. Cheers, Patrick.
  17. Harrow The Ninth - Tamsyn Muir - book 2 in The Ninth trilogy. This is not a stand alone book, I think you really need to have read Gideon to know just how disconcerting Harrow is. Harrow is an unreliable novel, everything happens and apparently makes sense, but as a reader you know of the wrong. I'm going to be careful, try and avoid spoilers as much as possible. Harrow is clearly different from Gideon, the ending of Gideon will have ensured that isn't a surprise. Though, with that Muir manages to recreate a number of the elements that defined Gideon - much of it happening in the one location
  18. almost certain I've posted this before, but """ the Seattle Aquarium can't tell whether this giant Pacific octopus is a boy or a girl. If Buster is a boy, he'll have a special tentacle (the third to the right, going clockwise, from the front of its mantle) that is both an arm and a dick. And, since the suction cups on octopuses* also function as taste buds, his special tentacle will be an arm and a dick and a tongue—making all octopus sex fisting and intercourse and cunnilingus, simultaneously. """ https://www.thestranger.com/seattle/sexy-beast/Content?oid=21
  19. I legit thought the Kraken was an ancient Greek thing, but it's Scandinavian. I think I was confusing that with Scylla and Charybdis from the Odyssey. Also, I know various Sword and Sandals Hollywood takes on old Greek stuff definitely *have* inserted Krakens into Greek legends.
  20. ^^^I wonder how they will resolve the potential "mascot space" conflict with Al the Octopus there
  21. The Book of Dragons edited by Jonathon Strahan — Some really strong stories in here, some that were a lot more tedious too unfortunately. A couple near the end by Michael Swanwick and Scott Lynch really stuck with me. And the ones by Anne Leckie and by Patricia A McKillip were also great.
  22. I was going to post in here when it was announced, but I looked in vain for an actual Kraken logo
  23. his shorts tend to be decent, i've read most of them over the years and enjoyed them a lot. not sure of specific contents of ghost hardware, my impression is it is maybe 2 reprints and 1 new, or maybe just 1 reprint and 2 new. certainly read parts of it. i think the novel suffers from plot holes, and too many tangents of "this is fucked up, man!" and way too much important shit happens off page.
  24. Seattle's getting a cephalopod-themed NHL team FWIW, Detroit has us beat by many decades in terms of "tentacles on ice"
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