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  2. I feel like he's done "country cyberpunk" with teh Peripheral clan.
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    I think the board shrinks it to a reasonable size for you? I think it defaults to 600 px wide or so, so it doesn’t go insane on ppl
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  5. Yup, feel free to DM if you need it!
  6. Yes, but I have to make it tiny. Also, do you still have the Jersey stuff?
  7. If you paste a photo into the text editor, it actually does just upload it and host it locally. If you don't want to do that, I recommend and imgur.com account. Free and what I used for hosting all the WGB Jersey stuff.
  8. Just remembered that my reason for having a flickr account was so I could host photos posted on the board. Probably should have held on to that. I mean, it's still there, but no longer pro and way overloaded.
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  10. oh, damn, same issue with GTA V for me
  11. Conscious as the year goes on that my level of reading this year is much higher than it has been for years. It varies weirdly, some stuff I have to put aside, some stuff I'm reading in a day. But weekends are good for that, and I'm not doing much else with my down time. Year's Best New Zealand SF&F vol 1 - picked this up after New Zealand Worldcon recommendations list, 1st of 2 volumes I am aware of for year's best NZ SFF. Pretty good collection, a load of end of the world type stuff to start with, but balances out thematically after. I think there were 2 pieces I had read prev
  12. So my first save file for Red Dead Redemption 2 was like Nov 3rd, 2018(!!!) and I finally finished the damn game off this weekend, lol. Amazing story, amazing world, but so very, very many things to get distracted by. I think I spent most of 2018 starting out on a mission, getting distracted by an animal crossing my path or a dude on the side of the road or whatever and ending up 50 miles away on the wrong side of the map from the quest, with like 10 pelts on my horse and no way to get back without dying in some outlaw gang attack… Glad I persevered though, it was good to know what
  13. ‘Genshin Impact’ like everyone else, but since you don’t really have to buy anything yet, I’ve started purchasing the soundtracks instead. And unlike the clever, who have set the game to Japanese where it plays better, I have mine on Mandarin. There might probably still is localization, but I try. And the character of Paimon, which is a bit different in each language, is more of its own take in Mandarin. This is the way of the future for anime: Game set to English interface but the audio is in the original language plus subtitles. It makes a difference.
  14. Can confirm, new Mr Bungle is excellent!
  15. db


    Oh would be pfee-tsa auf Deutsch, yeah? Much cuter in German.
  16. The big question right now is what is the right way to say Pfizer. I prefer the German way, but clearly the English American is winning. So Phi' Zer.
  17. Thats Mike Paton on Vocals, and Trey Spruance on lead, Trevor Dunn on bass, and they've added DAVE LOMBARDO on drums and SCOTT IAN on guitar!
  18. The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo, by Mr. Bungle. Got Dayum Amaze-balls.
  19. I started Metro Exodus, but I was not in the mood for claustrophobic bleak, or open air bleak, so I am rerunning Knights of the Old Republic. What an underrrated influence is HT57. The original murderbot.
  20. I'm waaaay behind the curve but I stumbled across a cache of games I installed but never finished on my Mac, so I played through HackNet in the last day and it was actually a lot of fun!
  21. Unnatural Magic by C M Waggoner — Another fantasy jaunt that also entertained me quite well. We have the plucky girl genius hero and a half-troll and human duo. Tons of backstory for both of these with a gradual shift in emphasis to a bunch of troll murders taking place and trying to solve or prevent them. Interesting enough that about 1/3rd of the way into the book I put it down and placed a reserve on book 2 which is supposed to come out in on Jan 12th. Can't wait to find out what happens next!
  22. Ahhhh! For the paradigm people out there, it was cute when it was north vs south, minus the war. The west east coasts vs middle and south gave me east west rap battle recalls. But city vs country co-relation takes the cake, throws the old communist problems hand signal. Like there is a lot of opportunity being able to move between the country and city, like this was ever a secret. Reminds me of the 70s. But less hit men, more private investigator, which is considerably less merciful. Can anyone do country cyberpunk? When Gibson does country, it seems more GTA 5 to me, but maybe tha
  23. People like to make a big deal about the explicit artifacts of culture--stuff like cuisine--but I think/wonder if there is a whole bunch of implicit stuff about culture that is much less apparent.
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